His White Luna

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Chapter 39 - Break

Nathaniel Black

The smoke was thick in the air, the dry wood burned hotly, and Gina’s screams disappeared as her body turned to dust. Their sentences were carried out one by one in the order that Alice had given them, in fact, she’d requested so. She wanted Hassan dead, so that Abdel knew what was coming, and Gina to die alone – heart broken and alone.

The way in which she was so specific did nothing but increase the worry that I had for my mate. More than anything, I hoped that this would help her heal.

I turned to look through the few people who remained, Alice still sitting on her pedestal – she had barely moved, barely faulted, not even flinching as Hassan’s body was torn apart piece by piece. She did not react, when Abdel was forced under water, thrashing violently, nor when his lifeless body was pulled onto the riverbanks. She did not even go to cover her ears as the fire had begin to eat away at Gina, licking at her feet and melting the flesh from her body.

She sat, silently.

As the sun began to set, what was left of their bodies were carted off, to be forgotten, to become nothing more than dirt beneath our feet, I walked up the steps and stood in front of her. She was posed leaning forward slightly, her jaw rested on her fist and her elbow rested on her knee, she looked as if she was watching something new and intriguing. Not the execution of three people.

“Are you done?” I asked and I offered her my hand.

She looked at my hand for a long second, before blinking, “yeah,” she said softly, and she took my hand. We walked in silence back to Savage River, the darkness embraced us, but neither of us needed the light, the full moon illuminated the trees and our path. In fact, it was two months until my birthday now.

The silence continued as we returned to our house, nodding at the guards who had been reinstated outside and as I closed the door, she broke.

Her knees buckled and gave way, hitting the floor with a thud, she broke out in tears, uncontrollable tears and sobs. As much as I wish I could heal the pain, I wasn’t sure that I could, so I did the only thing I knew how to, I held her. I wrapped my arms and legs around her bringing her shivering, shaking body against my own. I ran my fingers through her hair and let her cry her heart out.

* * * * * * * * * *

Neither I or Alice could have imagined that is how our romantic weekend away together would have gone, nearly three months had passed now and she had not gone back to work. In fact, I caught her on the phone to her boss – mid heated argument where she swore at him until he was forced to suspend her for a further three months. Of course, I called her boss later that evening and talked to him, he confessed to knowing that Alice was clearly going through a rough time however there was no way he could give her more leave.

So, he gave her a temporary suspension for breaching her contract of professionalism.

Each night, she had fallen asleep in my arms, and each morning, I awoke to her sitting on the balcony, watching the sunrise – today being no different. Today, her dark blue tank top and pants made her shimmer in the winter light, the sunrising over the mountains in blushing pinks and vibrant oranges. Her hair looked like silver, flowing down her back and over the chair, her nose pink from the cold and her arms wrapped around her knees.

I was happy that she was in the pack, but this was killing me.

I wrapped my arms around her and slid between the chair and her back, “you’ll catch a cold if you keep doing this,” I said, placing my head on her shoulder.

“I have you to keep me warm,” she said, leaning into me and pressing more of her icy skin against my own.

I swallowed and hugged her, “that is not what I meant, and you know it.”

She chuckled, “happy birthday.”

I smiled and nuzzled into her neck, “thank you,” I said, unable to hide the grin on my face.

“I’m sorry,” she sighed, running her fingers into my hair and awkwardly embracing me back.

“For what? Me getting older?” I chuckled.

She smiled, “For missing the last twenty-nine, and especially last years,” she sighed and my heart skipped a beat – right.

“I will forgive you, on one condition,” I chuckled.

“What is that?”

“That you hug me every morning on my birthday, for every year until I die.”

She shifted slightly and turned to look at me, her pupils were heavily dilated, making her eyes look black instead of white and the intensity of her gaze sent shivered down my skin. In fact, now-a-day, a lot of the things she did sent shivers down my spine. Alice was a remarkable woman, but now from the way she trained to the way she talked, her wolf was just as inspiring.

“I will hug you every day on your birthday, until you die, I will love you, every minute of eyes day until I die, and I will miss every second that I am not in your embrace,” her words were cool, and she ran her nails down my cheek ever so lightly. “I love you.”

There was something behind her words, the way she said it, the feeling and emotion that was embedded within those three words that made it feel like she had never said them before.

And for the first time in nearly three months, she pressed her lips against mine.

And for the first time in years, I was no longer afraid that my mate would leave me, as she kissed me, I could feel my soul repair, every day I’d spent without her vanished into a distant memory, every piece of me healed and became whole. With Alice, I was complete.

Author's Note:
Running with Book 01 - Chapter 40 will be the last of this book! So stay tuned for the final chapter to upload of His White Luna. While I'm here I want to thank all of you amazing readers for putting up with me and my horrible grammar, I've loved hearing from you. And yes - Alice and Nate will return in Book Three - Their Silver Moon* but I might have a bit of a break from writing for a bit because I've been writing nearly non-stop since the 16th of April, and it's now June.

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