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Finding Lorraine

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The Idedale Universe has two parts. The Orionis Eternal and then life. This section is where The Five Gods of Creation are, along with some other eternal beings. Then, Zocratus Samsara section—life—where the mortals are. In this section you are reborn until you fulfill your purpose and life requirements. You’re not supposed to remember your past lives, some do if they have the gift of knowledge, but even that is rare. Elias Walker knows more than most, he understands The Universe and remembers more than he probably should. Lorraine is a sweet girl, she’s got fire in her. She very determined and strong headed. Elias and Lorraine met in the 15th century. Elias is in his third life, same with Lorraine. The two fall deeply in love but it’s complicated... they can’t be together. Under ANY circumstance. Elias makes a promise to find her in each life hoping one day they can be together. Chances are very slim, but not impossible. They just hope The Gods will be in their favor.

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Introduction: The Idedale Universe

Legend says there are five Gods of Creation in the universe.

Feros, Adrotria, Ivurant, Eobicia, and Vernnithra.

The eldest Feros: God of Knowledge and Peace.
Adrotria: Goddess of Life and Determination.
Ivurant: God of Death and Destruction.
Eobicia: Goddess of Love and Growth.
Vernnithra: God of Chaos and Mischief.

Together they created the universe we know today; The Idedale Universe. There are two major parts of the universe:

Orionis Eternal, and Zocratus Samsara.

The five Gods are eternal beings that dwell in their kingdom in the 1st section of The Idedale: Orionis Eternal. This section consists of the all mighty Orio beings as well. It takes a long time to become an Orio being to dwell in the midst of the Gods. In order to become one you have to do a series of requirements that only come to you as time goes on.

Zocratus Samsara is the section most people are in. In this section people get reborn after death into a different reality in a continuous loop, but each life, you most likely don't remember the last life you just lived except for dreams and triggers.

The rules of the universe are simple. Complete your requirements and purpose in order to become an Orio being. That is the ultimate goal. The people who don't find it or give up will continue on the loop of life and death in different realities and eras. You might be thinking... That doesn't sounds too bad. Well in all honesty it's not because people keep reliving their lives, but you still can die, feel pain, all the human emotions and needs. It would be nice to not be hungry or feel death again, and the chances of seeing someone you love or care about again is VERY slim.

In each life you have the same name, personality, and very close features, depending of your specific life choice. For example: If you cut your hair, get a body piercing, tattoos, etc., but all those go away once you're reborn.

Basically you are the same person. Also, your progress is saved; it doesn't restart with every life, but your purpose is hard to find. The requirements on the other hand are free agency. You make decisions and it can either hold you back or bring you forward. There is no right or wrong decision but there is a good and bad decision that won't get you anywhere and one that will help you progress getting you closer to your goal.

We are descendants from one of the five Gods. I am a descendant from Eobicia, The Goddess of Love and Growth. Depending on the God you descend from helps you get an idea of what your purpose could be. You can also have gifts from the other Gods as well; one of mine is the gift of Determination from The Goddess Adrotria, another is the gift of Knowledge from The God Feros. The gift of knowledge is rare especially now. The way knowledge has blessed me, is that I remember more about my past lives than the average person; which sometimes makes life hard to adjust. I went from speaking in 15th century to modern day... not the ideal switch if you ask me.

Now that you get the gist of this whole thing; let me introduce myself. I am Elias Walker. I was born about three lives ago. Which in reality would make me about 172 years old. This last life got cut short, unfortunate events occurred and the God of Death needed me to leave. I didn't want to but I understand why I had to. It was for her, for her safety. So she could run her country with no distractions and move on to focus on her required duties. Currently I'm in my fourth life.. this one is plain. I'm not sure exactly the point of it is. It seems to be more of a waiting room than an actual life; it's so boring.

Nothing happens around here and everyone— No way. I'm in The Idedale waiting life... that means--

The waiting life is for people who have found their purpose but cannot continue for a period of time due to circumstances. It could be a specific person for any reason, it could be something in the next life needs to happen first before you go there; could be almost anything. We are just simply waiting to continue when we and things are ready or prepared.

I found it... I really found it.

I looked around the room I had been sitting in, I saw the peoples expressions and they were plain too. They all looked as if they were waiting or needed something but didn't know what to do for a period of time...

Just like me.

After I had pieced that together, I decided to have some fun instead of wasting my life away, but just like that... everything went black and I was dead.

Come on! I was just gonna start living! I then was born into the 21st century. Know as Modern Time.

Once I died I knew that it must mean one thing...

She's here. She's hopefully ready...

My purpose is her. I need to find her. I have to find Lorraine.

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