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“Ah, I better get the Phoenix,” Danik whispered next to him.

Bion shook his head at his friend’s comment, “Is that all you’re thinking about?”

“Of course! Everyone but you here is wishing the same thing.”

The sound of the gong pierced everyone’s ears, reminding everyone of the need for silence. Voices were hushed, attention focused on the retreating legendary. The youth around him all stared in awe and inspiration. A tinge of jealousy crept into his heart as he thought of the power and status that boy had just received. It was instantaneous.

As the ceremony continued, he felt his eyes grow heavy. His body was aching from sitting so long, nausea only intensifying as the numbers slimmed down to the last section. His section.

What was going to happen?

His life-long friend stood up beside him, the two sharing a nod of luck before Danik made his way down towards the stage. Bion clasped his hands together in silent prayer, hoping that his friend would have a good pairing.

Danik never acted well under stress, his drop of blood missing the cauldron completely, staining the floor. Bion bit back a laugh seeing how flustered his friend was. Luckily, the second drop of blood hit the mark. Blue wisps flowed from the cauldron, Bion’s suspicions were correct. Danik obtained a water spirit. Once the contract was formed, the spirit showed its true form. A dark-shelled turtle.

Bion stared in awe at the spirit. Turtles were held in high regard. Their wisdom and strength were unmeasurable and they worked closely with the Water Dragon. The biggest smile broke out on Bion’s features as he made eye contact with his friend. It may not have been legendary, but it was almost just as good.

The happiness he felt soon vanished, realizing his turn was next. What was going to happen? The same silent prayer he invoked for his friend was now turned to him.

Approaching center stage was the most suspenseful feeling he had ever experienced. The heat from the spotlight burned his sweaty skin, the large, metallic cauldron sat in the middle. ‘Please, I need a spirit to choose me. I need to be with my family.’ His thoughts overcame him as he stared at the small needle in his hand. With shaky hands, he pricked his finger, a small drop of crimson forming on the tip.

The small drop created what he felt like the biggest ripples in the water. Translucent wisps sprung from the cauldron, instant panic overtaking his body. A second soon turned to two. Two turned to five, and five turned to ten.

No, this couldn’t be happening. He had to be chosen.

What felt like a lifetime passed as no change occurred in the wisps. A small hourglass off to the side counted his fate. If he did not get chosen before the sand runs out, his life was over. Sentenced to a life of hard labor and something worse than a human.

Bion’s gaze bore into each shard of sand, watching it countdown to his demise. Only five seconds of sand remained and Bion accepted his fate. His eyes closed, a silent plea for forgiveness to his family that he would leave behind. He failed them. Leaving them in the lowest parts of Marinel with no support.

The beat of the drums nulled out any sounds around him. Beating to the rhythm of his heart, to his death. A gentle hand touched his shoulder, nudging him slightly. Bion opened his eyes, meeting the gaze of the masked man. Knowing full well what was going to happen, the boy stepped away from the cauldron. However, the grip on his shoulder only tightened as the man tipped his head back towards the large object.

Everything fell silent. No longer could Bion hear the drums, nor his heartbeat. All his attention was focused on the colored wisps that flowed seamlessly from the water. The hourglass froze at one shard. One second to spare.

Blood rushed to his head as he took in the bright, illuminated color.


Why was it red? It was supposed to be blue.

Another nudge from the hand on his shoulder broke him from the trance. The words. What were the words again? With a shaky voice, Bion spoke as if he was in a dream.“I offer my body to thee.”

The Phoenix was picturesque. Filled with brightness and beautiful colors he did not know existed. Its red body and golden eyes stared at him, Bion could only return a look of shock. The gasps and voices dulled as the mythical bird imprinted itself on his body, solidifying the contract between the two. The immense power of the beast overflowed his body, his body igniting from the inside.

Shaken and confused, Bion slowly made his way back towards his seat, all eyes burning into every fiber of his being. Filtering his gaze over the prying eyes, his eyes soon locked with the other whose life had drastically changed that day. The young man gave a knowing smile and a sympathetic look. Upon returning to his seat, his long-time friend stared at him with his jaw to the floor. Many of the others around him followed suit, each wanting the opportunity to catch a glance at the second legendary.

Bion, however, was only focused on one thing. Joy rushed through him since he was chosen but he would still have to leave his family. Leave the world he knew, the culture and environment he grew up in. Everything was going to change. Would his family be okay? Would the fire region welcome him? Could he adapt and perform the role he was chosen for? This had to be a dream, it had to be. The burning of his chest reminded him this was no dream. It was reality.

As the remainder of the youth each took their turns, the stares never ceased. Not only was he blessed with the legendary, but Bion was also changing regions. The change rarely occurred and has only happened twenty times in the history of the ceremony. What was his family thinking? Were they happy? Sad?

The beat of the drums soon died, the gong echoing throughout the space. The ceremony ended. Instantly his body was engulfed by strong arms, excited laughter ringing in his ears. “And you said it wasn’t possible.” Danik teased him excitedly.

Bion struggled against his friend’s body but he was a smothering boulder. The laughter of his friend only continued as his body shook from the force. How come he was more excited for him than he was? “I just can’t believe it! The look on your face was hilarious!” Danik continued to pester Bion despite the young boy’s objections.

“Um, excuse me?” The two stopped their commotion, their attention turning to the new voice. In an instant, Danik removed himself from Bion and vanished from view with nothing more than a quick goodbye. Before him stood the only person experiencing the same feelings he was. “Sorry, I did not mean to interrupt.”

Bion shook his head, hastily standing from the seat. “No, you actually saved me,” his hand rubbed the back of his neck, gently smiling at the one in front of him. “I suppose we both had the surprise of our lives today.”

Nervous laughter erupted from the two boys, agreeing at how much those words permeated their souls. “You had more of a shock than I did. I think everyone did.” Those words also rang true. “I’m Lesiet.”

“Bion.” He responded, extending his hand as a late green. The two would be dealing a lot with one another. He only hoped that they could get along easily with one another. The other two legendaries intimidated him much more, but he was glad that there would be someone going through it with him.

“It feels weird does it not?” Lesiet asked, his voice hushed.

Bion knew exactly what he was referring to. The power that coursed through their bodies. It was strong, demanding, and above all else, exhilarating. The feelings were foreign. Strange sensations tickled him from the inside. “Yes, it does.”

“Pardon the interruption,” the masked man stood beside the two, only his mouth exposed. “Your audience has been requested. Please, follow me.”
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