The Beginning. Selene's Story

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Before Elizabeth was Born, Selene walked the Earth. She was The Moon Goddess, the Daughter of Gia, the Titian Mother Earth. She Left Olympus to start over, to leave the fighting the Other Gods loved so much. This is a Pre-Quill and a Spin off of The Goddess Returns. Join Selene and Her Wolf as they Discover their many Gifts that have Yet to be Known. Watch as she starts her life as the Goddess to not only the Moon But to that of Supernatural Creatures, From the Fay to the creation of Vampires. Love with her and Greave with her on her Journey of creation.

Fantasy / Erotica
Aloura LaFay
Age Rating:

Chapter 1, In the Beginning.

3rd Pov

In the Beginning, the Goddess and Gods overthrew the Titans. The gods fought and in-prisoned them, In Tartarus. However, Not all Gods or goddesses agreed with This decision. The Goddess Selene, the Daughter of Gia, is one of them. The Titan Goddess of Mother Earth.

Selene was regarded as a lower goddess in the eyes of her peers. But with abilities, like having control over the moon and stars. To be able to create magical creatures, to create other realms, like her mother before her.

At a remarkably young age of, Five thousand years old. Which is nothing as far as gods go. She had already created the Realm of the Fay. She loved the Fairies. She created them to be smart, funny, sweet creatures, with unmatched loyalty.

All this and she still has not reached her full Powers and abilities. Even Zeus does not see all her potential. Some things have yet been discovered!

Even with her own creation of the Fay, She had a maternal love for the creation of Earth. Something Mother so lovingly created. Her Favored of these creatures are the Wolves. Their loyalty to their pack is the reason she gave this to Fay. Selene’s first Action as a goddess. Was to give refuge to all the souls of earth’s creatures. When they passed to the beyond.

One day as Selene is sitting in her kingdom. Watching the world below in the moon pool. She sees the peacefulness of her Mothers world and is saddened By the fighting amongst the other Gods and Goddesses. She decides it is time for her to leave her home in the Heavens.

But she knows that Zeus will never grant her permission to leave her realm. Unless it’s to go to the Fay, but even then they must not know that she is present; it is forbidden to show oneself to one’s own creations. She hates it, she is older than him. She is the daughter of a Titan not just any Titan but of Mother earth herself. She huff’s and makes the decision she hates. She needs to go to the one place she hates above all else to the one God who will help her. With a snap of her fingers, she lands in the throne room of Hades.

He looked up at her “Selene my Moon, what can the King of hell do for you today.”

“Enough Hades I am not here for your bull, but I will make you a one-time deal.” She smirked at him

“And what would that be my love?” She just rolls her eyes.

“One night of passion and only one night Hades, for transport to the Mortal Realm. Earth! I hate it up there, there is no life, so many stuck-up Gods, who fight, argue over humans, and now they wish to destroy my mother’s creation with bloodshed. What do you say ``One night and one night only?” She smiles

“Oh my Sweet Moon. One night will never be enough for you, that is I know you’ll be back for more”. Hades says smiling “But I agree to your terms. However your “one night”. He says using his fingers for quotation marks. “Must happen before I give you access to the earth realm. Deal?” She nods her head.

“Good because my moon tonight will be a night you will never forget,” he says walking to her, snapping his fingers causing all of her clothing to disappear into ash, she rolls her eyes. But let him cress her. In no time he has teleported them to his bedroom. It’s breathtaking and she nods her head just as his lips find hers.

Selene POV

Holy fuck this kiss is not what I was expecting, I am not a virgin by any means but fuck his lips are hot, like hot, but sweet. His hand grabs my core. “Umm, I think my little moon likes my kiss”. I can’t even respond as his finger starts moving fast on my nub. I don’t know what overcomes me, maybe it’s been a while but I grab him and shove my tongue in his mouth tasting every inch of the king of hell’s mouth.

With a snap of my fingers, his clothing is gone. I pause and take a look at his body, he is chiseled to perfection, a perfect 6 pack without having too much bulge. My eyes travel down his v. until my eyes land on his very erect friend. The only thing I can think at the moment is HOLY fuck that is big, Goddam is that even going to fit. I must use all the courage I have and snap my fingers and move him to the bed. I slowly climbed up from the foot of the bed. “Fuck me my King” with a growl. He grabs my hips and pulls my core down on his very heard member while thrusting upwards making me buck instantly.

I Grind against him matching his movements, it feels like he’s splitting me in half. The pain is pleasing me more than I want to admit. He shifts his weight rolling me with ease to my back and starts pounding me with all the ferocity of Hell, I wrap my legs around his waist locking my feet together, and slam him harder into my quivering center.

After a very long night, he finally pulls out. With a smirk he says. “My little moon that was the best I have ever had.” I just “hummmmm” as I don’t want to admit the same. One night may be enough for a ride to the earth realm, but next time I’ll do it just for the Hell of it. I think to my

“Now Hades our deal,” I say raising my brow.

He laughs, kissing my shoulder, he says. “I will take you in the morning, how about you stay the night.” I huff and try to stand up only to fall back on the bed. Ok, maybe I should. The Devil literally fucked me stupid. I tap his very naked hard chest and mumble as I fall asleep in his arms. “I think I can do that……”

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