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Chapter 13

“Curse her!” Vincent screamed. “Curse that girl and her magic! How does she continue to thwart me? I am the best of them all, the conqueror. How does she keep escaping; She’s still human!”

“Dad?” Jake said slowly. “Cassidie’s my fiend. Do we really need to get rid of her? Can’t we just keep her imprisoned, you know, in a cage?”

Vincent turned to his son. “Jacob,” the multi-colored eyed man snarled. “We are Wolfes, we conquer and destroy all in our way. She would be an ailment to our perfect body. She must go or I’ll die trying to kill her.”

Jake shook his head sadly and sighed. Just then, Marcus ran over and stood in front of Vincent. “Alpha Vincent, Oracle wishes to speak with you.”

The black wolf nodded and let Marcus guide him to Oracle’s cave. Oracle was an old blue and green wolf with only two whiskers and a stumpy tail. He sat in front of a cauldron most of the time, searching out the fates of different pack members. Transparent smoke filtered out of the cauldron around him as he peered into the smoking pot.

“Ah, Alpha Vincent. Good to see you.”

Vincent bowed his head to the oracle and said, “You requested to see me, Father?”

“Indeed.” Oracle waved for Vincent to come closer. “I have something you should see.”

Waving his paw above the cauldron, Oracle made the image in the cauldron clearer. Vincent was thrilled to see that he was casting a spell and making himself ruler of the world.

“Oracle,” Vincent breathed excitedly. “We are going to rule the world! How can I make this come true?”

“What you need,” Oracle said, waving his paw again, “is this person.” A figure appeared with purple fur, red paws and a blue-tipped cat’s tail. “This is the Keeper’s best fiend,” Oracle told him. “and her mate.”

“Mate?” Vincent asked in confusion.

“Yes, the Keeper’s mate. But neither of them may know or it can jeopardize the plan. Be careful.”

“I will, Father.” Vincent bowed to Oracle again and hurried out. “Jacob!” he called. “We need to plan. I have a foolproof way to get rid of that wretched Keeper for good. Now, are you with me?”

Jake looked up at his dad and said solemnly, “I’m with you dad.” The scarred man grinned wickedly and began formulating a plan with his son.

I can’t believe her! Alex thought angrily. After all the hints I’ve dropped, all the excuses I made to get close to her and she still doesn’t notice my feelings. Tears slowly slipped down the purple cheeks.

“‘Well of course I love you, Allie,’” Alex mocked bitterly. “‘You’re my best fiend.’ I don’t want to just be your best friend, I want to be your girlfriend. Why is that so complicated for you to understand Cassi?” But I must admit, that was the most emotion I’ve seen come out of her in years. I’m both sad and exhilarated that I can do that to her, but it doesn’t make a difference if she can’t even acknowledge my feelings.

Alex sat outside her cave-like house sadly and played with the grass on her lawn, shredding it to bits with her claws. Sniffling slightly, Alex slowly stood and plodded into her house.

“Mom?” she called. “Dad?” Receiving no answer, Alex shrugged and walked up to her room. Not bothering to turn on the lights, Alex flopped on the bed and felt arms wrap around her almost immediately.

“I missed you.” Amber said, nuzzling Alex’s hair for a bit.

Alex chuckled softly. “I wasn’t gone that long.”

“I know but I still missed you.” Amber leaned up and kissed Alex softly. After a moment, Alex pulled away and sighed.

“What’s the matter?” Amber asked, slowly beginning to massage Alex’s fur.

“It’s just…” Alex paused. “Nothing. It’s nothing.”

Amber’s fingers hesitated in her fur. “Is it Cassidie?” she asked softly.

Alex glanced up at her warily and nodded slowly. Amber sighed. “Alex, she’s the Keeper, but also your best fiend. What’s white?”

“We had a fight.”

Amber stopped and stared at her incredulously. “You and Cassidie had a fight? Over what?”

“You know how Cassi and I are the only Goths for ten miles that study advanced witchcraft?” Amber nodded. “Well, last night, she saw us together in a dream and she couldn’t sleep because of it. So she was hot with me today and said she didn’t want to talk about it. I had thought she’d found a new best fiend and when she denied it, I shouted at her and she screamed at me. Well, I think it was screaming, all she really did was raise her voice, but her eyes got these weird red outlines. But then she tried denying something she’d said and I stormed out.”

Amber’s eyebrows furrowed and she stroked Alex’s tail slowly. “I’m sorry, vamp. Don’t worry, it’ll get worse; just wait it out, ok.”

Alex nodded with a sigh and slowly began relaxing. Amber’s massaging was making her drowsy and she slowly began drifting to sleep. “Amber, that feels wicked.” She murmured.

Amber leaned down to kiss Alex’s cheek and Alex heard a crash accompanied with shattering glass. Alex’s eyes shot open to see ten or twelve wolves crowding into her room. I am going to waste a fortune on that wall. Alex thought groggily.

Then instinct and panic kicked in and Alex began running, grabbing Amber on the way. Wolves were coming through the front and back entryways as well and so Alex ducked into her parents’ room. Shoving Amber in the closet, Alex moved in behind her and listened at the door.

“Why are we in here?” Amber shrieked. “We should be jumping out the window!”

Alex smacked a large, red paw over her mouth and hissed. “Stay quiet. I think they have the house surrounded. I just need to determine whether they want to kill us or not.” Alex slowly removed her paw and listened at the door again.

“Kill us?” Amber screamed.

Bats! Alex thought as the door was kicked to pieces and the two of them were pulled out roughly. “Hey!” Alex growled, feeling tufts of her fur being ripped away. “Watch the fur.”

Two muscular wolves with identical red and orange stripes around their broad chests and toned stomachs pressed them against the wall as a black wolf paced in front of them. It growled slightly and Alex interpreted it quickly. That’s the one we need.

“Wait,” the purple wolf interrupted. “Which one of us do you need?”

Amber whimpered and slid behind Alex. “Take her!” she cried. “She’s stronger than I am. Whatever you wanna do, do it to her, just leave me alone. She’s the Keeper’s best fiend!”

Alex turned to her and asked, “Are you puffed up?”

“No, I’m scared and protecting me first, you later.”

The black wolf growled softly and one of the wolves holding the girls punched Amber hard; she went limp, knocked cold. We need the hybrid. Keep her alive; I have plans for her.

Alex gulped fearfully and stammered, “Hey cats, uh dogs, we’re all black here, right? Why do you need me? I’m no one special-.”

Silence girl. Black Wolf snarled, making Alex shut her snout immediately. Now, don’t make a sound and we won’t hurt you. Let’s move out boys. Alex whimpered slightly as she was led out of her cave and through the city toward Werewolf Forest.

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