The Alpha's Mutt

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Expect the Unexpected

It was late when there was a pounding on the door of my bedroom.

“Come in!” I called, assuming that the person on the other side must have something of importance to share with as hard as they were trying to get my attention.

The door swung open and two she-wolves that I recognized as warriors stepped inside the doorway. They wore stern expressions on their faces and held themselves professionally.

“Mystique?” One of the she-wolves questioned.

“Yes, but please call me, Mysti.”

“What we call you is of little consequence.” The other she-wolf snapped.

“Yes, of course, I am sorry.” I responded, bowing my head in submission.

“Pack your things. You will be leaving the pack house.”

“Oh. Okay.” I thought it a little odd that they did not wait until morning, but I did not mind the thought of returning to my cabin.

I began shuffling around and gathering the few things that I had with me.

“Do you have a bag to put those items in?” One of the she-wolves asked, noting the bulging collection of clothes in my arms.

“No, but it is not a long walk to the cabin from here. I should be fine.”

One she-wolf turned and nodded her head towards the other. The other she-wolf then reached to the side and produced a black duffel bag. She tossed it at me and instructed me to put as much as I could inside of it.

“You will not be returning to your cabin.” The first she-wolf stated.

“By order of the LUNA of the Elwood Pack, you are henceforth BANISHED from our lands. We have no use for weak mutts such as yourself.”

“L-Luna?” I questioned, hesitantly.

There was no Luna of the Elwood Pack. At least, not as far as I understood. I was meant to be the next Luna, but that was not going to happen. Who was it that had taken my place in such a short time?

“Yes. Alpha Farris has chosen Mistress Sauda to be his new Luna. She holds all the rights and privileges of said position, immediately. Her first act as Luna is to have you banished from the pack.”

I could feel my heart shattering into pieces. The words made sense to me, but I still could not bring myself to process them. Alpha Farris had chosen Sauda to be his mate. He had not even bothered to properly reject me first. He simply tossed me out like the trash that I am.

There had been a moment, the other night when we were alone together. I had thought that perhaps, he would succumb to the bond. Foolish, hopeful wishes of a naive girl. I know that now and I knew it then. I was just glad that I had not allowed him into my heart. This would only hurt that much more, if I had.

"Faster, mutt! Your stench has filled the pack house for too long!" One of the she-wolves declared. "Your presence has made everyone uncomfortable for too long! We need you gone!"

I finished packing as quickly as possible and the followed the she-wolves to the border of the Elwood pack land. I wished that I would have been able to say good-bye to Alessa, but I knew that Luna Sauda would have allowed it. She had made it clear that she wanted me gone, sooner rather than later.

“Say the words, mutt. We promised that we would hear you say them ourselves.”

I turned back, one final time, to take a look at the Elwood Pack lands. I knew that this would be the last time that I would ever see them. I knew nothing of the world outside of these borders. My mother gone and my father weak, there was never any opportunity for me to travel. I was leaving everything that I had behind. It was not much, but it had been mine.

“I, Mystique, Mutt of the Elwood Pack, reject my Alpha and the pack bond within me. Cutting all ties from the Elwood Pack and each of its members.”

I stepped over the border and I felt the bond with my pack beginning to break, I let out a mournful howl. They had not treated me well, but it was the only home that I had ever known. Now I was on my own, a rogue mutt. There was no possible way that I could ever survive. It was only a matter of time now.

The she-wolves sneered at me one final time before they turned and wandered back, deeper into the pack's territory. I sighed and walked deeper into the dense forest. I had no idea where I was going to go or how I could get there. I knew that I should avoid other packs but I was not certain that I wanted to go near humans either. I had never lived with any humans, I had no idea how they behaved.

I was a woman with no where to go and no where to belong. Rejected by the wolves. An outcast amongst humans. I fit in no where. I had never lived amongst humans and would not know how to. I had been taught that other packs would treat me poorly because of my lowly status. I had no choice but to live on my own until I met my end.

I, honestly, would have been better off if the pack had just killed me. At least, my death would have quick rather than slow and torturous. No mercy among wolves.

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