The Beginning. Selene's Story

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Chapter 2

Selene’s POV

I wake slowly as the memories of last night come back to me, I can’t help the smile that graces my face. As I said I have enjoyed many Men and Women in my lifetime. But even I have to agree I will definitely do this again someday. I reach over thinking maybe just maybe I might go for another round before I leave. When my hand makes it to where Hades was last night he is gone. I let out a huff as I grab his pillow and sniff it.

That’s when I hear a chuckle. “My Sweet dear Moon it looks like and smells like you might want another round.” I bury my head in the pillow to stop by blush and Say “Fuck you Hades, when are you taking me to Earth?” He Laughs. “Whenever you are ready, You know you must stay away from humans, and it would be best to use very little of your powers as not to alert Him.” He says with an eyebrow raised. “And I mean it Selene, you are stronger than anyone knows even yourself. Promise me my Moon you will not do anything to bring Zeus’s wrath to you” His voice breaks like it would actually hurt him to lose me. But that can’t be he is the god of hell and a player.

Sometimes I wish gods had the Bond that wolves have, they have one mate for life, they die without each other, I gave this to my Fay, as a gift. This way they would know love for eternity, as the Fay has a long life span. If I could give it to Us God’s I would in a heartbeat but I can’t. Trust me I tried. But right now I wish I could.

“You do know That I am older than you, right?.” I stand up letting the sheet roll off of me and hit the floor long enough for me to snap my fingers and have midnight blue increased with stardust. It looks like the night sky, when I move you could swear the dust sparkled like a starry night. Effectively cutting the thoughts from my mind.

I see his eyes get fiery. “Now you tease me with this dress, you know it is my favorite. I tell you so every time I see you in it.” He moves with the speed of a God. And slams his lips to mine, I let out a small gasp allowing his tongue to enter my mouth. I let out a moan. He pulls away too fast. Causing me to whimper. “Don’t worry I will get you again soon very soon.” I huff and say “Let’s go shall we?”

With that, he nods his head and teleports us to the Gates of Hell, “You ready?” He asks, holding my arm. I just nod my head. In no time we are standing in the most amazing forest I have ever seen.

“Where are we?” I ask him.

“We are in a small country called Norway, it has other “God’s” so it’s outside of Zeus’s sight. For now anyway.” I nod my head. “But it’s not the only reason, I also know your Love of Wolves my dear Moon, there is a Wolf pack not far from here that you can watch over.” I smile, if I am near humans I have to be in spirit form but with Nature, I can be me. I smile and kiss him, he instantly responds to my kiss. “Selene if you don’t stop now I will fuck you right here in this field for all the Realm’s to see”. I don’t even think as I conger a bed in the middle of the Flowers and teleport myself to the very center with a silk nighty on, the same color as my dress with the same stardust. His eyes light up with the Fires of Hell and in seconds he is Naked and Slamming into me with so much force that I instantly scream in pleasure. “Fuck Woman, I knew that once I Had this fine as pussy I would never get enough, and It seems like you can’t get enough of me.” He groans out before his mouth claims mine once again.

Just as I am about to reach my climax he stops, Pulls out, and drops his mouth to my very sensitive and swollen flower, without missing a beat, he licks and sucks like it’s the only thing that he needs to live. I grab his hair and shove his face deeper, causing him to shove not one but three fingers into my very wet center. I buck on his mouth and cum all over his mouth and fingers. He Climbs back up, licking his fingers. This only turns me on again.

Before I can register he grabs my hips and flips me over. Placing me on all fours. Once again he slams into my core, causing my head and back to arch. A Moan leaves my mouth along with a missive growl, I scream out his name “HADES, faster, oh god yesssssss” as I feel him empty himself deep in me. “Fuck”.... He growls still pumping into me.

When he pulls out I turn to him and say. “I am not going to have a relationship with Hades, But I don’t see why you can’t come to Earth every now and then,” I say walking my finger up his chest. “I can live with that.” He pauses “For Now”. He says with a smirk. I smack his chest. “I think it’s time you go back to Hell. Come around soon, you know how to find me. I will always be open to you, and I hope when I call you come?” I say shyly.

He Kisses my head. “Deal my Little Moon.” I get up and dress again, this time in a white flowing dress with gold accents. “Bye Hades.” With that, I enter the spirit form and teleport out of there.

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