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Chapter 21

The last new recruit had been initiated and Alex still wasn’t back yet, so Kate left the mudpit and walked over to the female Twin shyly. Cat was putting away the tattoo equipment for Alex and didn’t notice the Shapeshifter walking up.

“H-hey, Cat.” The other girl jumped slightly and turned to the metamorpher expectantly. “I-I was wondering if… you know, once this whole Wolfe thing is over, maybe you would like to, um, g-go to dinner with me?”

Cat grinned widely and Kate felt her nervousness decimate instantly. “I’d die, Kate. It would be a wicked honor to go on a date with you.”

“Really?” Kate breathed.

“Really! Cross my heart and turn to dust.”

Kate beamed at the Stewart female and raced away to tell Alex. She didn’t have to go far because Alex was already on her way back with a new recruit.

“Kate!” the purple wolf called. “Get Jake initiated.”

“Kay!” Kate squealed. “But Alex, good news. I’m going on a date with Cat. How amazing is that?”

Alex scratched her head for a moment. “That’s wicked, right?” she asked after a moment.

Kate nodded eagerly. “I’m taking her on a date!” she practically shrieked.

“That is so gruesome, Kate!” Alex exclaimed, excited for her friend.

“Um, hello?” The wolf Kate assumed was Jake waved a paw in front of them and said, “Initiation?”

“Oh, right.” Kate said. “Come on, Jake. Let’s go.” As they entered the initiation chamber, they saw Cat, Gabriella and Mike all fooling around together.

“Hey guys,” Kate called. “Alex says we need to get this Jake guy initiated.” The three friends glanced at Jake and snarled at him.

“What?” Mike growled. “No! There is no way he is becoming a part of the rebellion. He’ll double cross us before we even turn our backs!”

Jake stalked up to Mike. “I won’t betray you, Vamp-boy,” the brown wolf growled. “I just have to pledge my allegiance to Cassidie. So why don’t we make this quick so I can be on my way and you can be on yours.”

The others watched him warily as Kate ran him through the pledge and slicked him with mud and Cat tattooed him. Once that was finished, they all joined Alex in the main clearing as she was speaking to the new initiatives.

“…and so we will battle the fiendish lord that rules our monsters, thus freeing the monsters and vanquishing Vincent. Any questions?”

A few paws, hands, and fins rose and they all answered the individual questions. Kate’s mind soon began wandering to her future date with Cat. A sharp poke to her side brought Kate back to reality and she looked around to see all of the monsters either heading for the performance area or the training arenas. She glanced over at the person who had poked her and grinned at Cat’s smirk.

“Where are your thoughts?” the vampire-turned-werewolf chuckled.

“Not up here, that’s for sure.” The Shapeshifter replied.

“Hopefully not too far down there though.” Cat laughed and Kate joined in as they jumped from their rocks to a tree and began swinging in the direction of the performance clearing. They stopped for a moment because Kate heard someone speaking nearby, but Cat said she hadn’t heard anything. Kate listened intently and just as she was about to shrug it off, the voices came again, a bit louder this time. She and Cat looked below and saw Jacob speaking with another wolf with a yellow stripe just like Jake’s, but with black stripes snaking around his chest.

“…I don’t succeed, I’ll call you on my watch and you’ll send a party to help me.”

The other wolf nodded and handed Jake a dagger before leaving. “Take great care, Master Jake.” The wolf said. Jake began making his way toward the performance area and the two spies glanced at each other with wide eyes.

“We have to stop him.” Cat hissed.

Kate nodded and swooped down to transform into as many barriers as she could in Jake’s path as Cat moved ahead to warn Alex. By the time Jake finally made it to the clearing, all of the monsters were facing toward him and Alex was glaring at him from her position onstage.

“You can’t destroy us, Jake.” She said ominously as Kate morphed back into a humanoid shape and joined her onstage.

“What are you talking about, Alex?” Jake inquired, trying to look calm even though his eyes darted all along the clearing.

“Show me the knife, Jacob.” Alex said.

Jake nodded and Kate watched him closely; she was already running at Alex as the green-striped wolf threw the knife at the red-pawed one. The knife caught Kate in the stomach as she jumped in front of Alex to deflect the weapon and she slid across the stage.


“Kate, NO!” Cat and Alex both rushed to the fallen spy’s side as all of the monsters charged Jake, who was pressing a button on his watch. Rolling Kate over, the two wolves gave sighs of relief at seeing that she was still alive.

“The knife,” Kate panted heavily. “Get… the knife… out.”

Alex looked up at Cat and saw the other girl shaking her head. Alex sighed and put one hand to Kate’s stomach while grabbing the knife. Licking her lips, Alex took a deep breath before yanking the knife out as swiftly as possible. Blood spurted in its wake and Cat quickly covered the wound with her paw. Alex then chanted a healing spell and the wound gradually closed up.

Kate sat up and gave a heavy sigh. “Thank you,” she murmured to them. They nodded and the trio hurried to catch up to Jake. Entering the main clearing, they stopped dead in their tracks as multiple knives and swords were pointed in their direction.

“Let’s get’em out boys!” Jake called, walking up. Leaning close to Alex while the guards weren’t looking, he whispered, “Don’t worry, Alex, I’ll get you out. And, uh, I’m sorry about your friend, I wasn’t actually aiming to kill you. But, I’m glad she’s ok.”

Alex nodded shortly and Jake continued back to the guards. Alex grumbled to herself as she and her friends were led away.


When the wolves had taken their prisoners nearly to the edge of the forest and the wind was dying down to nothing, the trees stilled and the clouds overhead stopped whirling. Nothing moved or made a sound as everything stopped. The distant city lights went out, all noise dulled, and a chill went through the air. In a lonely clearing in the center of the forest was a tall rock and at the base of that rock lay the Keeper’s body.

Slowly, hesitantly, one tiny mouse moved to the head of the young hybrid and sniffed her cheek. Sniffing along the body, the mouse moved to a purple-furred paw. In one swift movement, the paw shot out and stroked the mouse gently and in the once-lifeless body, two red-rimmed purple eyes opened once more.

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