An unknown world

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Barry, a 13 year old boy who wants to enjoy life just like the other kids, but there is just one thing which shatters his dreams. That is his psychic powers which awakened within him at the age of 6. Once he graduates from primary school and is about to enter middle school, he wanted to enjoy one more night to stay up late to do things that he wanted to do. Suddenly, he found himself to be unusually sleepy and fell in a deep sleep. Then, he finds himself to be in another world which is quite similar to his world. But in this other world, there is magic and all sorts of magical beasts and mystical beings. Follow the adventures of Barry as he ventures into this unknown world, which will change both his life in the reality world and the unknown world. Enjoy! Note: Any names, places, events, incidents, company names, trade names, etc. which bears any resemblance in reality are entirely coincidental.

Fantasy / Action
Timothy Barry
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: First Encounter into the Other World

Barry, a 12 year old boy who wants an ordinary life as any other people around him, is a kid who possesses psychic powers which he calls it as a curse.

He wanted to be as his friends who are just normal kids that enjoy their average life being a regular person. But because of having those powers, he couldn't do so.

Whenever he hears the words "I want to have superpowers!" from the mouths of his friends, he will either distance himself or even pretend to not hear about what his friends are talking.

Those words made him puzzled about why do people even want such a thing. So he views them as fools who do not know how creepy it can be if one were to own such powers.

This led him to believe that he is the only one who realizes that having superpowers isn't something fun as what individuals perceive it to be.

He has the power to see spirits. Not only that, he even has many types of powers that are beyond the human's comprehension.

To be frank, he first gained only one power when he is just 6. But as he grew up each year, his powers will either evolve or gain a new power.

Now, he is familiar to these powers as he has been honing his powers on his own without having to rely on anyone since no one even knew about it, nor understands what it is.

The only exception to this are only his parents and those who he tells about it.

Not only will he tell them about it, he even persuades them to forget about everything he has shared with them. He will even go to far lengths of using his memory-erasing powers to help them erase it out of their heads.

For someone as him, the reason is simple: He just wants to live in peace and harmony with everybody around him. He doesn't want to become the target of those who seek to abuse his powers for evil, such as world domination.

But he has a weakness, which is his emotions. Although he has a weakness, sometimes he assumes he is a person who is fast in comprehending his surrounding condition, even though his reaction is slow to a bunch of things in reality.
If you think he can use self-defense when he is in trouble?

The answer is no. He uses his powers to counter it instead, because he can't handle such things.

He is not a sore loser in that aspect. He has a bit of knowledge and skills from many types of self-defense. Where he fuses it all at once to create his own unique fighting style for combats.

That's enough to introduce the main character of this story. We will now start the story.

The day Barry graduates from his primary school is right around the corner. He now knows how freedom feels like and dejected as the idea of leaving his two best friends, Emmanuel and Darryl. This made him feel bored, as he cannot meet up with them anymore during the school holidays.

A chill ran down his spine when the thought of entering middle school crept into his mind. Graduation day was just around the corner, so everyone took their precious time to enjoy the last moments. And soon, graduation day has arrived.

On the day of graduation day, everyone received their graduation certificate and their results during the year-end examination. Then they bowed, shook hands and hugged their beloved teachers to bid farewell to their primary school years.

Before the graduation day ceremony ended, Barry went around the school. While he walked around the school, he could see some had their last group hug while some were sobbing with each other. There were also some who remained as couples to this day to spend their last time being together with each other by hanging out at their usual dating area that is located somewhere around the school compound.

His main aim was to leave the school as early as possible. But when he stumbled upon someone whom he never expected to meet, he drops the plan.

The girl had naturally brown hair which reaches her neck. Her hairstyle is styled in a bob haircut. She even has fair skin. One would think she is a Japanese girl at first glance. But she is not.

Her name is Natalie. A former schoolmate and classmate for some subjects as students have to change classes for each subject as it depends on the results during the last test or examination that everyone got. For example, both of them were classmates for English subject and later became friends with one another.

He didn't stumble upon her, she was the one who suddenly grabs his arm from behind. It startled him a bit, which surprised him to meet her. He giggled while he said, "It was you, Natalie. My heart beat stopped for a second. I thought who was it behind me just now." Natalie just chuckled at Barry's reaction.

Suddenly, Natalie's mother appeared from behind them. When Barry saw her mother, he greeted and introduced himself to her mother as it was his first time meeting her mother.

When Natalie noticed her mother's presence, she asked her mother to give her some time to chat with him. Her mother then left the place to let them chat for a little longer. Both of them chatted for a while. After that, they shook hands before they went on their separate ways.

As he went around the school for one last time, he remembers all his memories of his primary years before he went back home. Then he used his teleportation powers to get back home, which was 30 miles away from here. When he wanted to do so, the thought of going to the convenience store flowed into his head. He then changed plans and teleported to the convenience store instead. He will just have to use his legs to walk for the remaining 3 miles.

As he stopped by the convenience store, he bought snacks and carbonated drinks for himself because he would always stop by here on every Friday. When he looks at the time on his watch, he noted it was still early. So he bought the store's famous drink, SLURPEE, while using the store's free Wi-Fi to surf through the internet with his smartphone.

After he hung out there for 3 hours, he walked out of the store. And walk back home until he reached his home safely. When he enters the house, he greeted and chatted with his parents. Then he went up the stairs to his room to relax. After a few minutes rest, he jumped out of bed and did his daily exercise, which is by doing 90 push-ups by splitting it into half for each round, etc.

After he did that, he then ate his snacks and drinks a can of carbonated drink which he had just bought.

Drowsiness overtook his entire body, which made him turn to the clock near his bed.

He is shocked that it was only 9 p.m. because he usually sleeps around midnight. But he was feeling sleepy, so he just went into bed early.

There is now just one more week before he will soon attend middle school. It was a busy week for the whole family. They had to wake up around 5 a.m. to go to his brand new school, which was much further than he had ever thought.

The famous school which was recommended by his primary school teachers has accepted him instead of the other two schools that his parents wanted him to attend in.

When they arrived at the middle school, they headed straight to the teacher's office to register him. There he was registered as an official freshman of the famous school. They were then directed towards the newly built school hall to listen to the principal's speech, which lasted for 3 hours.

The reason Barry knew about it was because he had ultra-sharp ears that could pick up even the faintest of sounds from the other freshmen that were whispering with each other.

As the speech ended, all the students were asked to enter their respective classes to take up mock tests to test whether they are worthy for that class.

Fortunately, the test was easy for Barry. Next, everyone was then asked to introduce themselves. Then they were introduced to the school rules, and so on.

The whole registration took three days to complete. When all of it was done, there were two more days left before Barry attends his brand new school. As for the last 2 days of the school holiday, he just relaxed in his room.

On the last day of the school holiday, he was in his room doing the usual stuff that he would always do. The only difference was he is reading information about an existence of another world just like in all the fairy tales that he had ever read during his childhood days on his smartphone while he lied on his comfy two tone red wooden mattress.

Then a thought ran across his head: "Does a world which has a similarity with this world exist at all?" When he thinks of it again, he assumes it to be a bluff. He then went into bed so that he could wake up early tomorrow to attend the first day of school. This is to avoid embarrassment in front of his classmates.

As he was asleep, a cool breeze blew around his body which left him pondering because he knew he has locked the windows tight. So he tried to raise his arms and shoulders, but it felt like they were restrained. Next, he opened his eyes to take a peek of what has happened. As he gently opened his eyes, his eyes caught sight of something that he has never seen before.

The creature had the outline of a human and the facial looks are also that of a human, except it had gigantic wings growing out of its back and has blunt horns on its head.

By the time Barry was fully awake, he was astonished to find himself up in the air and was in extreme shock to behold what was carrying him: a demon.

After witnessing the change of events that were unfolding before his very eyes, his mind was sharp on what needs to be done, and that was: "... he has to defeat it."

He was about to use his powers to fight this creature which carried him towards an unknown destination, when it spoke to him these words: "Those powers of yours won't work on me because they are now sealed for the time being."

Upon hearing that, he was in awe for what he had just experienced, and only one thought that stucked on his head: "Have I lost my sanity or did it just talk to me in human language?!"

Then it spoke to him again. It said: "You know I could hear your thoughts, right? By the way, do not fear, mere mortal. I do not have any evil intentions to harm you or to threaten you at all. If you don't believe me and my words, I can at least let you use your mind reading powers to read my mind and also my heart."

After hearing those words, he used the only power that he was granted to use for the time being. He discovered it wasn't a lie. This enabled him to breathe easy.

When he glanced at the surrounding below his feet and the scenery in the air. He was in awe for what his eyes have witnessed. It was a world which is strangely similar to his world, except the colour of the sky was pink. As seconds pass by, he had a little chitchat with it.

At first, Barry started asking for its name. "So may I know what is your name... um?"

"Daemon." The demon said to him in a straightforward manner.

"Okay um... Daemon, nice to meet you? What time is it now?" Barry said to the demon named Daemon.
Before he answered his question, he asked back to Barry. "What is your name, mere mortal? Look at the sky, what time do you think it is, and that is the time now."

"It is 6:30 p.m.? My name is Barry. Please don't add the words 'mere mortal' in my name. May I ask where you are taking me? I can see that we are headed towards a gigantic cloud?"

"Nice to meet you, Barry, the mere mortal. Thanks. It might look like a gigantic cloud to you, but there is a castle high on top of it when we reach there."

"You're welcome. You didn't know the time, did you? I said just say my name, didn't I? Wait? That was a bluff, right? Please say that is just a joke. If you are serious, can I ask you how long would it take to get there?"

"Okay, Barry... the mere mortal? I know it is shocking to you, but wait till you see the castle for yourself. We will be there in a few more minutes. Just to be sure, don't you think it's weird that I know you have powers?"

"Oh, yeah... right? It feels weird that you know I have powers. Why are you taking me to a castle?! You must have a reason for bringing me here. Let me ask you this. What connection do you and I have? Because it makes little sense that you know about me!"

"Guess I have to say this, I am your guardian who is a demon that is against the demons on the opposite side of this land. I have despised them since the Great Magic War, which took place 10 years ago. My name is Daemon, a rebel demon who wishes to be at peace with the mortals on this side of the land rather than being at war all the time with each other. Enough talk about that. We will soon reach there."

He continued, "I have known you since you were still young. You possess powers that others can't comprehend. You see it as a curse, but I see it as a blessing. So be proud of it. The reason I am taking you to the castle is because I am duty-bounded to the task and you shall know the reason I'm taking you there as soon as we get there."

"Okay, Daemon. I appreciate your advice and your willingness to share your background story. But I'm not sure if I can accept your advice yet. Sorry. So how long are we going to reach there?"

''It's okay if you can't accept it, but you might accept it someday. I'm sure. Hang on tight. We will reach there on the count of three. 1… 2… 3. Here we are."

As their chat ended, they had reached their destination. When Barry landed his feet on the surface of the cloud, he looked upon the building in front of him. He is at a loss for words as he stood there motionless.

A tall, gorgeous and humongous castle stood right in front of him. His jaw dropped to the ground as he gazed upon the castle in front of him. When he realized his actions, he shifted his attention to Daemon.

Suddenly, he felt as if he was going to black out. It turns out that Daemon slapped the back of his head with 5% of his strength, with his magic imbued in his punch.

He couldn't withstand it because Daemon didn't return his powers yet, but at least he didn't black out. When both of them walk towards the gates of the castle, the guards of the castle opened the gate when they saw Daemon.

As they entered the castle, the indoor of the castle was well decorated as it had a classy feel to it. When he leaned at the window, he could see a magnificent view of the land below it. Everything inside was tidy and well-arranged as they walked through the hallway of the castle.

Then he noticed three paintings on the walls. One was a picture of the princess of this kingdom with her parents, which is the king and queen of this kingdom. The other was a picture of a war between the two lands, and the last picture was the death of the princess's parents. Barry felt pity for the princess because she had to take the throne to be queen of this kingdom at such an early age, which is somewhere around his age.

When they reached the throne room, a girl that had fair skin, icy-blue eyes and golden hair sat down on the throne. As we approached, she stood up and went down the flight of stairs. Then she said: "You have done a fantastic job, Daemon. As for you (while she pointed her thumb at Barry), a stranger from the other world, I would like to have a word with you..."

Before she could finish her sentence, there were loud noises such as gunshots and swords clashing with each other outside the castle. He noted that Daemon and the princess have prepared their respective fighting stance.

Before Barry could join in the fight, the princess had secretly locked him in place at where he stood. Then a huge glowing magic circle appeared below his feet. He heard the princess's last words in a soft voice saying: "Forgive me for doing this to you. Before you go, let me introduce myself. My name is Brittney, the princess of Sky Castle. "

It shone a bright white light which blurred his vision. As he opened his eyes, he realized he is now in his bedroom.
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