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The Werewolf Streamer

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I'm done looking for my kind. I'm taking what's mine and no one can stop me. Faller suggested something . . . Twitch? He said I can find some help there. Don't know what it's about but I'll see. Let's play!

Fantasy / Adventure
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Losing Hope

I sat down in my chair and sighed. I searched the last possible place that the last werewolves could be and found nothing. I looked around my room, my newly finished house in Lake Tahoe. I started up my PC. The words: Welcome Luminex, flashing across the screen and then disappearing again. I stared at the white void captured in a black frame wondering what to do. Faller mentioned something about having a werewolf locator. DNA . . . possibly. That can’t work. Also, he did mention something about a recording platform. Can’t trust everything he says though . . .

I typed in the letters: T . . . W . . . I . . . T . . . C . . .H and pressed enter. A purple T appeared on the side of the screen, I read the description.

“He has gone freaking insane,” I muttered.

It was a STREAMING platform at the most. It’s worth a shot . . . hopefully. I moved the mouse and clicked it. The first thing that popped up was Sign up or Log in. I clicked sign up and I had to put in my personal information. I put my username as Luminex. The box flashed red.

Username taken

“What the-” I growled.

Then I put Luminex_Crow.

A spinning circle popped up and I logged in. First I saw the number of people live streaming right now.

Playing Apex With Friends!

Call Of Duty.

Just Chatting.

I shook my head. I was about to click off when something caught my eye. A particular video with a werewolf in it. I hesitated, could it be? After all these years I just had to check this? I clicked it, her name was WolfyChu. She didn’t look realistic.

“An avatar.” I sighed. Hundreds of people were chatting to her saying hi or just putting random emojis. She had a high voice, almost squeaky. Voice changer . . . I did some research to make sure. She was a Twitch streamer with a werewolf avatar. She had pictures of her in real life, she looked nothing compared to her avatar. She was the girlfriend of Sweetotoons, A.K.A. Jordan, another streamer with a werewolf avatar, still human. I muttered something in my language. A word that really really didn’t need to be translated here. I decided to give Faller a call. Some inside information on Faller, I first met him during an attack from the hunters, prefers daggers, is a werecat, and loves sushi. Other than those four things he can be a complete hazard. Get on his bad side . . . you’ll just be the next ice sculpture in his house.

“Hewo?” Faller answered.

“Yeah, you big idiot, please explain why I should keep making sushi for you whenever you visit. Especially the Dragon roll.” I replied.

He went silent for a bit. “The Dragonroll?” He whispered.

“Yup!” I said.

“Okay, okay, everything I said about Twitch is true!”

"Faller!” I growled.

“Partially true . . . Look I can assure you this isn’t one of my big jokes-”

“It better not be!”

“-But . . . there are some people you can find, he or she is just hidden by an avatar. I can feel it!”

“And exactly how do you know this?”

“. . .”

“Faller?” I said, a little annoyed.

“Uh- umm?”

“What? Spit it out!”

“Ah! My instinct!”

I flopped on the bed and screamed.

“You okay?” He muttered.

I got back up and sat in my chair. “No. I’m not. So I have to trust your so-called ′instinct’ and find- oh I don’t know hundreds of people who have avatars, just to see if there is ONE werewolf behind the screen!?”

“Hey, now, you’re getting a little bit ahead of yourself. First of all, I didn’t say werewolf. Second, I said people, not just one.”

I felt a shock of electricity course through my body.

“What do you mean not a werewolf and you mean there’s more than one?”

He burped. “Okay, answering your first question, yes it could be or not be a werewolf, it could be a werecat, werefox, maybe even those friends that you met a couple of years back. That one guy, who was it? Porto, Pierre . . .”

“Percy.” I sighed. I wasn’t getting anywhere in this conversation.

“Right! Purrr-see.” He snickered and made a purring noise again.

“Alright stop it. You’re hurting my ears.”

“Oh? Look who’s talking! Bushtail! Us werecats have to listen to humans, whine, whistle, slam their doors, all that stuff! Cats have better hearing than dogs do.”

I growled, a warm sensation building up inside my body. “Let’s . . . not."

“Let’s . . . nevermind. Okay, so you want to find this person, right?”

“Yeah.” I didn’t like where this was going. From past experiences, I judge he’s going to make me do something that will for sure get me embarrassed.

“So, drumroll please . . . you . . . have . . . to . . .”

“Spit it out!"

“Become a Twitch streamer! Yay!” He laughed like he enjoyed the idea.


“But you have to! To get the streamer’s attention you have to stand out!”


“Don’t you see it!”



“I said no. Can’t I just email them or something?”

He clicked his tongue. “Ah, Luminex use your head!”

“You’re about to not have one in a second,” I gritted my teeth.

“This Twitch streamer is possibly famous. How many emails do you think they get each second from all their annoying fans?”

He had a point. I couldn’t just send them a message expecting them to answer.

I stared at the portrait of my brother Jet, I recently found him . . . and lost him again during an attack on the Hunter Quarter. HQ- good name for a horrible organization.

“Okay, Faller hit me with your amazing wisdom.”

“Yes, General!”

“I’m not a general anymore.”

Faller laughed. “Once a general. Always a general.”

“Shut up!” I barked.

“See! You still got that personality.”


“Fine. So, the reason why this person is hidden behind an avatar is because of hunters. Simple, right? No, that person has a hidden power from their ancestors. Wood wolves presumably. Also ”

“What the heck are wood wolves?”

“You know how humans have some people who live in groups in the woods? The same goes for the foxes, us werecats, and even werewolves. City wolves am I right?”

“Speak wolverian Sherlock.”

“I am!”


“There is no other way! You have to become a streamer!”

“And alert every single hunter to my position? I worked hard on this house and if it gets destroyed by freaking bombing. You’re going to lose multiple limbs. Permanently!"

He chuckled nervously. “You’re joking, right? Right?”

I glowered murderously at the screen. “I never joke around, especially when I’m close to breaking.”

“How long is it going to take until you finally get convinced?”

“At this rate? Never.”

“Do you want to find this person or not?” His voice . . . almost angry.


“So follow the orders!” He yelled.

I was speechless for a moment. He never yells. So this means it has to be really important. Even though I couldn’t see his expression, I could tell from his voice that he wasn’t lying.

“Fine. What do I need to do?”

I could almost see him smiling.

“Make an avatar of course.”

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