His White Luna

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Chapter 37 - Southern Boundary

Nathaniel Black

Pet and I had managed to catch their scent, following them into the Southern Boundary when their scent had vanished into thin air. I’d screamed off onto the cliffside of the ocean, emptying the rage of my lungs, curses leaving my lips and getting caught in the wind.

Behind me the sun beat down harshly onto the earth, but above the ocean, above the raging waters swirled clouds - just as dark. Held off by the sands of the beach, the storm sat at bay, I could not say the same about myself. I was ready to burn down every tree on the planet to find her, I would cast it all aside, overturn every rock and mountain, I would end every life that stood between me and my mate.

It was at this moment I felt the pull.

A jolt of energy surged through my body and lightning split across the sky, leaving my fingertips. The buzz flowed through my veins like ice, and I shivered, beginning to shift. For I knew where she was, a Luna cannot disobey a direct command from her Alpha, every force every inch of logic will be defied to stop such a betrayal – willing or not. My Luna cannot cross the pack boundary.

I turned on my heel as Jamie approached me, Pet standing several paced behind him. My shift was slow as I flashed him a wicked smile, as my teeth elongated, and my form distorted. It was painful, just like my first shift which was brought back to me in flashes, but the power that recirculated through my body, the wolf blood transforming in my veins and pulsating through me like fire.

My body was at war with itself, the wolf would always win through. We always won.

‘They’re trying to take her across the Southern Boundary,’ I growled to Jamie as I staggered down off the cliff edge, my steps uneven as I continued to shift.

Jamie turned, giving commands to the rest of our team and most likely to others within the pack – I was still weak, but my priority above all, above everything else, was Alice. It did not take long, before my wolf had overtaken those who travelled with me, speed picking up we ran towards out mate.

They had stopped to sniff at the car, they raced along the pack boundary, and I saw cars begin to wiz along the road. My pack had come in numbers, they had come for their Luna. Her scent had grown stronger, the undeniable presence of Spring lingering in the air, mixed with mud and grass.

I watched in horror as my mate slammed viciously against the pack boundary, as if a wall off glass stopped her from passing over. Her scream filled the air around me, thick and sticking to my skin like sweat. The mad man, the kidnapper’s body passed through the wall of glass as he tried and tried again to edge her over the boundary, her body fell to the ground and the man threw a kick into her stomach, causing a growl to erupt from my chest.

His head snapped up and he looked at me, the trio froze, and I recognized Gina standing with the two men. Another growl tearing from my lips, they began to shift, leaving her in the dirt and the mud her body sprawled out on the ground. I leapt of her body, growling, and snapping at them as I crouched protectively over her. Jamie had followed closely behind me, and without hesitation leapt over the boundary to hunt them down, followed by a dozen warriors.

I shifted back into my human form and some one passed me a pair of pants, while a doctor looked over her. As soon as I slipped into my pants I fell to my knees by her side and looked at the doctor anxiously, “so?” I whispered, swallowing the lump in my throat.

He placed his hand on her forehead, “she’s cold, looks malnourished, dehydrated and like she’s been knocked around, but I think she’ll be fine.”

“Why dose she smell different? Ever so slightly,” I asked desperately, holding her hand with the utmost care, “why is she unconscious?”

The doctor swallowed and glanced between the two of us, his eyes fell to her wrist, and he took her hand out of mine, inspecting it, “it looked like they’ve had her drugged,” he sighed, “it’s probably what ever substance they were using, I’m sure she’ll be fine. For now, I recommend rest, proper food and liquids, and her mate,” his gazed burned into me and I scooper her up into my arms, letting her head rest on my shoulder.

I walked carefully across the mud flats back towards the road where a party of cars had pulled over, men and women had torn apart the car of the attackers and wolves sifted through the grass, establishing a safe zone on the edge of the pack boundary, waiting for the party to return from the other side.

I trusted Jamie; he would take care of it. For now, from now on, Alice was my main priority.

Holding her in my arms, a driver took us back to the closest pack house, returning to the skyscraper in the city. Humans shot me strange looks as I carried her from the car, her clothes torn and covered in bruises and dirt. But I couldn’t care less, I wasn’t going to let her go, not now.

A sickening silence hung over the pack house as I entered, word had travelled, but the Alpha they had seen of recent was broken, deranged and mad. Jamie and Pet had been the only few who approached me and now I could feel their gazes watch me as I carried her into the building, like she was made of glass, as if she was going to break at any second – should I walk to fast, should I squeeze her too tightly.

Her eyes opened as we entered my room, her fingers curling as she clung to my chest as a single sob left her mouth before she squeezed her eyes closed again. Taking her straight into the bathroom, I turned the bath on, and I collapsed onto the bathroom floor, holding her firmly against my chest.

“I’m so, so sorry,” I sobbed as he hot tears streaked off her face and onto my chest.

The tears streamed silently down her face as I undressed her carefully, removing the torn tee shirt and ripped jeans. She didn’t object once, as I did so, letting me lift her back up and I stepped into the bath which soaked through my pants as I sat down, still cradling her.

We didn’t say a single thing to each other, as she either clung to my own body or herself, as if she was about to wake up, the fear in her eyes boiled my blood and yet I carefully brushed the tears from her face with my thumb.

I picked up the sponge, pouring her favourite vanilla body wash onto it and carefully running it over her body. It washed the dirt away, dissolved the dried and fresh blood, and relaxed her muscles. I felt the frown on my face deepen with every bruise I saw, I retracted my claws each time my fingers traced a needle hole or a cut in her skin, and I fell a low growl grow in my chest as my eyes landed on the hickies on her neck.

I would tear them all apart, limb from limb. And I would do it slowly.

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