The Neophyte series: The Acolyte (2)

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With the new rules being set in motion in the Worldly realm, Heidi and Tristan’s relationship is put to the test. At the same time, human souls, including Tristan’s, are in danger as a high-ranking djinn is set free to feast on them. Will Heidi be able to save him and the others in time or will she be too late?

Fantasy / Horror
Dina Syariza
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Black mist wrapped around my limbs as I tried to lift my head. It crept around me like vines of dark mass, swirling every inch of me. All the energy I had was drained as it reaped my consciousness that I had clung on to every waking moment.

The unholy beast unhinged its massive jaw, its insides made of heat and fire. Its eyes glowed like something in its black body had ignited. Slowly, the black mist seeped into me and my breath got shorter.

My palms and knees remained on the forest floor, my gaze dropping onto its hooves. This beast of malevolence would stop at nothing until it had what it wanted—my soul.

I was panting. My energy was depleting until I couldn’t hold myself any longer and collapsed onto the ground. I felt the grass on my cheek as I heaved.

I admit that I gave up. I knew I couldn’t win against Synto’s spirit beast. I shut my eyes and prepared myself as I succumbed to my fate.

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