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Chapter 22

“Let me out!” Alex snarled, once more rattling the bars furiously.

“Alex,” Kate said, putting a hand on Alex’s shoulder gently. “We’ve only been here two hours. Just wait it out. Jake said he would come and I trust that.”

“Yeah well, I don’t.” Mike snarled. “I’m trying to figure out what that stripe on his back means.”

“Either way, we’re trapped.” Stefan said.

“So we should rest up and wait.” Caitlin added. Alex sighed and sat on the concrete next to the bars.

“Ok,” Gabriella said. “So, it’s been roughly four or five days since Cassidie’s death and we’re already in jail. What now?”

“We sit and wait.” Alex replied. “Unless someone else has a plan.”

“Don’t worry, Allie,” Kate told her. “It says in this newspaper that the king is going to announce his heir tomorrow. With any luck, it’ll be Jacob and then he’ll get us out.”

“Yeah, but it could be forever until Vincent’s dead.” Alex moaned softly.

“Well, actually,” Stefan said helpfully. “He’ll die within a week of his reign thanks to you and Cassidie.”

Alex glanced at the brown vampire-turned-wolf and said, “Huh?”

“Before we really got into the rebellion, I did some research on Vincent and his pack. Vincent is deathly allergic to vampire venom and there’s no cure for it. So, because both you and Cassi bit him, he’s to die in another two or three days.”

When Stef finished, everyone heard the soft sound of paws coming into the prison. The guards seemed to be trying to stop the person because there were the sounds of a scuffle. At the sudden slam of a prison cage closing, Alex sighed and knew that whoever it was had been apprehended. She leaned against the bars and her head dropped so that her chin rested against her chest. There was a sudden, collective gasp from the others and Alex lifted her head to look at them. They were staring at her in shock; no, not at her but at something behind her.

Glancing back, Alex spotted purple paws and white fur. Slowly moving her gaze higher, Alex gasped in both horror and surprise. “I’m seeing ghosts.” The purple-wolf murmured.

“No, Allie, I’m me. In flesh, fur, blood, mucus and whatever else I’m made of.”

“But you were dead.”

“Let’s talk about that after you cats are out and your rebellion is back together.” Cassidie unlocked the door and let her friends out before walking toward the exit.

“Cassi, how are you-?”

“Not here.” She said. “Let’s wait until we get to the clearing.”

The seven friends raced to the forest as inconspicuously as possible. When they reached the main clearing, Cassidie stopped and turned to her comrades as they crowded around her.

“Ok, I was falling, remember?” Alex and the others nodded, shuddering slightly.

“Well,” Cassidie said slowly. “There was a spell that I remembered from the book that made you look dead while really it was just storing your soul in a safe place until it was safe to return it to the body. So I didn’t die, my soul was just taken out and then put back in when the clearing was completely empty and there was little chance of anyone coming back to it.”

Cassidie stared at her friends for a moment before saying, “Now, about this rebellion of yours. What’s the name, who’s the leader and how far have you gotten?”

Alex puffed out her chest and stepped up. “It’s called the Keeper’s Angels.” She replied. “I’m the leader and we had a lot of monsters join us. Now though, everyone thinks you’re dead, we’re in jail and there’s no hope of ending this tyranny.”

Cassidie flicked her tail thoughtfully for a moment and glanced at Alex. “How do you think they’d feel about me challenging old Vince for power?”

Alex cocked her head to the side and asked, “What do you mean?”

Cassidie gave her hint of a mischievous smile and said, “I’ve got a plan, Allie.”

It feels wicked to be back. Cassidie thought as she and her friends made the rounds to the homes of people in the rebellion, telling them the plan was still on. Cassidie had disguised herself as a black wolf with white spots, blue paws and a completely brown tail. As she went around with Alex, no one noticed her voice; they merely thought she was another strangely colored wolf helping to put Vincent in his place. They all met in the main clearing once more, this time posting scouts in the trees to watch for danger.

Cassidie sat on the rock with Alex and spoke as her best friend flicked her tail. “We’re thinking that we could attack at Jacob’s coronation in two days. Alex here will fight Vince while the rest of us take down his armed forces. Now, what we need to do is find out where they’re keeping the ammunition for the crossbows and other weapons. I prefer the ones from my house, but unless we have monsters in this crowd who can make weapons, we’ll have to swipe some from Vince. Any questions?”

A webbed paw rose and Cassidie nodded to the girl it had come from. “Who are you?” she asked suspiciously.

“That is not of any importance just yet.” Cassidie replied calmly. “Right now, just know I’m a friend.”

A bandaged hand went up and Cassidie nodded at the man. “How do we know we can trust you if we don’t know you.”

Cassidie chuckled darkly. “Trust me,” she told him. “Everyone in this clearing knows me. Now, any questions about the mission?”

No more hands or paws went up, so Cassidie stepped back and let Alex speak. The purple wolf moved up and addressed the gathered rebels. “Alright,” she said seriously. “I need a small group of monsters who can help me track down the armory. I need some monsters that are quick and agile and other monsters that can carry large heavy amounts. Any volunteers?”

Several paws went up, dotted here and there with hands and fins. Alex nodded and called some of those wolves, vamps, and other monsters before taking off for the city to search. When they were gone, Cassidie took command once more.

“Now, on the prince’s coronation day, the battle will take place. Everyone needs to make sure their fighting techniques are stable and well-practiced. If there’s nothing else, you are dismissed.” Cassidie watched as the monsters filed out and relaxed a bit.

“Hey Cass?” Cassidie turned to the two spies and raised a questioning eyebrow. “Would you like to train with us?” Kate asked.

“Since it’s going to be you fighting Vincent and not Alex.” The Twin added. Cassidie nodded and followed the two to the training clearing, anticipating the next two days.

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