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A fateful story of a hopelessly romantic yet twisted Cupid that has too much on her plate and a Boy with a lost soul. "Even if I had known that in the course of finding you I would lose myself, I would still choose to look for you., everytime" With her mistakes and past catching up on her, would she be able to save that shining lost soul?

Fantasy / Thriller
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The morning before the storm

My morning started with a new mission already stuck on the memo board among the pile several others. The white and red paper with the names of those Chosen Ones made me furious. It has been ages, yet whenever I see that paper the long-forgotten rage resurges. I have ripped apart the paper board countless times but it still comes back again more bright than it was the last time. Now even a damn paperboard was fighting for its existence. Well, what more can you expect from a gift from the heavens.

I just know today’s day is not going to be one of the best I have had in my entire existence. Maybe if I just go through today, I would have a moment of relaxation.

“Let’s go, Raven. You have a lot to do today.” I exclaimed, motivating myself cause I know no one does that for me. Sighing, I leave the comfort of my bed and unfold the letter.

'Amelia Bourn and Dane Beck.

Nest Kitchen. 14:00′

Wow, another one at Nest Kitchen in a week, maybe the Moon like the food there.

“You got another one.” A deep voice that haunts me every moment came from the door.

“Yes, it’s my thirteenth mission this week. As of now, I’m the most over-worked employee that is in serious need of some relief. I mean it’s a violation of labor law.” I sighed again plopping back on the bed.

“Oh my, it seems like your amnesia has struck again, let me remind you again, you are a Forgotten Deity of Connections that have been alive for more than 1700 years, who gives humans the ability to form bonds. You are also one of the thousand flowers of the Moon. And at last, the labor laws you are talking about, do not apply in the Office of God.” His mischievous blue-green eyes shined in the bright light of the morning Sun as he ended his speech with a comforting pat on my shoulder. This brat is being cheeky so early in the morning.

“What about you, you insolent familiar, how come you talk to your master like that?” I spoke frustratedly as my limbs grew heavy with each passing second. My eyelids burned with sleep and the Sun shining brightly outside the window started dimming.

“here.” I was shaken awake and a cup of coffee had found its way in my hand.

“I made it extra strong, drink it and come down. I know you want to sleep but I don’t want those Madam Ele to yell at you again.” He rushed outside the bedroom hiding his worry behind a cup of coffee.

“Thanks, Dave.” I whispered letting the aroma of the coffee calm put my crazy mind into its place.

“So, where are we going today?” Dave questioned putting on his socks.

“The Nest Kitchen,” I replied hurriedly weaving the White thread around the gold role with my middle finger. As if visiting the Garden of the Moon, plucking flowers, and weaving them into this thread had not done any damage to my hands, Dave had sliced open my Index finger which made the weaving tedious and the time did not seem to show some mercy on me, the clock was already screaming at 13:17. My hands grew calmy as each minute passed by. Miss Ele would kill me if I get late this time.

“Let’s Run Dave.” I yelled shoving the thread into a rectangular box and dashed through the front door juggling with my bag, phone, and the box.

I ran across the parking and hurriedly dumped everything in the back of my Porche. Today I refuse to be yelled at by anyone. I will make this day the most productive of my life.

“Run on My baby.” I exclaimed putting on the seat belt as Dave made it into the passenger seat blasting music as soon as he entered the car.

"Let's give out some soulmates today, shall we?" Dave grinned bopping his head to the beat.

Yeah, let's do something bad today.

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