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Chapter 10

“Cassidie!” Everyone grew quiet as the four friends peered down at the pale girl on the floor.

Mike checked her forehead and neck and found them scorching hot. “She’s really hot.” he called to the others.

“Her eyes are completely rolled in her head!” Gabriella cried, lifting an eyelid and finding the purple iris nowhere in sight.

“Her breathing and heart rate are slow.” Cat gasped, pulling her ear from Cassidie’s chest.

“Cats,” Stefan whispered. “This is bad; really, really, bad. We have to get her to the witchdoctor.”

The others nodded in agreement and picked Cassidie up. Shouting in both pain and surprise at the heat of her body, the four fiends quickly lowered Cassidie back to the ground. Alex moved away from the swamp girl and jumped over the crowd with one spring.

“I’ll do it.” she murmured, lifting Cassidie into her arms. Alex, with the others in tow, carried Cassidie out the door and began jogging to the nearest witchdoctor.

“How are you not burning?” Mike asked as he ran.

Alex shrugged, but the others gave her speculative looks. She could feel Cassidie’s normal body temperature on her hands and arms, but it didn’t faze her in the slightest. At last, they made it to the witchdoctor and Alex set Cassidie on the bed. The doctor, an actual witch by the looks of it, came out and examined Cassidie closely.

“There is no name for this,” she told the group of fiends. “Nor is there a cure. She should be back to abnormal soon. Something must have just given her a ‘fright’ as the puffballs put it. She’ll wake up in five to ten minutes.”

The five group members made themselves comfortable and waited for their fiend to wake up. They were waiting for seven minutes before they heard the faintest of moans from Cassidie. They all scrambled to her bedside as Cassidie sat up and shook her head.

“Cassi?” Alex asked tentatively. “Are you ok?”

Cassidie looked to her and growled. “I’m fine, Alex.” She spat, standing and brushing herself off. “Not that it’s any concern of yours.” She turned her back on Alex and began walking away.

“Cassi!” Gabriella exclaimed. “Alex just saved you life, Chica. You better thank her and be miserable. Otherwise you may have been muerta.”

Cassidie stopped and turned her head around to look at them; they all shivered at the pulsing red on the outside of her iris. “Gracias.” She said dully, continuing out the door. The five friends stared after her in complete and utter confusion.

“What just happened?” Cat asked. Everyone shrugged.

Cassidie sauntered down the street, paying no mind to anything not within a two-foot radius. She neared her alley when a thought occurred to her and she paused for a moment. Taking a moment to focus, Cassidie willed the wings to sprout from her back and took off flying, not even bothering to admire her wings at all. Landing softly on her roof, Cassidie slipped into her bedroom window and flopped onto her crimson comforter.

Sighing in relief, the blonde thought back to the last few minutes. What happened with Alex? Cassidie wondered. I know I was hurt, but still… that was a little… intense, even for me. And then to be rude to her when I’ve never been rude to her in my entire life… It might be some of the lasting jealousy. I should be over it tomorrow; right now, I’ll go for a walk.

Making sure her house was sealed, Cassidie began walking toward the park. Plodding slowly, Cassidie thought about the way she had acted and the more she thought about it, the more her mind told her that it felt bad. No! Cassidie internally shouted, arguing with herself. That’s not wicked! Ugh, I have to ask Kadmina, but how?

“I am always with you, my daughter.”

Cassidie turned in surprise to see her ancestor right behind her. “You know, you could warn someone since you are a ghost.” Cassidie put a hand over her mouth. “Oops,” she said, her eyes widening slightly. “I don’t know what’s happening.”

Kadmina’s eyes widened and she took Cassidie’s face in her hands, staring into the purple eyes. “My daughter, you must get back to the witchdoctor and tell her to fix you a potion. You need chicken soup mixed with the blood of a dog, the meat of a cat, a finger from a dead man and the dust from a woman’s grave. Do you understand that?”

Cassidie nodded and began running, with Kadmi right beside her. Crashing back into the witchdoctor’s hut, Cassidie whistled to get everyone’s attention. All of her friends quieted from their discussion of what happened and turned to her.

“Ghouls,” Cassidie said slowly. “Can I trust you?”

“Of course!” They exclaimed eagerly.

“Good, because we need to make a potion.”

Relaying what Kadmina had said, Cassidie and the others split up to find the ingredients. Cassidie set about boiling a mini-cauldron of chicken soup while Mike and Gabriella dug into some graves, Stef and Cat calmed down a dog enough to stick a needle in its paw, and Alex reluctantly killed a sick cat.

When Alex got back first, Cassidie felt a rush of warmth at seeing her crush looking so strong and powerful in her new form. Then, she thought about the kiss Alex had shared with the swamp girl and lowered her gaze. Missed my chance, the blonde sighed internally. Soon, the others were back and Cassidie began mixing the ingredients together. Taking a ladleful of the concoction, Cassidie felt a rush of pain and passed out again. Waking up seconds later, she asked, “What happened?”

“You like, went puffball on us for a sec, Cass.” Mike told her.

“Yeah,” Gabriella added. “You were acting all high and mighty to us.”

“Really?” Cassidie inquired. Everyone nodded and she ducked her head sheepishly. “Oops.” Everyone looked at Cassidie thought fully for a moment before they all shrugged and headed out. Cassidie shot a glance at Alex to see the brunette talking on her cell.

“…meet you there? Killer. Talk to you in a sec.” Snapping her phone shut, Alex turned to them. “Hey cats,” she called. “I’ve got to go. I have a date.”

“A date?” Cat and Stef exclaimed excitedly.

A date? Cassidie felt herself deflate and her shoulders drooped. While the others congratulated Alex, Cassidie slipped away back home.

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