The Beginning. Selene's Story

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Chapter 3



I am Sitting in my Throne room, when out of nowhere Selene the Goddess of the moon appears out of the Blue. My Cock instantly grows hard. I have been after this woman since before the creation of Man. Human’s Believe in the Story of Persephone. I let them. But she doesn’t exist, never did I have no idea where that story came from. The Only woman I have ever wanted has been Selene. I have asked the Fate’s many times to tell me If I will ever have her. And of course. They Laugh and Say “Time will tell” They are every Cryptic so Imagine how hard my already heard member is now that she just offered to be with me for one night for transportation to Earth. I don’t even need to think I agree. With conditions of course. And fuck She did not even blink and agreed to my terms instantly. Within seconds. I have her dress gone and in a pile of ash. My mouth on hers, Fuck she taste like haven.

She teleports us to my room. I don’t waste a second and kiss her and grab her very wet center. I keep getting harder. Never in my Long life have I been this hard before. Before I know it she has rid me of my clothing. She looks me up and down. When she reaches my throbbing rod I see the shock in her eyes. It soon vanishes with a look of determination to have her pleasure. She teleports me to the bed and climbs up on me, rubbing her juices up my leg.

When she moans out “Fuck me, my King” I lose all control and swiftly move into her core. Fuck if the kiss was heaven then the was beyond that. Not only is she tight as hell. Her core is warm and oh so wet. I can’t go much more like this and I want her never to forget tonight. I turn her over and Pond into her over and Over again as she screams my name. I want to eat her, but I can’t bring myself not to keep my very hard rod in her.

I spend 3 hours, bending her in every position I can possibly get her. I want her to crave me. Because I will never get enough of her. Once she has agreed to spend the rest of the night. Or more likely take a nap. Yes, God’s sleep. We don’t need it much but still, we do sleep. I wake before she and I move out from her hold and move to sit in a chair and watch her as she starts to wake. She reaches for my pillow. I can’t help but make her blush.

Time skip. To just after Selene Leaves the Field.

I would do anything for that Woman. Anything even gives her to another if it meant, in the end, she was happy. not that I would not fight for her. I would in a second. I know why she has not settled down. She loves Wolves everything about them. She gave the fay a bond much like that of wolves, she wanted that undying love, but she did not believe you could have it without the band. In a way, I agree. But I do love her that way. So I will patiently Wait for her. Just then My Favorite Demon Lands on the bed next to me.

“Cora?” I smile, No, Cora and I have never had a thing period, She likes Women.

“So you finally got her? Who knew all you had to do was bring to Earth” She smiles.

“Yeah who knew.”

“Hades, no disrespect, but you know she will never want a relationship if she doesn’t do them.” I nod. With a small Sigh, I say

“I know Cora, I know but maybe someday she will see that I have always loved her.” She laughs; she is the only soul that knows how much I actually love Selene. Everyone thinks I just want to add her to my bedpost but that is anything but the truth.

I stand up and teleport back to my Kingdom.

Time Skip 1. Month.

I am sitting on my bed when the image of Selene enters my mind like always, and like the last month since I have had her I get hard. Before I know it I have started to remember the night in this room and the field the feel of her, her smell, the way she screamed my name as I took her over and over again. I Start stroking my now heard member. The more I think the harder I get. But I can’t reach my climax. I said I would Wait for her summons but I can’t do this anymore.

I Stand Up and dress, and transport myself to the gates of hell. In a few feet, I have crossed into the Earth Realm. I am instantly drawn to her like she knows I am coming. The clearing that we met last time now has a massive tent. I walk in to see Selene, Naked with a smile on her face.

“How did you know.?”

“Well I have been here for about an hour and was just getting ready to summon you, But what can I say you beat me to it.” She purrs out. Fuck me.

I turn my clothing to ash, she sees me and smirks. His legs instantly spread. I don’t even think I dive my mouth right into her wet lips as I suck her clit, she shoves my mouth down harder, my tongue leaves her bud as I move it to her core, I need to taste this. I sink my tongue as deep as it can go, I eat her like my mother has not had water in a thousand years and she is the sweatiest drink. before she can even say anything I feel her walls clench my tongue and she gushes all in my mouth and I drink every last drop. I move and am about to enter her when this vixen drops to her Knees and places me in her mouth, I growl as she shoves me all the way down her thought. “Fuck” I moan and start pounding in and out as her tongue move’s over every available inch. Her hand grabs my sack and rolls the balls, I can’t even hold on and I shoot stream after stream of my Nectar into her mouth.

She licks me clean. Turns her back to me and bends over “Fuck me ruff and hard.” Her Silver eyes are a little darker. I don’t need more as I grab her Hips and Slam in.

“Selene,” I say running my fingers through her hair.


“How about we meet her once a month?”

She sucks in a breath before she lets it out and sits up. Turning to face me she says, “Hades, don’t get me wrong the sex is fantastic but I can’t agree to that. One if you started coming monthly Zeus would notice. Two, I need to live my life as you do. you are the King of hell, you can’t just up and leave to follow me around. Even if it’s just a monthly thing.” With that, she moves from the bed. “Sorry Hades, but I don’t think we should see each other for a while.” with that she vanishes. The only thing I can do is return to Hell.

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