His White Luna

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Chapter 36 - Cup of Tea?

Alice Forrest

I walked out of the bathroom, one hand clasping the towel wrapped around my body, the other holding the door frame – my legs too weak to support themselves. She sat on the couch, head down as she fidgeted with her hands, a tray of food sat on the coffee table and some clean clothes next to her.

I looked at her in as I stood in the doorway, she looked different, or perhaps it was still the drugs flowing through my blood. Her hair was now tied back in a bun and she wore no makeup, her clothes were modest instead of seductive and her face grim. As she noticed me standing in the doorway, she stood up and smiled – it was a real smile, a smile full of guilt.

“Abdel told me what Alpha Hassan did,” she said.

“Who is Abdel?” I asked.

“Abdel is my mate, he’s the other man who kidnapped you, the one you nearly killed.”

I felt like her words should have pierced me more, I hated hurting people and I hated taking peoples lives, I hated being the White Wolf. But I hated these people more. “You’re not marked though,” I replied.

Gina looked down at her shoulder and waved her arm over it, the air warped like heat rising off something that was scalding hot and a bit mark appeared on her shoulder, “I’m half witch, half werewolf,” she said, looking at my face.

“I brought you some clean clothes, I brought you pants. And I brought you food, there is soup and some sandwiches,” she said, gesturing to her gifts.

“He’s going to kill you,” I replied.

She swallowed anxiously, “I would have never handed you ever if I knew that you where his mate,” she replied, attempting to defend her actions.

“Yes, you would have.”

She looked down at the table off food and picked up the teacup, still steaming hot she thrust it into my hand, “drink Alice, you haven’t eaten in nearly a week, you need to keep your strength up,” and she turned, walking towards the door.

The head of the ceramic mug was too warm in my hand, so I threw it at her, hoping it would burn her, hoping it would shatter and cut her skin. But she turned quickly and held her hand up, the mug and its contents halting mid-air, defying all gravity and logic. With another wave of her hand, the contents returned to the mug and place itself in her hand, where she placed in on the table. “Eat,” she said, and she left the room, and I heard the click of the lock.

I sunk down to the floor, my legs shaking and I lay my head onto the ground, I wasn’t sure if I was happy to no longer be sedated, or if I longed for the effects – that I wished I could slip back into unconsciousness. Just to numb the pain of my body, to ease the throb of my heart and to erase the guilt on my conscious.

I wasn’t sure how long I stayed on the floor for, eventually getting up and putting the clothes on, they smelt of washing powder and I enjoyed the comfort the pants provided, I enjoyed the support and coverage of the bra and tee-shirt. By the time I sat down in front of the food, the soup and tea were cold, but with the first mouthful of cold watery chicken soup – I realised how hungry I really was.

I licked the bowl clean, ate the sandwiches and drank the glass of water, juice box and cold tea. For a moment, I considered that the food might be drugged or poisoned, but the bracelet on my wrist already did that for them. I didn’t want to go back to the bed, in fact, I didn’t want to be in this room – it smelt like him. It smelt like sex.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The sound of the car woke me, Gina, Hassan and Abdel’s voiced filling the interior with hushed voices that were laced with desperation and concern. My wrists had been zip tied again, had I not been inebriated, I might have broken free and thrown myself out of the moving car. Dam the injuries I would take, I could heal from physical injuries, I wasn’t sure I could live with the guilt on my mind – the guilt that I had been taken away from the man I loved.

The car lurched and someone swore, “get out here, we’ll leg it to the boundary,” Gina said as the car pulled off the road, and my heart rate began to spike – I didn’t even remember falling asleep or being drugged after Gina’s visit. Someone pulled me from the back seat of the car and my legs failed, forcing my knees to hit the ground and the black sack over my head fell off, into the gravel and dirt.

Before me stood a field of dry plants and twisted trees that bounded in and out of a marsh, Gina was holding the hand of her mate as they started to run through the mud – trying to keep on dry land.

“Get up!” Hassan said, yanking my bound hands only forcing me to fall further into the gravel. I flinched as the gravel tore through the jeans and into my skin as my knees were dragged along the ground and he eventually realised my hands. The rest of my body collided with the earth, pieces of gravel imbedding themselves in my skin and I could feel my blood begin to soak into my clothes, warm and wet.

Swearing, Hassan grabbed me by the waist band of my pants, and somehow threw me over his shoulder before he began to trench after his conspirators through the marsh. My head throbbed from my fall, and I wasn’t sure I was healing as the warmth trickled down my skin, drips of blood trailing behind us.

Diving in and out of consciousness, a strange tingling filled my body shortly before I felt like I collided with a brick wall. It was like being struck by lightning and I slipped from the touch of my kidnapper, falling to the ground as another scream left my body. He lifted me again, trying to pull me through a wall he could not see, pain flooding into my body with each tug he gave.

The metal bracelet was torn from my flesh, the gruesome needle removing itself from under my skin as he continued to pull at me, he viciously pulled at me again, this time by my top which only tore as I slammed against the shield once again. The pain was like nothing I had ever experience, every inch of my body throbbed – what I had once though unbearable now seemed heavenly in retrospect.

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