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The Pack She Never Wanted

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Charlotte is a regular wolf. She wasn't born into a high rank but she worked hard to move up her whole life until her parents made her move to a new pack. What happens when she angers the alpha's son and future alpha of her pack? "What do you want," I say knowing I will not like the answer. "I want you to tell everyone we're mates" Dustin says while I look at him with shocked eyes. "Why me?" I say trying to understand what is going through his mind right now. "Why not one of the many she-wolves who actually can stand to be in your presence." "Because you'll be more believable to my dad." Dustin says nonchalantly. "You got to be kidding me"

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

“Charlotte! Are you even listening to me?“My mother yells at me from the passenger seat. Honestly, I wasn’t. “Yeah, mom,” I said from the back seat not even looking at her. My parents and I haven’t exactly been on great terms since they’ve decided to move from our home to this new pack.

I am angry at them for making us leave. I had been working on becoming a pack warrior for the past five years. After years of training and moving up in the pack, I was finally granted the warrior title. Before they decided to leave not even asking my opinion before they told alpha we were leaving. How could they do this to me? Moving packs meant I would be put in whatever rank the alpha thought I should be in. Most of the time they will make you an omega unless you have alpha blood. But even then they may still make you an omega. And moving ranks isn’t exactly easy.

“Honey I know you aren’t exactly happy about this,” my mother said as if she was reading my mind. “But think of this as a new start. Maybe you’ll make friends here. I know you didn’t have many in the old pack.” She’s right. Most of the other wolves my age never got along, mostly because they were jealous of me. Like I said before, you don’t exactly move ranks especially when you were born an omega. Omegas are the lowest rank of the pack. It’s not that they aren’t important but we mostly work in the pack kitchen and around the pack. Pretty much anything the pack needs done, omegas get to do it. Many look down on us because we aren’t as dominant as the other wolves. That’s what makes me different from my parents. My wolf couldn’t handle being looked down on. I was too dominant to be an omega.

“Just leave her alone Carol. She doesn’t want to talk to us.” My father said from the driver seat looking back at me through the rearview mirror. I roll my eyes at him. “Dad you can’t blame me for being upset,” I said. I hear my father let out a long sigh “Honey we’ve talked about this.” I rolled my eyes at him again. His excuse for moving was disagreeing with our old alpha.

“I know dad.” I said not pushing the subject further. My wolf doesn’t like the idea of changing packs. She’s influencing how I feel about it. Truth be told I wouldn’t mind it as much if I could keep my rank. But since my parents were omegas there and it was my birth rank I’ll be put in the same rank as them. It’s not common for families to be in different ranks, especially parents and their child.

Soon we make it to our new home. Which I have to admit is beautiful it’s on at least six acres of land. Sitting on the first three acres is a two-story brick house with a very rustic feel which I love. Behind the house is another three acres of woods. All of our houses at the old pack had woods in the back, makes it easier for us to shift and hunt in our wolf forms.

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?” My mother said. I nearly jump realizing she was standing next to me. She laughs at my reaction. “Not the big and bad warrior now?” She said still laughing. I glare at her.

“Aren’t you going to help me?” Yells my father who was standing in front of the trunk holding some of our suitcases. I quickly went to him and grabbed my suitcase from him and began to walk inside. “Your room is up the stairs first room on the right.” Yells my mother as I went up the stairs. The house is mostly empty. We had some of our things like furniture already sent here.

I enter my new room, unlike my old room it had nothing on the plain white walls. My old room was teal blue, my favorite color. The room feels so empty the only thing occupying it is a bed that is sitting without a frame on the floor. I guess I’ll talk to mom about that.


The next day

“CHARLOTTE YOU NEED TO WAKE UP NOW OR YOU’LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!” my mother screams from the kitchen. Truth be told I’ve been awake for hours playing on my phone. But she doesn’t need to know that. I guess it’s time to get dressed. I open my suitcase to find something suitable to wear. I find some of my tight black jeans with black combat boots and a red shirt. And to top it off my favorite leather jacket. I put my long curly hair over my shoulder. I decide not to waste my time on makeup(I’m late enough).

My mom drives me to school which was only a few miles away from our new house.
“So you must be excited for your birthday,” my mom said excitedly “it being your big eighteenth birthday maybe you’ll even meet your mate”
“Maybe, I don’t want a mate.” When I said that my mom gasped at me.
“How could you say that!” She yelled. “Meeting your mate is the most special time in a wolf's life.” I rolled my eyes at her. I’m sorry that I feel like there’s more to life than finding your mate. It seems all she-wolves my age are obsessed with finding their mate and settling down. Well, that’s not me. I want to live life before settling down. Maybe that’s why I wanted to be a pack warrior. They sometimes leave the pack at least. But I never got to leave since my parents wouldn’t allow me to. They hated that I was a warrior. They didn’t want me to get hurt. I love them but sometimes I feel like we aren’t even related we’re so different.
“Mom, I’m just not ready to meet him yet.” I sighed
“Fine. Don’t forget we have dinner at the pack house with the alpha.” Great.
“What’s his name again?” I asked. My mom gave me a shocked look but soon answer. “Alpha Gregory Bryan.” she said as I was getting out of the car.
Well, at least I know his name now. I waved goodbye to my mom and headed towards the principal’s office. He wanted me to meet him so he could go over the rules of the school.When I walked towards the school, the scent of wolves hit my nose instantly, which isn’t surprising. There are also a large number of humans. Humans don’t know about us. They believe we are myths and nothing more. But the truth is, there are thousands of us around the world, along with other supernatural beings.

I’ve been sitting in Principal Right’s office alone for the past ten minutes. Apparently, our darling principal is running late.

Soon a man I’m assuming is Principal Right enters with a boy who’s about my age. Principal Right is probably in his early thirties but he has already begun to get grey hairs. He sits down behind his desk before he notices I’m already in his office. The boy who came with him is already sitting next to me with a cocky smirk on his face. He looks at him then turns and gives me a wink. I roll my eyes at him. From the smell of him, he’s definitely a wolf, as is the Principal.

“What are you doing here?” Asked Principal Right.
“I’m” I begin to say before he cut me off. “You’re the new student, miss Linton.” He says more to himself than to me. “Yes.” I answer him, even though it wasn’t a question.
“I see you’re busy right now, I’ll come back later,” said the boy. He begins to walk out but Principal Right stops him by saying, “You’re not going anywhere Mr. Bryan” he sits back down not very happy to still be here. “Excuse me but you want to talk to me about the rules here.” I said to Principal Right. “Yes, I do. Rule number one, do not ever shift on school grounds. We have too many human students for you to do so. Rule number two, never allow a human to hear you talk about us. Rule number three, no fighting with other wolves or humans.” I had to stop myself from rolling my eyes. I waited this long for rules that should be common sense. “Now we need to find someone to show you around”
“I could show her around.” Said the boy who I almost forgot was in here. “I always have time for pretty girls” he added and wink at me. Though he was quite handsome with his dark black hair and dark blue eyes, I had to stop myself from physically gagging. Before I could say my objection Principal Right beat me to it. “I’m not done with you yet, Mr. Bryan. We still need to talk about your punishment.” The boy rolled his eyes. “Please send miss April in.” Principal Right says to his assistant. Soon a she-wolf about my age comes in. She has long straight blonde hair and blue eyes. She looks like a model. She gives me a friendly smile when her gaze lands on me. When she saw the boy next to me she instantly blushed. “Hello, Mr. Right.” she greets him. “You needed me?”

“Miss April this is miss...” he looks to me to finish. “Charlotte,” I say. “Yes well I need you to show her around,” says Mr. Right.

“Of course I’ll be happy to.” She says. As I get up to leave the boy winks at me again. April (I think that’s her name) looks a little shocked by his actions.

"How did you get THE Dustin Bryan to wink at you!!?"April asked as we walked towards our first class. So that’s his name? Why does that sound so familiar? “I didn’t do anything!” I answered. She looked at me skeptically like she thought I was lying to her. ”I’m being honest! why does it matter?” I asked.
“Well, he doesn’t take well to new people, especially since he feels like he’s above everyone else. Which he sorta is. He’s going to be alpha when he finds his mate.” I had to stop myself from letting my mouth drop at what she said. That’s why his name sounded so familiar! My mom told me his father’s name just this morning. Wait that means I’m going to have dinner with him tonight! Just great I have to sit through dinner not just with the alpha but with him. Why is my life like this!

“What’s wrong?” ask April looking worried at me because I stopped walking when she said that. ” I have to go to the pack house tonight with my parents for dinner with the alpha.” I said with frustration clearly in my voice. She looked at me with shock. “You better not let Chelsea find out about it. She’ll rip your eyes out!” April exclaims. I just rolled my eyes. I have no idea who Chelsea is but I’m pretty confident that I wouldn’t let her rip my eyes out. “Is Chelsea his mate?” I asked with curiosity. “No not exactly. They were together before he turned eighteen. When he found out she wasn’t his mate he broke it off.” She answered before we reached our first class.

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