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LODELI was a world where there were overpowering empires and kingdoms that ruled the whole planet. LODELI was mostly a hell: Mainly the ideological wars made life almost impossible, you had to have something special to be able to survive, that's the case of Poko. Adopted by the Saroan royal family, Poko wanted to get to know LODELI, he was tired of the intensive training, the total lack of fulfillment and of seeing the same landscape all the time, he wanted to have fun. The king had agreed if he accepted a simple agreement.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Poko looked at the black sky, the stars and the white moon to pass the time, he was lying on his pet wyvern, so he was rather glad not to be alone and not to be soiled by the black mud.

Suddenly, he was thinking and staring at the sky at the same time, looking at the sky seriously.

"I hope, he won't be too hard on us."

He was towards the top of a mountain, but there was no snow, only blue grass, but also some red trees that served as training targets.

Poko had his black armour even if it was really hot in Saro, even the night was like a day in hell.

But the young Saroan was used to the hostile climate of his country and he wasn't the only one, many Saroan equipped with armour and weapons were roaming around this mountain, it was normal for the Saroans to live in infernal hell with an armour, only their heads was spared a heavy helmet like any Saroan.

They were concentrating on their training battles and Poko didn't need help, so they ignored him.

Except he had a Saroan who was intrigued to see Poko here, he approached and soon asked him something once he was close.

"Uh Poko, why are you here?"

Poko stood up very quickly thanks to his back, his head turned to the one who had called him, but only his head and not the rest of his body, the rest of his body followed his head a second later.

The young Saroan was excited that he was there, he knew him, so he answered very quickly.

"I'm waiting for Kami and Danja, they went to convince the king to let us go on an expedition, and I'm too bad at negotiating, so I'd rather not be at the royal castle with them.

Otherwise, Alfredo, what are you doing here? Kami told me you would be with him to help him."

Alfredo scratched his dark hair despite his eyes being closed, and he gradually moved closer to Poko.

"I was supposed to be with them, but Andela wanted to see you, so she wanted one of us to come and take you and I decided to come and take you with me."

Poko looked at Alfredo with a face that showed his annoyance.

"She could have just settled for you three, but no, she absolutely wants to see me."

"Sorry Poko, you have to come..."

Alfredo stepped back as Poko's wyvern stood up and shook the black mud that was on his scaly torso and pointed tail, because of this Poko was covered in mud, the black mud didn't rust his armour, it caused an unbearable squeak for seven seconds, Poko and Alfredo tried to ignore this sound, Poko had not succeeded to ignore this and that made him angry.

The young Saroan wasted no time in showing his displeasure :

"So you decided to mess with me too? Thanks Lagir!"

Poko's sarcasm made Lagir sigh with his black muzzle, the silver wyvern knew what he had to do :

He was spitting reddish black flames at Poko to remove the toxic mud on him, the black fire of the silver wyvern had no effect on Saroans, so neither Poko nor Alfredo was shocked or affected by what Lagir had done, it was impossible to burn anything in Saro even blue grasses were immune to fire.

After a few seconds, Lagir had managed to make the mud disappear.

Poko looked to see if his black armour was clean, the wind had become fast as he moved very quickly towards Alfredo, Alfredo decided to put his hand on her shoulder once he was close to his best friend.

"What did you expect? Andela really likes you, so she wants to see you especially when it comes to negotiating your expedition. "

"Alfredo, you're underestimating it too much, she likes me TOO much, and I think she's going to take advantage of my weakness in negotiations. "

Alfredo gave a mocking smile with his sharp teeth to Poko.

"You're probably right, but you're going to have to prepare your body before Andela destroy you with some positivity. "

Alfredo held back from bursting into laughter while Poko was not at all amused, he was annoyed.

"Sorry Poko, but the princess is forcing me, so..."

Alfredo snapped his fingers, his best friend and Lagir found themselves inside the king's castle more specifically in the royal corridor.

The royal corridor was very big, it had diamonds and other precious stones encrusted in it, it also had a red carpet which depicted royalty motifs but also huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, they were always lit to represent royalty.

It also had huge windows but no curtain, Poko could see the many peasants tending the princess's garden :

They were watering the herbs, plants and trees, planting seeds in the black soil of the garden, they looked happy doing this, a normal thing for Poko. Alfredo walked along the red carpet of the royal corridor while Poko looked out the window to see the peasants in their gardening outfits, he ended up focusing on Andela's portrait a few seconds later, as he didn't really like the bright white light of the flowers.

"I'll never understand why that family loves their flowers so much... I mean, they're Adamoliars, it's used as a super-powered poison that tests our health, it's not meant for decoration to me."

Alfredo laughed, he was also a little exasperated by the sight of this immature Saroan.

"Poko, for the hundredth time, not every object can be used as a weapon, they all have a very specific purpose, and it's not necessarily to hit with it."

Poko held out his hand and pointed at Alfredo with a confident smile.

"And for the hundredth time, All objects can be weapons, I managed to defeat a monster with a flower."

Alfredo chuckled and hid his face with his hand.

"Oh my god, that bad faith! Poko, it was a flower capable of releasing paralysing spores if you touch the flower, it's too easy!"

"I don't care, it's a flower."

Alfredo punched amicably Poko and they laughed.

Suddenly, a girl had appeared, Poko knew he had taken a first look, and he was not serene:

Black armour, but also a sword, and metal shoes.

This girl was looking at Poko with her sky blue eyes and a small nose, it was Andela.

She soon spoke after seeing Poko.

"Finally! Thank you, Alfredo, now can you leave? I have something to do with Poko."

"No problem, princess."

Alfredo had suddenly disappeared, Lagir stuck to Poko to make sure he was protected.

Poko swallowed and began to sweat excessively, he knew what was coming.

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