His White Luna

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Chapter 38 - My Luna

Nathaniel Black

She looked intimidating. It had taken three days for Jamie and Pet to catch the trio and it had taken a week for the drugs to exit Alice’s system, and now, it was time for their trial. I had asked Alice what she needed, what she needed to get past this. If it was forgiveness – but the last thing I expected was revenge.

She had asked to hand down the sentence.

The woman who came back to me, was not the same woman who was stolen from my arms. Her and her wolf now saw eye to eye, they worked harmoniously and they were now a dangerous team, everyone could sense the calm and unbridled power that lurked beneath the skin, behind her eyes.

More than ever, she was the White Wolf – she was no longer afraid of the dark.

Sitting in front of the mirror, she meticulously completed her skin care routine, applying a range of different liquids and creams to her skin. She glowed, but there was still a lifeless darkness that lurked in her eyes. It was as if she was now a realist, no longer young and optimistic, the world had chewed her up and spat her out.

She wore tight khaki-coloured pants, with the silver knife attached to her right thigh – in fact that silver knife accompanied her constantly now. It was under her pillow as she slept, and she even took it into the bathroom with her. The way she did her makeup, only made her look scarier, with her skin flawless and her eyes darkly highlighted, she never looked like she belong by my side more.

“Are you ready?” I asked, as I sat at the end of the bed, resting my chin on my knee as I watched her.

She nodded and slipped a black leather jacket on, “yes.”

I took her arm and we left our house, walking slowly as we did so, allowing the rest of the pack to prepare. In fact, we’d never had so many people turn up for a trial, but I suspected they wished to see Alice more than the trial. To see the woman who had left me broken and irritable.

The trial was being held next to the river, at the edge of a cliff where an old amphitheatre of stone stood. It had been constructed by my ancestors, but over time it’s place in the pack was irreverent, having adapted more to the human side of law and justice. However, today, this was not a human matter.

They stood, chained to the floor of the amphitheatre, bound in silver nets and shackles, their skin burned under the touch of the metal and their spirits broken. Jamie had unleashed a wrath upon them I did not know possible, a fire within him that raged as he as Beta wanted to protect his Luna, but because of the strong friendship they had.

The a silence fell across the amphitheatre as we stood at the back and began to walk our way down into the centre arena, Jamie and several other warriors standing behind the three guilt parties. I wasn’t sure how she would react to seeing them, but her gaze was cold and unwavering, her jaw clenched and her grip on my arm strong.

“I would like to thank you all for gathering here today,” I said, giving a nod to the hundreds who had crammed into the amphitheatre, “to bear witness to the trial of Alpha Hassan Nader, Beta Abdel Isa and Regina Isa.”

“Alpha Hassan,” Alice said, stepping towards him, “you are being charged with kidnapping, torture, rape and assault of the Luna of the Moon Pack, you are also being charged with trespassing without a permit and conspiring to murder the Alpha of the Moon Pack, how do you respond to these charges?”

He looked up at her, his foul gaze scanning her body from head to toe, “are you pregnant with my child yet?” he asked, his voice sickening and boiling my blood.

The cold impartial look on her face melted and she smiled sweetly, crouching down within inches of his face and lifting his chin with her sharp nail, “it would seem your efforts were inadequate, it would also seem that you have forgotten it is practically impossible for a mated woman to carry the child of a wolf who is not her mate,” she said, her voice hushed and ruthless.

She stood in a swift movement his chin falling and as he struggled to hold his own head up, “Hassan Nader, your body will be torn apart and scattered across the forest floor. Without a marked grave, you spirit will be left to wander the earth.”

Something seemed to shatter within the Alpha – Alice’s words were not but a death sentence, but a curse. She stepped to stand in front of Abdel, “Abdel Isa, you are charged with kidnapping, assault, and torture of the Luna of the Moon Pack, trespassing without a permit and conspiring to murder the Alpha of the Moon Pack, how do you respond to these charges?”

Abdel held his head down, refusing to look at Alice, his Alpha or his mate, “I accept these charges,” he coughed, his voice raw as the guilt filled within him.

Alice nodded, “Abdel Isa, you are sentenced to death by drowning, upon your death, your body will be buried in an unmarked grave where you will never pass into the next life.”

Abdel’s shoulders began to shake as he cried silently his tears hitting the moss covered stone. Alice nodded once more and stepped in front of Gina, pausing, she assessed Gina who looked up at her desperately.

“Regina Isa, you are charged with lying to The Moon Pack, your Alpha and your Luna about your identity and mate, including your standing status within another pack. You are charged with conspiring with another Alpha and Beta in the kidnapping, assault and rape of the Luna of the Moon Pack, and conspiring in the murder of the Alpha of the Moon Pack.”

Gina began to object, rambling and begging, her words cutting over the top of Alice’s spiel. “Silence,” Alice ordered and the words stopped coming out of Gina’s mouth, with a stern nod, Alice continued, “Additionally, you will be trailed as a witch, for using your magic to deceive and harm rather than to nurture and protect. How do you respond to these charges?”

Gina’s eyes filled with tears and she shook her head, mouthing sorry, screaming it without the words ever leaving her lips. But Alice only looked at her coldly.

“Regina Isa, you will be burned at the stake, your remains will be poured into the same river that takes the life of your mate, you will have no grave and thus your body will never pass into the next life.”

Alice then turned on her heel and walked back the way that we had come, taking her place at the back of the amphitheatre on one of the two stone thrones that looked into down into the arena. Her gaze was cold, but fixed on me, she would watch the whole thing, she needed proof of death, she now did this not as the Luna, but as the victim.

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