His White Luna

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Chapter 9 - Drowning

His pelvis ground into my core, pressing against all the right places and sending waves of pleasure throughout my nervous system. His fingers seemed to grasp desperately at me, pulling on my skin as his massaged my body with his hands, as if trying to memorise every muscle in my body by touch alone. His breath intoxicated me every time he pulled away from a kiss, he was as addictive as a drug, I was always begging for more.

I was relapsing.

I gasped for air as his lips pulled away from my own, while he removed my sports bra from between us, my chest now as bare as his as he held me tightly against his own chest. He brought one of his hands back up my neck, tracing that mark that seemed to burn with lust on my shoulder and my collar bones, that rose and feel with my jagged breaths.

“Dam the affect you have on me,” I whispered quietly as he lifted my chin and gazed into my eyes as if her were trying to burn a hole in my head.

“I could say the same thing about you,” he chuckled deeply, his hand now running through my hair, ruining the ponytail I had secured.

His lips traced my jaw and worked their way down my neck, lingering “Last time I checked, you didn’t seem to be struggling to find someone to warm you bed,” I replied, as a moan reverberated in my chest.

Seemingly unaffected by my words, he continued his assault of kisses, running them along my throat as his fingers pulled my hair back, my view now of the sky and tops of tall pine trees.

“Do you really want to talk about Gina right now?” he purred, as he hoisted me up the bank further, pressing me against the rocks, moss, mud and assortment of other elements.

“I think we should talk,” I admitted, his hands now caressing my breasts, his mouth slowly making it’s way towards my nipples.

“What do you want to know?” he said, his words slow and careful.

“Why? How?-” I was able to make out before he slipped my breast into his mouth, his teeth grazing against my erect nipple while he sucked on it, his other hand gentle massaging the other.

“I wasn’t exactly looking for a bed warmer,” he said, pulling his mouth away from my chest, and I was surprised to find a sigh of disappointment coming form my mouth.

He chuckled and pressed his lips against my mouth, flicking my nipple between his thumb and finger, causing my mouth to part as another moan slipped from between my lips.

“Then why?”

He started off softly, his words laced with emotion and feeling, “Because every night, before I feel asleep in an empty bed, I thought that you could have been dead, seeing someone else, fucking, someone else,” his brow now furrowed and his eyes black, the depressive anger laced in his voice.

“So how do you think it makes me feel?” I said, cupping his face with my hand.

“You left.”

“You killed Jenny. You murdered her.”

His gaze dropped, “I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry that it made me leave.”

“I’m sorry that I did so many things that hurt you, I’m sorry that I drove you away.”

He rested his forehead on my own, and I could feel his boundaries dropping, the emotions cored through me, burning where we touched, a force running through my blood, veins and nerves. My heart thudded relentlessly in my chest and I felt the uneasiness of my wolf, she wanted nothing more than to be with our mate.

“Your wolf is beautiful,” he said finally filling the silence between us. “I never got to tell you.”

His eyes looked desperate now, “Alice, say something, please.” I shook my head, my hand tracing down the side of his face, his sharp cheek bones and jawline, clenched tightly, I didn’t know what to say.

“Please,” he begged.

I felt the hot tears rolled down my cheeks, a sharp contrast to the icy cold water that washed around us. His thumb brushed them away, his brow furrowing more, “I’m so sorry.”

I pressed my lips back against his, a cavity had begun to form in my chest, a cavity that his touch filled.

“Alice-” he said, pulling my face away from his. “I want you more than anything, I need you in my life. You are my everything, but I cannot do this if you don’t want me too.”

The words sting like venom, my heart pulsing arrhythmically, “I left because I thought being with you, would hurt me more than being away from you.”

He sighed and dropped his gaze, his hand trailing from my face, tickling my skin as it brushed over my shoulder and down my arm. “I am sorry-” he said again, but I held a finger up to his lips.

“Let me finish before you say anything,” I stated, feeling my tears well with tears once more. “I thought, that living as someone who I wasn’t, with you, would be harder than living as someone who I was, without you. But every night was worse that the one before, every breath harder than the last, but I didn’t know how to come back. Because as much as I love that life in the city, as happy as it makes me, as fulfilled as I feel working and studying. It’s not living without you.”

And I offered him a smile.

A pain seemed to roll off his shoulder, his breath coming as jagged and hard as my heartbeat. Sadness and relief filing his eyes, coving every inch of his normally stoic face.

Lips colliding like magnets, he pulled my back into his tight embrace, rebinding me in his arms, his hands returning to their positions – just to draw me closer. “I love you,” I said.

The grin that burst from his face was infectious, like a fire that warmed my soul, something that only he could offer me. “I love you too,” he said, the words I had heard so many times before felt so foreign, but so right.

His hands once again ran the course of my body, running the seam of my leggings, before in one foul swoop he pulled them over my arse, taking my undies at the same time. He pulled back, fully removing them from my body and he took his place between my legs, pressing himself and his manhood against my nakedness.

I never slept with her,’ he said, his voice echoing through my head as he planted yet another kiss passionately on my lips. ‘I couldn’t, I couldn’t bring myself to,’ he reaffirmed.

“Oh, shut up and fuck me,” I hissed.

And his sparkling green eyes flickered black with lust, a wicked grin plastering itself on his face as he looked at me, the words clearly echoing in his mind.

I tugged at his tight pants, dropping them just low enough for his eye-catching manhood to spring free, colliding with my thigh has he ground against me. Pressing against my body he kissed me again, he slipped a hand between my legs his thumb quickly sliding against my clit allowing his tongue slipping freely into my mouth as I let out a small moan.

I could feel the grin on his mouth as his kissed me, the infectious happiness that surged from him to me.

And with one clean thrust, he plunged himself inside me. My back arched, my toes curling as I clung to his body.

It had been a long year since I’d last seen him…

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