The Alpha's Mutt

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Once inside, there was the bustling of all the other pack members who were held up within. They all immediately began to question Alpha Farris about the ongoing situation. But he dismissed them with a wave of his hand. He walked to the top of the stairs with me following all of the way. Then he turned to address those in the area.

“The situation is under control but were not entirely certain that it is safe. Out of precaution, you will all remain within the pack house for the night. I suggest you all find a comfortable place to sleep. I will be in my office should anyone need me. Understood?”

“Yes, Alpha.” Came the response from all of the pack members, simultaneously.

“Now, Mystique, please follow me to my office.” He addressed me quietly.

Had I heard him right? Had he actually called me by name rather than mutt? I could hardly believe my ears. First he had come to my rescue and now he was calling me by my real name? Where was the Alpha Farris that I knew?

I followed behind him, quietly, keeping my head down and my eyes low. Questions flooded through my mind but I would not dare ask a single one. I needed to just get through this meeting and do exactly as the Alpha said. I knew that he already hated me for what I am and now he saw my strange wolf. I would be lucky if he does not banish me from the pack.

We walked into his office. He turned to close the door behind us but just as it was about to click shut, someone thrust it open from the other side. Alessa forced her way into the room and threw her arms around me.

“Mysti! I am so happy that you are alright! I was so worried about you! I wanted to go to you, but I had to stare here! I hope that you understand! Please say that you’re alright! Did anything happen?” Alessa bombarded me with questions so fast that I did not have a chance to answer a single one of them.

“It’s alright, Alessa. I am alright.” I managed when she finally had to stop to take a breath.

Finally, Alpha Farris interrupted by clearing his throat.

“I’m sorry, Alpha.” Alessa offered with a bow. “I was just very worried about my friend.”

“There was no need to worry.” Alpha Farris assured her. “I would not have allowed anything to happen.”

“Thank you, Alpha!” Alessa responded, beaming. She had a glint of something mischievous in her eye, but I had no idea what any of it meant.

“If you do not mind, Alessa. I would like to speak with Mystique about something.”

“Of course, Alph-…wait…you’re not going to…” Alessa began, then grew concerned about what the conversation may entail.

I knew that she did not want me to be rejected. But to be fair, that was not her choice to make. If Alpha Farris had decided to reject me then there was nothing that anyone could do about it. It was his right to decide to choose his mate rather than stick with the one that fate had chosen for him. No one could stand in the way of an Alpha once his mind is set on something.

“Alessa, you are dismissed.” Alpha Farris announced, his tone warning.

Alessa nodded her head in submission and offered me a sad smile before leaving the office and closing the door behind her. Now Farris and I were alone and I began to dread whatever it was that he was planning to say. I choked down the lump in my throat and did my best to keep my emotions in check. I felt the butterflies swarming in my stomach and I began fiddling with the shirt that I wore in a feeble attempt to distract my mind.

Alpha Farris began to pace back and forth. He ran his hands through his hair and his face looked disconcerted. He was worrying about something or maybe stressing about something and it was causing him great turmoil. The mate bond reached out to me and I felt myself wanting to wrap my arms around him. I could calm his anguish like a true mate should. But I knew that he would never let me, so I resisted the urges within.

“You need to join the pack’s mindlink.” Alpha Farris finally spoke after several minutes of silence.

“But…” I spoke hesitantly, it was not in my nature to question the order of the Alpha, however, it was that same instinct that encouraged me to speak out now. “I’m am not allowed to join the mindlink until I am mated. This was decreed by your father, late-Alpha Cosmo.”

Farris knew this to be true, but he still did not want a repeat of what had happened tonight. He would not know that she was in danger if the mate bond had not kicked in his instincts. If she was on the pack’s mindlink then she would be able to reach out. She would know what was happening within the back and could request assistance from others.

“I understand the orders from my father. But I am the Alpha now and, technically, you have found your mate.” He said, glossing over the subject as quickly as possible. “You need to be connected to the pack in case of emergency.”

“With all due respect, Alpha Farris, I am not certain that would have made a difference.”

I could not begin to imagine what was wrong with me. How could I be so bold when speaking to the Alpha? If he wanted to beat me to a pulp, I could not blame him. I never should have spoken up.

“What do you mean?” He questioned.

“Nothing. I am sorry, Alpha. I should not have said anything. Please just dismiss my ramblings.”

“No.” Alpha Harris answered, flatly. “You will explain what you have said, and you will do so now.” He pressed.

“Alpha, I only meant that even if I had mindlink abilities with the pack, no one would have come to my aid anyway. I had done what I could to defend myself from the rogues. Mindlink or not, I would have found myself in the same position. I am a mutt, sir. We all know that the lives of another pack member should not be wasted on the likes of me.” I explained, attempting to make certain that I did not sound accusatory in speech.

I heard a growl erupt from deep within his chest. It surprised me and caused me to glance up at him. Making temporary eye contact. I could see the bright golden glow swirling with his gorgeous eyes. I knew that I could get lost within their intensity without a second thought. I had to remind myself who I was looking at and force myself to pry my gaze from his.

I dropped my eyes to floor and quickly apologized for my behavior. I knew better than to look my superior directly in the eye and whether it was the mate bond causing my disrespectful behavior or not, it was still not excusable. I had not been accepted and his mate and I would never be, so I had not right to act as though we were of the same rank.

“Why does this have to be so damn difficult?!” Alpha Farris declared in frustration.

“I am sorry, Alpha. But I am afraid I do not understand.”

I was truly confused. I did not know what was difficult for him in this situation. I do not see why it mattered to him so much if I was a part of the pack’s mindlink or not. It had never bothered him before, so why should it now?

“Of course, you do not understand.” He huffed. “How could YOU ever understand?” The extra emphasis that he placed on the “you” in that sentence caused me to flinch some. He was clearly stating that if I were a normal wolf that maybe I could comprehend his dilemma. Since I am not, then there is no possible way for me to understand whatever it was that plagued him. I had to admit that it stung a bit.

The truth of the matter was that there were very few things that a pure-blood werewolf could do that I could not. I was a wolf in every sense of the word, the only major difference being my inability to shift during the day. Otherwise, I possessed all the other necessary skills. I was certain, if I had been trained properly from a young age, that I would have been just as strong as any other wolf. But I would never know, nor would anyone else, but I was denied the opportunity to even try.

I was forever branded a mutt. Forever told that I was less than. That I did not deserve what others had. All because of my mixed blood. I did not understand how this could possibly be fair. I had been denied what every other wolf took for granted. Now I would be denied a mate as well.

After several minutes of intense silence, you could have cut the tension in the air. It hung thick around us, making the room feel suffocating. The weight of our situation burdening me. I needed to get out of this room, if he was not going to say anything else then there was really no point in my presence any longer. I wanted to go home.

“If there is nothing more, Alpha, then I would really like to return home. With your permission, of course.” I stated with a respectful bow.

“No.” He commanded without hesitation.


“I cannot allow you to return to the cabin. Repairs will have to be made before it is acceptable for you to sleep there safely.”

“Why are you so concerned with my safety, all of the sudden?”

“I am the Alpha of the Elwood Pack. I care about the safety of all my pack members.” He affirmed.

“Since when?” I huffed under my breath before I could stop myself. I winced for a moment, hoping that he did not hear me. If he did, he chose to dismiss it.

“I will have Alessa show you to a guest room. You will stay here until I decide otherwise. And do not think that we are done discussing this matter of the pack mindlink.”

Then with a wave of his hand, he dismissed me. I left the room, knowing that was what he wanted. Though I had to admit that I was more perplexed than ever. As soon as I closed the door to his office behind me. I sensed a presence, I knew it well, so I did not grow uncomfortable.

“Alessa.” I stated with a smile.

“What happened?” She asked with a squeal. “You’re staying in the pack house now? That is a big change! You must have really made an impression on him!”

I shook my head and chuckled lightly. She was always so enthusiastic about everything. It was hard to disappoint her with the facts of the situation.

“Nothing happened. We did not discuss the fact that we are mates at all. He just instructed me to stay here while they make repairs to my cabin. I will be returning home and back to my normal way of life in just a couple of days.” I explained.

“You did not discuss the fact that you are mates?”


“Not at all?”

“Not at all.”

“Well…why the hell not?!”

I was taken aback by her sudden exclamation. I thought that she did not want me to get rejected. Did she really think that discussing our mating would lead to anything else?

“I guess he did not want to reject me after such a terrible event. I am sure that he will get around to it soon enough.” I shrugged.

Alessa just rolled her eyes as we approached the door to one of the guest rooms.

“Well, here’s the room that Alpha Farris instructed you to stay in. My room is just down the hall, so call if you need me.”

“I am sure that I will be fine. Good night, Alessa.”

“Good night, Mysti.”

I went into the guest room and closed the door behind me. When I turned to take in the room, I was surprised by the opulence and luxury. I had expected to be put in the worst of the guest rooms. If this was the worse that they had then I could not imagine how ostentatious they would become. I would have to try to catch a glimpse at a room or two during me time here to see how nice this was in comparison.

I made my way over to the canopied bed and ran my fingers across the sheer lace the draped, gracefully, over the top. I looked at the soft sheets and satin comforter that laid across the bed. I had never stayed in a bed this nice before and I doubted that I ever would again. I peeled off the shirt that Alpha Farris had loaned me, taking one final whiff of his scent which lingered on the fabric, before tossing it to the side.

I slipped under the sheets and snuggled down into the feather pillows. I felt like I was floating on the air and I imagined that this must be what it would feel like to sleep on a cloud. I sighed as I nestled, contentedly, into the soft bedding. I had to admit that I could get used to this. Maybe Alpha Farris would let me keep the bed as a consolation prize after he rejects me. I chuckled at the thought before drifting off into a deep sleep.

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