His Ever-Changing Destiny

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2 superior races; Homo-Sapiens known as Humans and Homo-Magiens otherwise known as Mages co-existed until something happened in history which led to the Superiority War. It's 2044, humans think Mages have gone extinct. But they are wrong. When there's good, there's evil. Such creatures told in fairytales roamed the scarce land of the Mages. Not everyone uses magic for good. An Academy for the young, to explore, and learn the basic levels of education. Magic was also taught, but only a select few could master their magic. Darkness seemed to appear out of nowhere, controlled by one person. The son of an infamous demon, a boy who was once kind, turned bitter and distant to his loved ones. He tries to become better but fails and seeks guidance from the headmaster. The headmaster knows the boy's destiny, but could it ever change?

Fantasy / Adventure
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A sky of smoke and ashes. There was an unfamiliar feeling of despair in the air. A war raged on between two superior races that lived on planet Earth; Homo-Sapiens or Humans and Homo-Magiens or Mages. Fields of corpses from both sides, nowhere to hide. Any sound was drowned out by the blood-curdling screams from the Mages that were being massacred by Humans. It felt like lifetimes ago when there was peace between these races.

In an era of peace and hospitality, Mages weren’t as powerful when the war started. Only having the magic of the four basic elements; water, air, fire, and earth. Humans hesitated when the Mages asked for a truce, but in the end, they accepted. Soon, Mages and Humans worked together to build a fresh way of living, a vaster civilization.

Who knew it would all crumble during the 19th century. Mages adapted to unique elements of magic, creating different branches. Humans were skeptical about this recent change and drifted away from the Mages. At first, Mages posed no threat to Human society until they found something that changed everything.

A human lied about a Mage who wielded advanced fire magic. Saying they were burning down the towns, but in reality, the Mage was fighting something stronger than any creature Humans have ever written in history before. An enormous reptile with a pair of wings and the appetite of human flesh. Mages denied this statement, but that single human was the only witness.

Humans advanced their firearms to rival Mages, to take them down before they killed the Human population, but they had to do this in secret. Mages tried to find out what was going on, but every time they tried, a Mage went six feet under.

The advanced firearms were first used to kill the Magic Council who kept the balance of Humans and Mages. A teenager had witnessed this, watching his father die right before his eyes. Angered, he declared war on the humans but soon after, he regretted underestimating Humans.

During the chaos, a volcano erupted near California. It spewed out hot molten lava onto the ocean floor. It started to build up and created a landmass a size that rivaled Australia. It was just a barren landscape of rocks.

The war began, it only brought pain to the Mages. The Humans had a mission to wipe every single Mage off planet Earth. A hidden humanoid species watched as Mages and Humans fought, in secrecy, and made it unbalanced by going on the Human’s side.

The world population of Mages decreased originally 5%, now at 2.5%. The son of a Magic Council leader asked for help from his best friend, who agreed to help find a haven for the Mages. Flying for days, they touched down on the landmass that had formed during the war. It was only rocks, the best friend cast the Storm of Life. As it rained down, the rocky surface turned into dirt, flowers and different types of trees began to grow. The two agreed that this was the haven that the Mages needed. Out of nowhere, a moment happened between the two, celebrating this discovery. It became awkward when they broke away. The son decided it was time to tell the Mages about this place.

The two called all remaining Mages alive to a spot to tell them the plan. At midnight, they flew above the clouds, seeing the stars once more but Humans knew about this plan and shot some Mages down. When they touched down on this new place, all the Mages celebrated. Humans began to wonder where all the Mages went and began to search for them, but Mages were smarter. They put a protective dome over the island to show the Humans that where they lived was just a barren landscape of rocks.

The two that founded the place began a school for young Mages where they could learn about subjects that they couldn’t access during the war. The son was praised while the best friend was in his shadow, but they didn’t mind. The two ran the school together until the son disappeared. The best friend was heartbroken and decided to name the island, Lynseria, a name that they both agreed on.

By the twenty-first century, the Mage population increased by 4%, making the world population of Mages 6.5%. Everything was going fine, towns were built and new technology was made.

But good things had to come to an end, a crack was found on the island that was believed to be a portal to a place called the Underworld where the hidden species hid. They were classified as demons. The best friend had examined the place and didn’t believe what they saw, the love of their life was a demon.

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