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Ocean-Rays is the betas daughter.. When her parents die in a rogue attack the pack helps her throw her loss. When the Alpha Triplets come back from alpha school she's in for a surprise their her MATES!! Will she fight the mate bond or will she embrace the mate bond

Fantasy / Romance
Chloe Shadbolt
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Chapter 1🖤

One week ago it was my 19th birthday but it was the worst day of my life I lost my parents. We were in wolf form having a run. When we were attacked by rouges. I did my best to help my parents fight I mindlinked to tell the alpha that we are being attacked by rogues I pleaded for him to come help us. He did came to help fight but it was to late the rouges killed my parents right in front of me and the alpha about 5 minutes later the back up came then they killed the rouges I shifted back and fell to me knees screaming for my parents to wake up. But they never did I made a promise to them that I'll be the best beta that dad trained me for.

Since that day I've been a shell. But I did step up I became the beta of the pack just like I was supposed to do when my father stepped down. The pack is helping me through the loss and so is the alpha. At the moment I'm trying to figure out what to wear as I'm going to be in a meeting with the Alpha he wants me to be with him as we are meeting another alpha to discuss the packs being alies.

I pick out my black croptop that shows my big boobs off, high-waisted black ripped skinny jeans that shows my tiny waist and big butt, my dad's black leather jacket and my black combat boots. I put my natural red hair in a high ponytail and put my sunglasses on to hide my grey eyes I hide them because they remind me of my dad. My hair reminds me of my mum she had the same coloured hair. Come on Ocean get it together mum and dad would want you to be strong.

I mindlink Alpha Mason

"Alpha I'm ready I'll be in the conference room in 5 minutes. Have they arrived yet" I ask hopefully they haven't yet.

I've lost my parents and still have no mate but this pack is my family. This pack is all I have.

"They have just crossed the border come on Beta Ocean get a move on" Alpha Mason voiced filled my head I make my way to the conference room.

I make it to the conference room I walk in and stand to the right of Alpha Mason as Delta Jackson stands to the left. There's a knock at the conference door

"come in" Alpha Mason voiced boomed in the room.

The Alpha and Beta of the silver moon pack walked in and sat down of the other end of the table they started to stare at me but I ignore it.

"Alpha Mason thank you for the opportunity for this meeting but I see we are missing the beta where is he" the visiting alpha asks.

"The beta is right here Alpha Damon meet Beta Ocean" Alpha Mason says.

"the last time I came here the beta was a man his name was lake where is he" Alpha Damon said I clench my fists and the alpha sees and he grabs and hand only he and luna Charlie are the only ones that can calm my rage down.

"Beta Lake was killed by rouges this is his daughter" Alpha Mason said.

I let go of masons hand and turn around and punch the wall my fist goes right throw it I let out a loud growl.

"Ocean calm down" Alpha Mason boomed but my rage is to far I stand by his side again trying to push the rage aside.

"I'm sorry to hear that Alpha Mason he was a good man. I didn't mean to bring it up but when did this happen" Alpha Damon asks I start to see there dead body's on my head in flashbacks.

"one week ago they were killed right infront of me and ocean so enough of this topic I don't want my beta to get lost in her rage" I heard Alpha Mason say but the flashbacks start to fade.

"That's completely understandable" Alpha Damon says then a pack warrior screams through the mindlink.

"ROUGES CROSSED THE BORDER NEAR THE PACK HOUSE" I take my sunglasses off and hand the alpha my jacket.

"Alpha look after my dad's jacket I'll be back onces I rip them rouges head off" I say growling he nods his head and I leave.

I strip from my clothes and put them on the steps of the pack house then shift I see three rouges I charge at rip one rouges throat out the second trys to jump on my back but I drop and roll then I swig round and bite his throat his head rolls off. The third sees I'm distracted bites my right front leg I swing my head and bite his ear and throw him into a tree I go over and rip his throat out. I mindlink the warriors.

"warriors throw their body's on the fire pit so that any rouges that are watching understand they will dies if they attack our pack" I order

"yes beta" I hear back I go over to my clothes on the steps.

I shift back not caring if anyone sees me naked and put my clothes on and walk back in the conference room blood dripping from my arm but it's healing.

"Alpha the are rouges taken care off I ordered some warriors the throw their body's into the fire pit" I said stand back to his right alpha Damon hasn't looked up from the contract.

"I think that's it for now thank you for the meeting Alpha Mason we will be leaving now" Alpha Damon says he looks up and sees my arm then stands up. Thankfully my arms healing it will be healed soon.

"Have a safe journey back to your pack" Alpha Mason says I just want this sexist pig to go so I can get this wound cleaned up they leave alpha Mason turns around.

"Ocean what the hell happened let's go take you to the kitchen so I can take a proper look at your arm I bet Charlie won't be happy" Alpha Mason says jesus Mason and Charlie are more then alpha and luna to me they are like family they have supported me through alot this week..

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