His White Luna

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Chapter 40 - End

Alice Forrest

Every part of my body throbbed – constantly. My heart ached and my mind raced, anxiety driven thoughts keeping me constantly on edge, hyper aware of my surroundings, and fearing the worst of everyone and everywhere I went. I could not calm my own body, my wolf constantly fighting for control fighting to protect us.

I saw Hassan in my sleep, he lurked in every shadow, I saw him in the eyes of my friend, my Beta. He haunted me every where I went, leaving me constantly afraid, afraid that next time, Nate would not find me, that my mate would not be there to save me.

Yet when he wrapped his arms around me, it all melted away.

When he was so close by, I was okay.

But tonight, tonight was about him – tonight was more special than anything for this year the Alpha of the moon Pack’s birthday landed on the same day as a full moon and the Winter Solstice. Tonight, the pack celebrated the full moon, the solstice and their Alpha, it was a trifecta.

Tonight, was one of the nights I should have planned, yet I let others do the work. I had watched them from our balcony working away from the early hours of the morning and all through the day prepare for the celebrations. The Solstice would have been a festive event to begin with, but the preparations had overtaken the whole training and sports fields, with large tents designed to seat thousands, enough seats, and tables to accommodate and I could see the pack house kitchens working double time as they cooked and prepared enough food and drink for the masses.

I hadn’t noticed I’d sat on the balcony all day until I was snapped from my mind but a sharp knock on the bedroom door.

“Hey, I came over to help you get ready, I hope that’s okay,” Patricia said, standing shyly in the doorway holding a pile dress bags over her shoulder.

Unlacing my legs from the railing, I stood and nodded, “I’m sorry that I haven’t come to visit,” I admitted, wrapping my arms around myself comfortingly.

“It’s okay, you’ve been through a lot,” Patricia said tossing the dresses onto the bed and sitting on the end, “I’m sorry I couldn’t, that we couldn’t find you sooner,” her eyes were sad, I hated that look – the look of pity and distress that people gave me now.

“It dosen’t excuse that I didn’t come to see you before, or that I left, I am sorry.”

She smiled, “let’s put it in the past, you’re here now, and in need of a dress.

* * * * * * * * * *

The dress was dangerous, Patricia had nearly swooned at me as I exited the wardrobe dressed head to toe in lace and sheer fabric. It was a stunning dress, with a tightly fitted silhouette, an off the shoulder sweet-heart neckline and a split up to my knee, I felt sexy. But I felt safe, the knife Nate had given was strapped to my thigh just above the split – it was a little thing, I knew Nate had picked up on, but I felt so much more at ease with it there, there to protect me and I to wield it.

I then let Patricia dote over me, adjusting the buttons, brushing and styling my hair and touching up my makeup – all things I would have done myself, but I was happy for her company and I in turn helped her, styling her hair and helping her choose my dress. It helped pass the time and by the time we were done, the sun had completely set darkness embracing the city.

Millions of fairy lights covered the streets and the roads, linking the city in one big net of twinkling lights – all leading to the training field, which was a beacon of light. From our house, perched behind the pack house, I could see everything, I could see everyone filtering into the tents of light, music and undoubtably the delicious smell of food.

I saw him walking up the gravel driveway, he’d changed at some point, a well fitted black suit hugging his body and his hair had been brushed and styled. His hands were shoved in his pockets and he was looking at the ground deep in thought – brooding almost. Truly, I couldn’t help the smile that grew on my face at the sight of him, the idea that he was all mine, he was all mine and I loved him.

As if I had screamed it from the roof tops, his head snapped up and he looked at me, and time could have stopped with the way that he looked at me – how had I never seen it before? The unconditional devotion, adoration and love.

Before I knew it, I’d turned away from the balcony, rushing down the stairs and flung myself into his arms as he came in the front door. His embrace was warm and soothing, and the smell of pine and citrus soothed me but still, I did not let go. I would never let go.

“Never let me leave you,” I murmured into his neck as he embraced me back. He chuckled and planted a kiss on my head.

“Alice! Nate! What are you doing?” Patricia screeched, “you’ll ruin my masterpiece!”

Nate’s chest began to shake as be laughed, pulling away from me he looked into my eyes “Nothing can ruin how perfect she is to me,” he said.

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