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My Demon, My Love... - A Slave's Redemption

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~*~*~ "Maybe we tried to force something that was never meant to exist." ~*~*~ Reve and Azlyn have overcome every obstacle that the universe has thrown at them in order to be together. Now they must face their greatest challenge yet: Reve's impending marriage to a noble demoness. The law requires Reve to marry a noble at the behest of his parents for the good of the Realm. Azlyn far from qualifies as an acceptable choice. Will they succeed in keeping their love a secret or will it all unravel? Will they manage to remain together as the world threatens to tear them apart? Can love between a demon and a human really last? Would you risk everything that you have ever known for love? Theme Song: “Beautiful Mess” by Kristian Kostov This book is only available on Inkitt, Kindle, and in paperback on Amazon. If it is seen on any other platforms, please let me know. Thank you.

Fantasy / Romance
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Series Info

My Demon, My Love… - The Series

Book One:

My Demon, My Love…

Book Two:

My Demon, My Love…

A Slave’s Redemption

Book Three:

My Demon, My Love…

Changes of Heart

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