His White Luna

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Chapter 35 - Burn the Witch

Alice Forrest

His scent lingering on my skin from his touch, making me feel unclean and violated. I felt like I need to take a shower, and then another and another. I was sure no matter how long I scrubbed at me skin, I would have felt his touch, I was sure no matter how hot or cold the water was, I would have felt the warmth of his body against mine.

He emerged from the bathroom, his tanned skin glistening with moisture and a white towel wrapped around his waist, droplets of water rolling down from his sopping wet hair. The way he looked at me made me feel nauseous, the lust that still lingered in his eyes, the way his gaze tore at my skin.

Removing the towel from around his waist, he dried his hair shamelessly, the family jewels dangling a few feet from my gaze. It was as if he was trying to seduce me, acting as if I’d enjoyed it as much as him, as if I’d enjoyed it at all. I could have skinned him then and there, I would have snapped his neck if I could have. But he’d pressed a button on the remote before he headed into the bathroom, sedatives now coursing through my veins, my legs and arms heavy.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, he traced his fingers over my body, the calluses rough against my skin, his touching making me gag as the need to vomit arose again. “I’m not sure my mate ever pleasured me like that,” he said, his voice wicked and perverted, “although, she wasn’t as pretty as you, pathetic warrior too really. I was happy when she died, a bit twisted, isn’t it,” he chuckled to himself and I flinched at his words.

I may have left Nate, but I never wanted him dead. I may have hated him, but I hated myself more. My heart throbbed and I closed my eyes, thinking of the vibrant green of his eyes, the soft touch of his sun kissed skin, the thick dark colour of his hair – the same colour of his wolf. I felt the tears roll down my cheek onto the pillow, running across my face and freeing themselves of my body.

Flinching as he touched my face, I opened my eyes again, he’d removed one of the tears from my face, and looked at the droplet on his thumb, “I will kill you mate Alice, who ever he may be, when ever he comes looking for you. And I’m sure he will. Then after the life has left his body, I fill fuck you and mark you.”

He lifted my chin pulling me into a sitting position against the disappointing pillows and gripped my chin firmly, “is that clear?” he threatened again.

“Go to hell,” I hissed, spitting on his face.

He looked at me with a cold stare, before a smile broke out across his face and he let out a laugh, no, a cackle. “Oh, I’m going to have so much fun breaking you in.”

Grabbing the zip ties that kept my ankles bound he pulled me back down onto the bed, slapping my arse and he lifted my legs into the air. I tired to wriggle myself free, but my body was slow and weak, I had never felt so useless, so incapable.

He positioned himself between my legs, rubbing one hand back up the skirt and tearing it in half. Using his thumb, he began to stroke me, I’d tried to ignore the feeling the throbbing of being violated, the pain of being entered without arousal or lubrication. The disappointing thrusts that fell short of the pleasure Nate had offered me countless times, the love that Nate expressed was absent when he had raped me. The tears started again, and I called out to him in the mind link, knowing it would fall short, knowing it would not be heard, but praying that he would find me.

Help me,’ I begged.

As he aligned himself between my legs for the second time, a sharp knock made him freeze and he looked between me and door, before dropping my legs and sliding off the bed. “What?” he hissed as he opened the door.

“We still haven’t heard anything from her all week, we need her to get back over the border,” said a hushed voice.

“Shit,” he said hitting the door frame with his head.

“I’m worried that she’s been caught, she was playing a dangerous roll after all.”

“She’s your mate, can’t you feel the connection?” he hissed.

I heard some ruffling, “not since she used her magic to conceal our marks,” the man replied.

Hassan let out another sigh, “Fucking dammit,” he swore again. He left the door open and walked back into the room, picking his pants up off the floor and slipping into them. Then man who stood in the doorway was my other kidnapper – so the bastard hadn’t died. The cut I’d made in his neck and stomach was nearly healed, just a pink line with metal stitched carelessly thrown in, I doubted it was done by a professional, it looked like it had been done with a stapler.

His gaze walked my body for a second, my hair had been half pulled out, no more than an hour ago. My eyes must have been stained red from tears, my skirt was torn, and my underwear laced around the zip ties on my ankles. He looked away.

“I will not sacrifice all of our effort just to save that dammed witch of yours,” he hissed. Hassan walked back towards me, picking up the remote from the bedside table and pressing one of the buttons, “Sleep well, Alice my darling,” he murmured, planting a kiss on my forehead.

“She has resulted in our success,” the man said to Hassan, crossing his arms animatedly.

“Fine, fine,” Hassan dismissed as he closed the door behind them, and I was soon greeted my a drug induced sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

I awoke to a soft touch, her hands were nothing like Hassan’s rough an moulding. She smelt sweetly of candy and lollies, “It’s okay,” she whispered as she helped me to the bathroom, sitting me on the toilet.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes, have a shower, I’ll bring food and clothes.”

I closed my eyes against the bright light that reflected off the tiles in the bathroom, I’d barely seen her face, but her scent was so familiar. Who was she?

I gained the strength to stand from the toilet after completing my business my body throbbed and ached as I walked towards the vanity and looked in the mirror above the sink.

My hair was slightly matted now, and I was unsure how long I’d be unconscious, was it days? Was it weeks? Had it been hours? I had no way of knowing. But the older bruises on my skin were disappearing, only to be replaced with the fingerprints of Hassan. My hips and thighs were bruised and there were hickies on my neck.

If I could have, I would have peeled off my skin. If I could have, I might have taken an out, any out. I turned from the mirror quickly, trying to brush the dark thoughts creeping in and I thought of his beautiful skin, tanned and smooth, his warm embrace, his eyes greener and more beautiful than anything I’d ever seen.

I let the hot water burn my skin, cascading over my body, beating harshly on my skin. I scrubbed every inch of my body, washing myself more than once, trying to scrub away the touch than lingered. I scrubbed at my hair with shampoo, before running my fingers through and untangling it with conditioner.

The bathroom door opened, filling with the sweet scent of the woman who had helped me, and I turned to see Gina staring back at me.

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