The Alpha's Mutt

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Mate Bond

“I am sorry about her.” Alpha Farris offered after a few moments of silence. He rubbed his neck, awkwardly, if I had not known better, I would have thought that he was nervous.

“You have nothing to apologize for, Alpha. It is I who should apologize. I did not mean to cause problems between you and your…g-girlfriend.” I paused nearly choking on the word. “If I need to return to my cabin so that you are not caused any further grief, then I have no issue in doing so.”

“NO!!!” Alpha Farris suddenly exclaimed, causing me to jump back.

He took in a deep breath, attempting to calm himself.

“Uh…sorry…” he began again much quieter. “It is just…that will not be necessary. Do not worry about Sauda. She just forgets her place at times. Also…” he paused, thinking before he continued. “She is not my girlfriend.”

I felt my heart flutter at his words. The pain that had been there moments before disappearing altogether. He felt it was necessary to establish their relationship with me. But why? We sat silent for a moment. I felt so awkward, standing there, I had no idea what I was supposed to say now. He is the Alpha, and I am just a mutt. I do not know why he is bothering to spend more than a few seconds in my undesirable presence. I did not speak up though, it would have been disrespectful to question his presence. So, instead, I kept my eyes trained heavily on the floor.

“Mystique, I…” he paused, uncertain. “I hope that you can understand how hard this all is for me.” He sighed. “I know that has been difficult for you but understand that it is equally difficult for me. My wolf is drawn to you and the mating bond keeps pulling at me…” he paused again, taking a moment to gather his thoughts. “But I was raised with certain beliefs and it is those beliefs that lead me to want to treat you as a-a…uh…”

“An abomination.” I answered, ending his sentence for him.

“I was not going to say that.” He huffed, running a hand through his already messy hair.

“It is fine, Alpha. I have no delusions about who or what I am. Your father, Alpha Cosmo, made certain that I knew my place long ago. You have nothing to apologize for now. You were just giving me what I deserve.”

“That is the thing though…I…uh…don’t…um…I don’t really know t-that you deserve it.” He stammered over his words, clearly unsure of himself as he spoke.

“Alpha, if I may…”

He nodded his head, signifying that I could speak freely. I took a deep breath and let it out, slowly, before continuing.

“It is just the mate bond, talking, making you feel that way. You have never questioned my treatment before. You would not have questioned it had you discovered your mate to be another. Why should it be any different just because we are meant to be mated? They created the rejection option for a reason, and this is one of those reasons.”

He grumbled something, under his breath, that I could not comprehend. I did not bother to try. I doubted that it was any of my business.

Suddenly, a felt a rough hand grasp my chin, forcing me to look upwards. I kept my eyes down, refusing to meet his gaze. I was not meant to look into his eyes, I am a mutt, and I am not worthy of such a thing. I could feel the sparks that tingle throughout, emanating from his touch. I gasped, involuntarily, from the pleasure that the sensation provided.

“Look in my eyes.” He demanded.

“B-but, Alpha, I-I…”

“Look into my eyes.” He commanded, more forcefully, this time.

I knew better that to question his orders a second time. He was attempting to be patient with me and I could not press my luck any further. I slowly raised my gaze to meet his. The color of his, usually, bright, golden eyes had darkened, considerably. There was intense emotion in them, one that I did not recognize.

I began to feel his thumb, rubbing lightly against my jawline. I could not help but nuzzle into his touch, instinctually. I could hear a barely audible gasp leave his lips as I did so. Before I knew what was happening, I felt his soft, pillowy, lips come crashing down onto mine with a sense of urgency.

I froze, uncertain of how to respond. I had never been kissed before. This was the very first time and, of course, it had to be with an Alpha. Not to mention, the most attractive man that I had ever laid eyes on. There was no way that I was going to compare to all the gorgeous she-wolves that he had before.

My hesitancy did nothing to deter him. Alpha Farris only deepened the kiss further, placing a hand on the back on my head and wrapping his fingers through my hair. I felt myself beginning to melt into his touch and, to my great surprise, I even started to kiss him back, slowly, cautiously.

His excitement grew as I returned his affections. His tongue began to press at my lips for access and when I did not grant it immediately, he pulled my bottom lip between his and gave it a light nibble. I released an, unintentional, moan as a pleasurable shudder wracked its way through my body, heating up my core. I had never felt anything like it before.

Alpha Farris only smiled against my lips as he pulled me against him, his tongue pressing for access again. This time I granted it without hesitation and our tongues began to dance in sweet harmony.

We continued that way for some time until I finally pulled away, panting for breath. He growled at me and started planting kisses from my jaw and down to my neck. I enjoyed the sensation, immensely. Though, I began to worry, that we were moving too quickly. I knew Alpha Farris would come to regret this momentarily. I just did not want things to travel too far before he got to that point. But I was left with another dilemma, how do you stop an Alpha if he wants sex from you?

“Oh, Mystique…” he purred through his kisses. “You are driving me insane. I want you so badly.”

He began to leave a trail of sloppy kisses towards the nape of my neck. He suckled and licked at the spot where I would have worn his mark had I been worthy. My knees began to buckle as another moan found its way out from deep inside of me.

“I could mark you right now.” He growled in my ear.

“Uh…A-Alpha…I-I think that y-you forgot w-who your…um…t-talking t-too.” I stumbled over the words fighting against the urges in my body.

“I know exactly who I am talking to…” He groaned. “I’m talking to my mate.”

He began suckling at my ear lobe, gently pulling it between his teeth.


Tears were threatening to spill forth from my eyes. I was growing so frustrated. My body was begging to be his, but I knew better. He would use me as he wanted and then regret everything. He would toss me aside and I would be lucky if he did not banish me from the pack altogether.

“If you m-mark me then n-no one e-else will e-ever w-want me.” I managed, attempting to gather my composure.

He stopped, pulling his lips from my skin. He brought his eyes to my level and stared directly in my grey orbs.

“Why would anyone else ever need to want you?” He growled, baring his teeth. “You are mine!”

“A-Alpha…the mate bond…you aren’t t-thinking straight…I’m a m-mutt, r-remember.”

He snarled in anger and I cowered back in fear. He released his hold on me and walked to the wall next to the door. He punched it hard, leaving a gaping hole in the drywall. Then he swung open the door and left, slamming it shut behind him. I jumped a little at the sound. I was not sure he was angrier with. Himself for succumbing to the mate bond and kissing me. Or me for reminding him of what he was doing.

I shuttered trying to shake of the sensation of need that was overcoming my body. It was so much colder in this room without Alpha Farris in it. So much darker. So much emptier.

I sat down on the bed and ran my hands over my face. I looked over at the hole that Alpha Farris had just left in the wall. I sighed, miserable. I had no idea what I was supposed to do.

“Damn mate bond.”

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