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Chapter 24

Katheryn and Caitlin slowly peered around the corner and motioned for Stefan and Cassidie to come with them. Stealthily walking down the hall, the trio of spies led their Mistress through the maze of hallways and made it to the dungeon. Kate glanced at the two wolves guarding the dungeon door and melted into water. Sliding forward, she materialized in front of them and made them start in surprise.

Using this to her advantage, Kate jabbed both wolves in their throats and sent them slumped to the floor, unconscious. Motioning to the others, Kate pushed the large doors open and peered inside. Just as the other three were moving forward, Kate saw Cassidie cock her head and turn in the opposite direction.

“Cassidie!” Kate growled to her.

“Get Alex,” Cassidie commanded. “I have to check something important.”

Kate sighed in frustration, but turned back to the initial mission. There were cells lining the walls so the spies crept along the walls, looking for Alex. They were nearly to the end when Stefan called out to the other two.

“Here she is.” he whispered.

Kate glanced in and saw darkness, but just barely visible was a red paw. “Alex!” She hissed excitedly. The paw twitched and retracted into the darkness as something moved in the shadows.

“What are you cats doing here?” Alex asked groggily.

“We’re here to rescue you.” Stefan told her matter-of-factly.

“I told Cassidie not to send a rescue party!” Alex growled.

“Well, she was a part of the rescue party, but she went off somewhere in the palace while we came looking for you.” Kate said.

She did what?” Alex screamed. “And you let her go off in enemy territory alone?

“Well, our main target was you. She said to find you.”

“Yeah, but the guy that lives here killed her!”

“Alex,” Kate said sharply. “Calm down so we can get you out.”

Alex snarled under her breath but complied. “Why did Cassi send a party now when the coronation isn’t until this afternoon?”

“Because Cassi’s paranoid that something will happen if we try to break you out any later.” Stefan explained as the two female spies took out miniature saws and began cutting away at the bars. Finally enough bars had been cut away that Alex could squeeze through. Before they left Alex cast a repairing charm on the bars and put a magical hologram of herself in the cage.

“Let’s go!” she said.

Kate led them through the hallways and once they nearly ran into Vincent. Luckily, Kate turned into a portion of the wall and covered them all just in time. Vincent stopped to look at their portion of wall for a moment before moving on. Kate transformed back and the group hurried away once more.

As they were leaving the castle, Kate glanced back and noticed something: there was no one in sight. Kate narrowed her eyes and tapped Alex making the brunette turn to her.

“Look around,” Kate ordered.

Alex glanced around and noted the absence of anyone. “Something’s not right.” she murmured. “Come on cats,” she called to the Twins. “Not that way.”

They raced to the back entranceway and slipped out, heading for the clearing. “I hope Cassidie made it out alright.” Kate muttered, looking back up at the large palace.

Cassidie slowly slipped through the palace, making her way up to the roof as inconspicuously as she could. Hearing more arguing, the disguised wolf made her way up to the roof to see Vincent in human form arguing with an old green and blue wolf.

“…told me!”

“You chose not to look!” the old wolf snarled back.

“You could have told me anyway, I didn’t have to look for you to tell me.”

“It was your own fault for being too arrogant to think!”

Vincent shifted into wolf form and batted at the older wolf, raking his claws along the wolf’s side. The elder wolf howled in pain as Vincent continued raining blows upon him.

At last, Cassidie couldn’t take anymore and she stepped out of the shadows. “Your Majesty,” she said with a bow.

“What!” Vincent roared at her. Cassidie lifted her head and stared at him levelly.

“The guards outside the dungeon wish to speak with you.”

Vincent snarled at her and turned back to the bleeding old wolf. “You will tell me from now on, Oracle, or you will be locked in the dungeon with that purple-furred girl.”

Vincent turned on his heal and stormed into the palace. Cassidie rushed forward to the old wolf and helped him to his feet.

“Leave me,” he said. “It is my time to go.”

“Not if I have something to say about it.” Cassidie said, putting on Alex’s necklace. Chanting a healing spell, she felt the power rush through her and the old wolf began healing.

“You-you healed me.” He whispered. “Who are you?”

“To you? A friend. Come on, before Vincent realizes that his guard dogs have fallen asleep and comes back in an even worse mood.”

The green-blue wolf nodded and they disappeared into the palace. Cassidie easily led the wolf through the palace and to the forest. She climbed onto the large rock and sat down, looking down at the gray wolf.

“Who are you?” the wolf asked again.

“That will be revealed soon enough.” Cassidie told him cryptically. Just then there was a rustling in the bushes and Cassidie jumped down in front of Oracle to stand protectively in front of him.

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