His White Luna

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Chapter 33 - No

Author's Note: This chapter includes topics that could be considered triggering or upsetting to certain people. If you think this may apply to you, please do not read after the "WARNING!" sign, do not read this scene or feel free to skip over this scene if you think you may not like it.

Alice Forrest

I awoke inside the cage this time, lying on the cold floor. I was in different clothes, my hair brushed and plated, and I scrunched my nose up at the rich scents of perfume that had been poured onto my skin. The shackles had been removed along with the bandages and band aids, the marks now light pink if not gone already. Yet a heavy metal bracelet was firmly attached to my wrist, a small blinking light winking at me as I stared at it.

“Good morning, Alice,” Hassan said with a smile, he looked too cocky. I didn’t like it, I didn’t like how it made adrenaline pulsate through my body, every cell telling me to run in the opposite direction.

“Where are we?” I asked, standing inside the cage and grabbing onto one of the smooth metal bars, letting it slip casually through my hand.

“That’s a on a need-to-know basis, and you don’t need to know.”

I scoffed, “sure,” I replied, and I looked around the room. It appeared to be a bedroom, with mass produced quality paintings on the wall and tacky gold curtains it looked like a hotel. But how they got me inside a cage here, I did not know. Unless they took me out of the cage…

“You don’t seem very concerned that I didn’t tell you, why is that?” he said, putting down his book on the coffee table and coming closer to the cage.

I raised an eyebrow at his sudden peak in interest, but left my eyes glued on the window, it was dark outside, and I could see city lights buzzing around us. “I can’t leave the pack Hassan, and I can smell the ocean, so I have a pretty good idea of the general area we’re in.”

He looked at me, shocked and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I’ll take your silence as confirmation,” I said, sitting back down in the cage and leaning against the side furthest from him, I felt so tired, so groggy.

He grunted, and crouched down to look at me, a dangerous glint in his icy blue eyes. It made me feel like I was in a zoo, the way he looked at me studying everything about me, as if looking for a sigh on weakness. No, I was wrong, he was looking at me with lust. I would have preferred the predatorial side of him, I would rather a wolf.

I averted my gaze and looked at the wood lined walls and the door, I could see someone standing outside it, their shadow falling through the cracks. A guard most likely, “We’ve travelled South,” he said, as he stood back up and sat back down on the couch, “And no, we haven’t travelled outside of the pack, I find kidnapping is easier when done stealthily, especially because everyone seems to be looking for you.” He picked up his book and removed the bookmark, looking down at the paper, “and the drugs seem to last a fraction of the time on you.”

I leaned my head against the bars, “Do you kidnap young women often?” I mocked, my eyes drifting closed as I tried to fight off sleep again.

Hassan chuckled, “Not in this country, not so far away from my own pack,” I opened my eyes and looked at him, the sly grin plastered on his face made me uncomfortable.

“What’s the bracelet?” I asked, trying to fight off what ever was in my system.

He held up a small remote that he’d had clutched in his had and waved it teasingly, “helps you sleep,” he purred, and he pressed the red button, and I closed my eyes again as I tried to battle the grogginess.

“Fuck you,” I hissed as I slipped into the darkness.

* * * * * * * * * *

I awoke to the rancid smell of his wolf, must mostly surprised to see that I was no longer in the cage. In fact, the door was still swung open when I lay on the couch Hassan had been lounging on earlier. Yet my wrists were bound tightly behind my back my zip ties and my ankles together in the same manner, “rookie mistake,” I murmured to myself as I sat up.

Hassan slipped into my field of vision, and I jumped, I wasn’t sure how I didn’t notice him in the room, where had he come from? “Careful, you’re still very inebriated,” he said as he grabbed my face to stop me toppling off the couch.

I could feel the rough skin on his fingers on my chin as he traced my lips with his thumbs, his gaze dropping to them. He coarse hand slipped around my neck and he pulled me forwards, his lips smashing against my own as he kissed me.

None of Nate’s kisses had been like this, none had made me gag, made every cell in my body sour, mad me want to scream, to die, but my body would not move, not in the way I wanted to.

His teeth caught my lip as he lessened the kiss, tugging at it slightly before realising it. He inhaled deeply before pulling away and staring at my face, as if waiting for some great enlightenment on my behalf, for me to be suddenly intoxicated by his touch. The reaction he was not expecting, was for me to lean forward and vomit, causing him to jump back. His sudden movement resulting in me nearly falling off the couch.

Swearing to himself, he pushed me back down onto the couch and left my field of vision, where I heard running water. The sound making me realise how thirsty I was, how many days had it been since I’d had a real meal? Since I’d eaten food and gone to the toilet.

He came back into the room and looked down at me, “you need to eat,” he said sounding displeased. I looked back up at him, there was still something dangerous burning in his eyes, something that made my stomach turn even more. “I think I will make you earn your keep first.”

He grabbed the thick black belt that was fastened around my waist, lifting me off the couch and taking me towards the bed. The ball dropped and I began to wriggle against the restraints, against him, “no,” I gasped as he flung me onto the white bedsheets.

He only chuckled at my cries of objection and slipped his hands up the loose white skirt I wore, his fingers hot – too hot. As he grabbed at my underwear and pulled it off my hips one foul swoop, leaving it at my ankles where the zip ties were.

I flailed like a fish out of water, trying to escape him, escape his touch. To escape what was going to happen next, but with each movement my head thudded more, and I gasp as he slipped a finger between my legs and into my depths.

It felt so wrong, everything about his touch felt so wrong, the way he pulled his finger in and out of me, the way he curled his fingers and tried to arouse me. The way he kissed my exposed back, the feeling of his hands running up my thighs and along my arse. I exhaled as he pulled his fingers out of me, his nails dragged and caught on my skin as he did so, and I heard him sucking on the finger, “you’re an incredible woman Alice,” he purred as he nipped my neck softly and sucked on the back of my neck.

“Don’t,” I sobbed, as his touch made me flinch.

He only chuckled again as he grabbed the braid in my hair and inhaled my scent deeply, “don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

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