His White Luna

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Chapter 8 - Under Water

Nathaniel Black

It took every cell in my body for my Wolf not to gain control of me, to go to my mate’s aid as she spared with Jamie. They were both forces of the supernatural, with Jamie’s experience and strength there were very few, excluding myself that could keep up with his energy. But the sheer overwhelming strength of Alice’s wolf resulted in them easily keeping up with the other, I was genuinely curious to know, if they both went all out who would rise victorious?

Alice’s white blonde hair had been brushed back into a smooth pony tail, leaving her neck exposed, my silver mark still sparkling casually on the crook of her neck, poking out from under the straps of her sports bra. She dove into he water, using her own body weight and the force of the river to nock Jamie off balance one last time, before he washed down the river. His shouts of protest and his rude gestures making Alice throw her head back and laugh, making her nearly loose her own footing and follow him.

Fighting in the river was a simple way of training, you walk up the river until you hit the training pool, then you start to spar with another wolf. Every time you loose, you get washed down the river until you hit the bridge, where we start, and you have to walk your way back up, as punishment. If you don’t loose, you keep fighting and sparring with the people around you, if you win against everyone else, you get to spar me.

And it didn’t take long before Alice washed the last person down the river. Jamie was yet to return and it didn’t take him more than an hour to walk up the river…

Her white eyes connected with mine and we looked at each other for a long minute.

“What now?” she finally asked, as she grabbed onto a near by low hanging branch and let the river carry her.

“Well, you’ve beat everyone else, so now you get to spar with me,” I chuckled.

“What happens if I win?” she said, a playful smirk working it’s way onto her face.

I mirrored her grin, stepping towards her, the water rising up my legs and higher. “I don’t know, no one’s ever beat the Alpha before.”

“Not even Jamie?” she asked.

“Not in the river.”

A whistle left her lips and I saw a dangerous spark fill her eyes, “So bragging rights then?” she said, shifting her weight and letting her feet touch the ground once more.

I shrugged, “bragging rights then,” taking another few slow and cautious steps towards her, the water now above my naval.

She let go of the branch and it swung towards my face, I flinched, closed my eyes and brought my hands up to protect my face. Which is when I felt the two blows, she was up stream of me, she let the current carry her with force, her first kick going to my leg, my balance coming out from under me and the second foot colliding soon after with my stomach, pushing me under the water.

I snapped my eyes open and looked into the clear waters to the protest of my nerves. I would have chuckled at her quick assault if it wasn’t for the icy water that would have filled my lungs. My fingers and nails clawed at the loose rocks and gravel until and I forced my feet to the ground, stopping the river from carrying me away.

I supressed the desire to shift and lung out of the water, that’s what she wanted. So I darted up the riverbed, holding my breath and rushing through the water as I squinted, waiting to see her legs ahead of me.

I let my hand softly wrap around her ankle, bolts of electricity coursing through my veins as I gave a quick tug.

I grinned at her as she let out a gasp, her head plunging under the water and I pushed her body under my own, hard against the rocks. Bubbles left her nose and mouth as she looked at me through the water, her brow furrowed as she glared at me.

Her nails dug into my shoulders as I held her beneath me, which might have been a mistake, because the feeling of her warm body pressed under me, made something in my pants twitch and grow.

Her eyes darted down and I’m sure if it wasn’t for the cold water on top of us, I would have blushed. Suddenly, her knee moved and I took a blow to the stomach, releasing her for long enough for her to slip out from under me, thanks to the current.

I pushed up off the bottom of the river, my heat breaching the water and I gasped for fresh air, the cool air sending goose bumps down my skin, or was that her.

“Were you aiming for my stomach?” I said, a laugh present on my lips as I turned to look at her.

A goofy smile lightened her face as she cleared the water from her forehead, “no,” she answered, shaking her head as she did so. “I was aiming for your manhood.”

“My, I-” I stuttered, taken aback, “I thought you liked the family jewels.”

A warm blush flushed her cheeks under the blush and she looked away, beginning to circle back around me, but keeping a distance. “Just a dick attached to a dick.”

“I remember a time when you couldn’t keep your hands off me,” I purred, reminiscing of the Spring and Summer we’d spent together.

She rolled her eyes and looked up at the sky, “and I remember a time when you were funny.”

“Nah, Jamie was the funny one.”

“What does that make you?”

“The dick.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Her lips pressed coarsely against my own, as we panted to catch our breath from the sparring, her nails nearly piecing my skin as she clung to me, her legs somehow ending up being wrapped around my waist, grinding against the length that had grown in my tight pants.

A moan reverberated from her chest as I pulled her closer and nibbled on her lower lip, she tasted so sweet and fresh, I felt like I had been locked inside the whole time she was gone, now I could finally breath.

She dragged her nails down my bare back as I let my own hands explore her body, she seemed fitter, her arse firmer and rounder, her stomach toned and her thighs stronger as the wrapped me tightly, “You’ve been working out,” I purred as I brought her towards the shore.

“The University has a gym,” she panted as she gasped for air, between kisses.

“Is that so?” I said mindlessly, as I ground my hard thick length between her legs. Her eyes closed and she rolled her head backwards, resting it against the bank that I’d slammed her against.

“Yeah,” she murmured, and she looked at me for a second, thoughts must have been swirling behind them, a million thoughts a minute. I was expecting her to push me away, get out of the river and walk off, yell at me, scream, insult me, tell me I was trash.

Which was why I was taken aback when she dragged her nails along my neck and pulled me in for another kiss. Her lips were so soft, and smooth, moulding perfecting with my own as she parted her lips, letting me slip my tongue into her mouth and explore her. I let my hands drift across her body again, tracing where the tight fabric met her warm skin, where the wet clothes clung to her perfect body.

“Is this a zip?” I purred excitedly, as I discovered the concealed zip on the back of her sports bra.

“Yeah,” moaned as I planted more kisses down her neck.

“May I?” I asked, my hands hovering over the zipper circling the flesh behind the zip.


Instantly ripping the zip open, I let my hands explore further into the depths of her body, my hands now caressing up her well defined back muscles, my fingers lining the curve of her breasts.

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