The Alpha's Mutt

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Not So Great News

I awoke early the next morning, to a pounding noise coming from the other side of my door. I groaned as I stretched, my body aching from laying on the cold, hard ground. I rubbed my eyes, as I sat up, groggily. I could not imagine who would possibly be here this early after such an important event the night before.

“Mysti! Open up!” Alessa’s voice crept in through the closed door.

“Should have guessed.” I chuckled under my breath.

“Mysti! Hurry!” She cried out again.

“Okay. Okay. Hold on.” I grunted as I reached up behind me to unlock the door.

As Alessa pushed her way inside, I stood up, straightening my dress. I wished that I had, at least, taken a moment to get out of this outfit.

“Oh my Goddess, Mysti, you are never going to believe it!” Alessa cheered as she saw me, clearly not noticing the state that I was in, which I was grateful for.

“What happened? Did you meet your mate last night?”

“Yes, I did and you are never going to guess who it is!” She squealed, her excitement bubbling over.

I was surprised that she was here after having met her mate. Mates tend to be inseparable when they first find each other.

“Who is it?”

“Beta Deene!”

“No way!” I breathed. My response came out as though it was excited, but in reality I was devastated. Beta Deene was Alpha Farris’ second in command and his best friend. I had not had very many interactions with him, but I was certain that he would not want his mate hanging around a wolf as lowly as me. Especially not after I am rejected by the Alpha. But I would not be selfish, this was not about me, this was about her happiness.

“Congratulations Alessa! I am so excited for you!”

“Thank you! I cannot believe that I am going to be the female Beta! It is like a dream come true!” She continued with her glee and listened on, happily. I wanted to bask in her joy and celebrate with her while we were still allowed to talk.

“Oh my goodness!” She suddenly stopped and brought her hands to her mouth. “I’m sorry, in all my excitement, I totally forgot! What about you? What happened when you found your mate?”

My smile dropped instantly and I fought the tears that threatened to spill from my eyes. Alessa noticed my reaction and stepped forward to give me a reassuring hug.

“What happened? Who was it?”

“Oh, Alessa, it is awful. The worst possible case.”

“Oh no! Did he reject you already?! Tell me who he is, and I will go kick his ass!” She proclaimed, jumping into a fighting stance.

I wanted to laugh, but given the circumstances, I was hard pressed to find the strength in me to do so.

“Alessa…” I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly before continuing. “I am m-mated to A-alpha Farris.”

Alessa mouth fell open in shock. She stared at me wide eyed. I was certain she was processing the gravity of the situation just as I had done last night.

“This is great!” She announced as a smile spread across her face.

“What?!” I responded in shock, unable to form any other words.

“This is the best thing that could have happened! I am mated to the Beta and you are mated to the Alpha! We are going to be the top two females in the pack!”

“Earth to Alessa, no we aren’t. The Alpha is not going to accept me as his mate.”

“You don’t know that, Mysti. Things may change when he finds that you two are fated to be together. You could change the whole mindset of this pack! If a mutt is mated to the Alpha, then they would have to treat half-breeds better! No other family would have to go through what yours experienced. You could change everything!”

“That is a nice thought, Alessa. But it is never going to happen.”

“So, what are you planning to do then?”

“I will hide in here and stay out of the Alpha’s way. When he finally figures it out then I will just pray that he rejects me in a kind way. Preferably, with as few members of the pack watching as possible.”

“You know…” Alessa started with some hesitation. “If you are really eager to get this over with and you want to do it as privately as possible…you could always try scheduling a private appointment with him in his office. At least it will just be the two of you there.”

I considered this for a moment. I had never attempted to get a meeting with the Alpha before. I was not even entirely certain how I would go about it. Though I was sure that Alessa could help me figure that part out. It was a viable option.

“I will think about it. It would be nice to have the rejection done more privately.”

“Or been in privacy for when he jumps on you and rips your clothes off.” Alessa teased with a wink.

I merely rolled my eyes in response.

“As if.”

“Well, you better make your decision soon.” Alessa mentioned, causally.


“Deene told me that Alpha Farris scented his mate last night at the Festival. He knowns that it is someone in the pack and he is going to start looking for them.”

“He would never think to look out here.” I respond with confidence.

“Maybe. Maybe not.” She shrugged.

“Great. Just freaking great.”

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