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His Firecracker

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Bethanie is introduced to all the brothers but only three are left for the taking. One tells her she is his mate but she does not remember what his name is. Bethanie has a boyfriend she is in love with until she meets her true love. He requests several dates from her to court her and try to take over as her boyfriend but she does not see this. Her boyfriend gets jealous and confronts her mate and wants to fight him for her love in hand and marriage, She does not know any of this and catches wind of what is going to happen in the near future. Will Dee tell her about the pack and pack life they all lead or will she leave that up to Bethanie's mate to handle. Will Bethanie accept her new mate or actually reject him for good and which brother is will be her mate? Keep reading Book 3 of the series and find out what Bethanie does and who her mate is.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1


Bethanie hears him say, ’Mate’ but not sure if she heard what he said was accurate she just by passed him and continue to shake the other’s hands. Dee heard one of the brothers’s say, ‘Mate’ to her friend but did not pay attention to which one it was.

“Did he just say, ‘MATE’ to me Dee?”

“Um, yes one of them did but not sure which one though, I did not pay attention to which one it was. Why?”

“I just thought it was weird he would say that as he does not know me from Adam.”

“Those boys do tend to do that at times.”

“But I have a boyfriend Dee.”

“That doesn’t matter to them. What matters now is will you accept him or reject him? I would get to know him as friends first then make your decision. They are great guys.”

Oh this is going to go so well between these two people and she will give him a run for his money for sure.

“Bethanie, right?” He asks her.

“Yes, and you are? Sorry I do not remember your name.”

“It’s not that important right now, but would you go on a date with me? Please? So that we can get to know each other better.”

“When are wanting to go out? I have to check my schedule and all. I do have a boyfriend and will have to work this around him. Just so you know we are only going as friends and that is it.”

“Yes, ma’am I completely understand. Nothing more and nothing less and won’t expect anything in return but pure friendship.” He tells her with hopes that it will all change.

Dee knows this is going to be hard on her friends because one Bethanie has a boyfriend and he is or can be possessive but so can my brothers. This is going to be showdown on it’s own to see who going to win her heart.

Bethanie calls her boyfriend, Chad, tells him they are not able to go out because she had to work late then she was going to go home and eat dinner since she had to get up and work early the next day. He understood and told her not to worry they would see each other on Sunday.

She could not believe that she was lying to her boyfriend to go out with her supposedly mate. ‘What is with me doing this? I feel like I am cheating on Chad and I really haven’t done anything with him. Oh lord what am I going to do?’ Bethanie thinks to herself.

“Wow that was easy to get Bethanie to go out with me just by telling her we were going as friends. I mean I know she has a boyfriend but that can be rectified with not problem.” He says out loud to no one in particular.

“Bethanie, who is the one that is taking you out on your date? And, don’t you have a boyfriend?” Dee asks her bestie.

“Umm, I do not know I just remember that he is tall and hot as hell and well you know a body that won’t quit. Damn he’s dreamy you know the kind you see who spend too much time at the gym.” Bethanie replies.

Dee just rolls her eyes and starts laughing her pants off at Beth’s antics because she couldn’t care less about the physique of men she was more into the companionship of a relationship now than anything. Also if he had a good job where he could support her but what woman doesn’t want that. Right?

Dee thought her friend had no idea what was going to happen once she gets involved in our world. She may not like it and tell him to fuck off which would be like a rejection but then again he is not the type that would do that. He will pursue her till she gives into him and her need for him. He thinks he’s so irresistible. So cocky he is (eye rolling here). Dee giggles to herself at what is about to take place and is pretty giddy to watch this all unfold in front of her.

“I am getting ready for my friend date and do not have anything to wear, Dee. Help me pick something out.”

“We are going shopping girl, come on. I have his black card he gave me and told me to take you shopping for tonights date.”

Dee takes me to the mall and we go shopping. We hit Macy’s and could not find anything there so we moved on to the next store and the next and the next. We struck gold when Dee took me to her favorite store and started putting clothes in my hands.

“Hi! Ladies need any help finding anything for you to wear?” The sales clerk asks.

“We just need a dressing room for her so she can try these on is all.” Dee tells her.

“I want to see those on you before you make a decision because it has to be perfect for tonight.”

“Ugh, why does it have to be perfect Dee? Why can’t I go with what I have on?”

“Because it’s orders from him, your mate girlfriend. Do not argue with me or him. Just be prepared to be spoiled rotten by him. He will give you everything you will ever need or want with no questions asked.”

“What if I don’t want all that?”

“Ha you would be lying your pants off for saying that. You would never have to work again. Can Chad give that to you? Can he give you the galaxy and beyond with no questions asked? Or will you have to continue to work with him? These are somethings to think about Beth.”

“Well, no I don’t want to work, I want to quit and just relax and do nothing all day. I want to live by the ocean and the mountains, I want it all but it will never happen. Chad will never let me quit work we already discussed this.”

“Ok then, give your mate a chance. He will show you his world and his life for which you will become a part of. Where you will live and learn to love everything about it. Oh and you will have to fly to go home.”

Bethanie gulps loudly, “Fly? Home? Where is exactly home at Dee?”

“Scotland, in a huge castle and he has a suite that is the size of an apartment with a three bedrooms, three bathrooms, an office, living room and huge kitchen. We actually all do have a suite or wing if you will. All five brothers live their and so will their mates. It’s by the ocean set in woods and mountains.”

“You live in the mountains and near a beach? Damn you got best of both worlds.”

“So do you if you accept him you will have all the somethings with no questions.”

The ladies found Bethanie’s outfit for her date tonight and Bethanie was getting excited to go out with her new friend. But she was still having some guilty feelings about going since it would feel like she was cheating on her boyfriend.

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