The Alpha's Mutt

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There was a knock at my door, and it awoke me from my slumber. I rubbed my eyes, wearily, attempting to get the sleep out of them. I could not imagine who would be knocking at this time in the morning. I rarely had any visitors, only Alessa came to see me and see never knocked. Ever since I came to stay in the pack house, she freely lets herself into my temporary room. I did not mind though; it was not as if I was ever doing anything that I needed privacy for.

Well, except that one time when I had received the kiss from Alpha Farris. I could feel my cheeks growing red at the thought, as heat began to build in my core. I shook away the memory, not wanting to get swept away by it again. It was a one-time thing. An innocent mistake. Not to be repeated.

I pushed myself out of the bed and walked over to the door, prepared to greet whoever stood on the other side. Yet, when I swung open the door, I was surprised to see the hallway empty. I looked down at the floor and there sat a lovely bouquet of flowers.

It was the most beautiful bouquet that I had ever seen; filled with lilies and roses. A vast array of different colors and scents as orchids dripped delicately down from the vase. It was breathtaking. I could hardly believe that such a bouquet sat in front of me. I was certain that it cost a small fortune.

I leaned down to look at the tiny card that protruded from the top. I plucked it from its stand and it read…

“Meet me in the garden at 5pm.”

There was no further information. No name or addressee. Just that simple sentence. I was confused. There was certainly no way that this bouquet had been intended for me. There had to be some kind of mistake.

I placed that card back in its place and went looking for the owner of the bouquet. I was certain that she was creeping around here somewhere. Sauda had told me that she usually stays in that room when she visits. Someone must not have realized that I was using the room at this time. I wandered the house holding the bouquet in hand. I finally found her sitting on one of the balconies staring out over the garden.

“Well, this worked out perfectly.” I mused thinking of the note on the card.

I approached her slowly, knowing that she did not care for me. Especially, after the Alpha allowed me to stay in her room. I wondered, briefly, if the bouquet could be from him. An apology to her for forcing her out of her room. He probably instructed someone else to deliver them and they had not realized that she was in another room. That made the most sense to me. I could not ignore the pang of pain that shot through my heart as I thought about it. But I shook it off and continued onward.

“Miss Sauda…” I announced myself, cautiously.

She turned to look at who had called for her and gave me an ugly sneer when she saw who it was.

“If looks could kill.” I thought.

“This bouquet was delivered to my room, by mistake. I am sure that it was meant for you.”

She looked at the flowers in my hand and gasped in excitement.

“Of course, these were meant for me!” She squealed. “I was wondering when he would finally apologize!”

She reached forward and snatched the vase from my hands. Her comment confirmed my worst fears, the flowers were from Alpha Farris. I swallowed the lump that was forming in my throat and fought the urge to cry. I would not let this get to me. I refused to let this bother me.

“Is there anything else, mutt?” She smirked as she stared at me, disgust in her eyes.

“No…of course, not.”

“Then you are dismissed.” Sauda announced with a wave of her hand, as if I was some kind of servant.

I sighed before turning and walking away. I did not need to see the look of joy that was plastered on her face for any longer anyway.

As I wound my way through the halls, attempting to make it back to my room, I was stopped by the call of Alessa. I turned around to see my friend rushing towards me, a smile on her face. I felt better seeing her. At least someone cared about my feelings. I returned her smile.

“Hey, Mysti! What are you up to?” She chimed.

“Nothing much.” I shrugged. “I had just been looking for Sauda.”

“Yuck!” Alessa gagged in response, sticking out her tongue. I chuckled at her reaction. “Why in the hell were you looking for that stuck-up she-wolf?”

“A bouquet for her was accidentally delivered to my room. I wanted to make certain that she got it as it had a message for her to meet him at five o’clock.”

“Who would be sending flowers to that nasty wolf?” Alessa joked.

“Alpha Farris.” I sighed, sounding more upset than I intended.

“What?! He sent flowers for her to your room?!” Alessa was fuming now, anger radiating from her pores.

“It was an accident. No big deal.”

I really did not want to talk about it any further than that. What was done is done. No use dwelling on it further.

“That is so disrespectful to you! I cannot believe that he would do that! Then YOU had to deliver them because of HIS error!”

“I do not understand why you are so upset about this Alessa. We knew that he was not going to choose me as his mate.”

“Has he rejected you yet?”

“No, not officially.” I admitted.

“Then he has no right to be courting other she-wolves. Once he rejects you then he can do as he pleases, but until then he needs to behave as a mated male.” Alessa announced as if her proclamation were fact.

I merely shook my head in response.

“I’m going back to my room. Can you please ask Beta Deene when I will be able to return to my cabin?”

“Of course.” Alessa responded, sadly.


I went back to my bedroom and shut the door. I laid down in the bed and tried to ignore the searing pain that ran through my body. Threatening to tear apart my very soul. I knew that this was going to happen, I just wish that it did not have to hurt so bad.

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