The Beginning. Selene's Story

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Chapter 4


When Hades asked me to meet him monthly I wanted to so bad, but at the same time, I need to be away from the Gods all the Gods. As I vanish into the spirit, I start to wander around. When I hear the saddest sound, wolves of the nearby pack Howling, it’s so sad, I naturally move to them. When I get there, I see the prettiest Silver looking Wolf, She is barely alive, fighting with everything to survive. Her parents are whimpering. Yes, wolves leave their dying but they mourn them first.

As I move closer to grant the wolf entry into my realm when before I can stop it, my soul latches on to that of the wolf’s soul. Without warning, I am plunged into darkness.

“Selene...” I hear a whisper. “Wake up Selene...” It’s soft, gentle, and pleading with me to wake. I slowly open my eyes to a small room, Where did this room come from? ”I think we made it,” the voice says to me. “Who is there, and who is this we that you speak of?” I hear a chuckle in my head ”I am, but who I am I don’t know, And we are us, we are one. Do you know what we are?” the voice asks, “No, the last thing I remember was a small wolf pup dying then moving to grant her access to my realm”. I say out loud, ok why am I talking to this voice I am hearing. ”Because we are one. I was a Wolf pup until I saw the prettiest Human, She came close and then I stopped being me.” the voice says. I move to the Mirror. My once black hair was now the Color of Liquid Silver, as well as my eyes, I appear almost the same minus this, I am still my short 5′7" Self short for the gods. I still have all of my best assets, a large breast, and a perfect round Ass, but the rest now have muscle’s that I have never possessed before.

As I am Looking at myself the Voice moves Closer, I notice it’s in my mind, As I shut my eyes I See the Voice take shape, a Strong Silver Adult wolf stands proud. “What is your name?” I ask as I rub my hand through her hair. ”Elizabeth.”

“That is a beautiful name.”

“We should call you Beth, while we walk the earth? Selene, it will be easier to hide from Him, if we are not known by your true name.” She says, making complete sense, why I don’t know. Maybe I will understand in time.

When I open my eyes the memories of what happened to take effect.

FlashBack. Memory

I am standing over the wolf as our souls call to one and another. before I can stop it they merge, as I stand now on all fours, the whole pack has dropped to the ground. their bones are shifting. moving in unnatural ways until Humans lay instead of the Wolves. I Can Smell the wolf on them but not normal wolves, they now contain the scent of humans or are close to it. before I can stop myself I change to human and clap my hands. in what used to be an empty field is now a small village. I start to see spots, an older man, moves to me, “Goddess, steady, Get the Alpha to her Cabin NOW” He growls to several others as the black spots take over.

Flash Back Over

“What did I do?” “Shit, Shit......” I start cursing my stupidity. Just then Lachesis the Fate. appears in next to me Chuckling.

"My dear Selene, you unleashed one of your abilities. You now possess the power to combine two souls to make them complete. A human and an Animal. this is your future. With more to come... Dear child, do not freat. Your pack will be safe for some time. Zuse will not yet discover your new creations. Protect them, you are their leader, mother, creator. and Most importantly their Alpha, you must protect them, Your children have a very bright future for all of mankind.” Just like that she is gone. I never even gotta ask anything. But once fate speaks that is Law. When they give you a Role you can’t fight it.

I Move out of the Room and find a small house, maybe 5 room’s on the top floor, as I move down the staircase I see about 30 people standing there. Some are adults, some teens. Even a few children. ”Pup’s, Call them pup’s,” Eliza says wagging her tail, I can’t help but chuckle. ”That man with that woman Selene are my parents. or their wolves are anyways” I move towards the crowd and they all drop to their knees “All Hail Queen Luna, Our Alpha, Our Goddess.” The man who is Eliza’s Father says with authority. “Please stand, do not bow,” I say to them and they all stand. I move to the Couple. “Your majesty,” They say with a slight bow of their heads refusing to look me in the eye. I wonder why. ”It’s our power in the wild that wolves respect the stronger, giving them a bow gives the stronger the respect,” Eliza informs me. well, I guess I have to get used to this then.

“What are your Names?” I Ask them.

The man speaks, “My Name Is Adam, this is my mate Aerial. Our Wolves are Crimson, and Jade” He says again with a small bow. I move around getting to know everyone. I notice a couple of parents of the small pup’s five in total looking scared. “What seems to be the problem?” I ask. One of the mothers looks up and Says. “All the pups have shifted but not the younger ones? Is something wrong with them?” I pause thinking of the answer but it comes in seconds, with a voice that reminds me of the gods I speak. “All Pup’s under the age of 16 human years, will not shift, they will be granted the connection within a month of their 16th birthday. Next will be the Mate Bond, those who already had wolf mates, know this bond now it will be a stronger one that is hand-picked by me for you. this is a gift that will be granted when you reach the Human age of 18.” My voice is calm but steady. all panic they had vanished. and yell’s of joy.

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