The Alpha's Mutt

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Unsettled in the Pack House

My first few days at the pack house were a little strange. Sometimes it seemed as though Alpha Farris was doing everything in his power to avoid me. Other times, I would find him staring at me from a distance or open the door to find him standing just outside of it. One morning, I woke up and found him asleep on the white suede sofa that sat in the room near the foot of my bed. I almost had a heart attack when I found him there.

He never bothered to explain his presence or what he planned to do. He would mumble some incoherent things and then would rush away. Then he would avoid me until the next awkward moment.

I was not sure how to feel about his behavior. I did not want to get my hopes up that he may be responding to the mate bond. That would simply be too good to be true. Life is not a fairytale, especially not my life. I just kept trying to ignore it, waiting for the moment when he would finally reject me so that he could choose another as his mate and Luna.

I had just stepped out of the shower in the private bathroom that was attached to my room. I wrapped myself in one of the fluffy towels that had been brought in for me the day after I began staying here. Then I stepped into the bedroom, pondering what I would wear for the day. Alessa had loaned me several outfits that I could wear some nicer things during my time in the pack house.

“Who in the hell are you and what are you doing in MY room!” Someone demanded.

I shrieked in surprise as I looked up at a bleach blonde, she-wolf with bright green eyes. She was dressed to the nines in a black pencil skirt and flowery blouse that billowed as she moved.

“Ewww!!!!” She squealed. “Aren’t you the mutt?! You have been in here touching the same things that I use?! Disgusting!!!”

“I-I am s-sorry…I…” I stammered out, trying to explain myself.

“Does Alpha Farris know that you are here?!” She demanded.

“Y-yes, of c-course!”

“I don’t believe you! Alpha Farris would never let you stay in here! This is the guest room that he reserves for only his most important guests.” She made certain to emphasis the word important and did not like how it made me feel.

I could feel the jealousy bubbling up inside of me which was not an emotion that I wanted to entertain. Alpha Farris was not mine and he never would be. Damn mate bond was going to cause me problems.

“Alpha Farris!!!!!” She cried out as she ran towards the door. She planned to go running through the house looking for him but did not have to go far.

Alpha Farris had sensed my discomfort and was already standing outside the bedroom door. His hand posed to grab the knob and pull the door open. Of course, the blonde she-wolf assumed that he had arrived to her aid and she thrust herself into his arms.

“Alpha Farris! That filthy mutt has been in your most exclusive guest room and has been touching all of the beautiful things that you have in here! Tell her to leave and have someone sanitize the place.” The blonde batted her eyes at him and pouted as she spoke.

She did not notice, but I had. When she had called me a filthy mutt, he had emitted a low growl. I was not certain if this was meant for her or for me. Either way, it had sparked a heat in my core that I had difficulty attempting to ignore.

“Why are you here, Sauda?” Alpha Farris asked with a sneer.

“I thought that I would spend the night tonight.” She cooed as began running her fingers up and down his chest.

I gasped as I saw her bold move. I quickly averted by gaze by my jealousy turned to anger. I would not be excused for attacking a superior she-wolf, no matter the circumstances. She did not know that she was doing anything wrong. To her I was no one. I released an involuntary whimper and attempted to cover my mouth but it was to no avail.

“Are you jealous?” She smirked. “Do you really think that Alpha Farris would ever be interested in the likes of you? You must be delusional!”

“Sauda!” Alpha Farris warned.

“What is it, baby?” She asked as she pressed her chest against his side.

“First off, get your hands of me.” Alpha Farris demanded as he pushed her off of him. “Secondly, you are not in charge here. You have no say in who stays in what room or anything within this pack.”

“But, I –“ she attempted to argue.

“Third, you will not be staying within the pack house anymore without good reason. You have other places that you can stay. I suggest you try your luck there before returning here again.”

I could not help myself. I felt excited and proud that he had rejected her. I doubted that his behavior had anything to do with me, but I could not help the satisfaction that I felt in that moment. That was until Alpha Farris continued his speech and deflated any and all hopes, immediately…

“When I want your company, I will seek you out.”

My heart shattered. I know that I should have expected it, but it was hard to swallow the reality when it was directly in my face. I clenched my chest as the pain shot through my heart. The mate bond screaming out against the sensation. Of course, he was still going to sleep with her. Based on the nature of their relationship, she was likely the one that he would choose to replace me as Luna when he finally rejected me. I had never hated myself more than I did in that moment. I wanted to be anyone but me. I prayed for it to happen but when I opened my eyes, I still remained as Mysti. The unwanted, the unclaimed, but for some sick and twisted reason, still not rejected.

“Of course, Alpha.” Was all that Sauda managed in return. She threw me a hateful glare before gathering her things and storming out of the room.

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