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Chapter 27

“Ok, I guess.” Cassidie slowly sat up and gave her friends a small smile. “Wanna go to the Maul?”

They all laughed at this and stood to go to their favorite hanging spot. They were just walking into the food court when Cassidie saw Alex cock her head to the side. They continued to their table as Cassidie asked, “What are you-?” Just then, she heard it too and the sound made her growl in anger.


The entire group looked up to see Amber strolling over. The guys stood and surrounded the girls with crossed arms while Cat and Kate moved closer to the two hybrids.

“Hey, baby,” Amber gushed. “I’m glad to see you’re alright. How are you feeling?”

“Fine, Amber.” Alex replied icily. “What do you want?”

“Just to spend some time with my girlfriend, that’s all.”

Cassidie’s eyes narrowed. “Why you-!” Cat and Stef quickly covered her mouth as a slew of curses were uttered.

Alex turned back to Amber. “I thought I wasn’t your girlfriend anymore.” She said coldly.

“Nonsense!” Amber said in a sugary voice that made Alex’s stomach curl in disgust. “I love you remember?”

“No. All I remember is you tossing me to the wolves. Literally.”

“Yeah, sorry about that. But I thought they wanted to mate and since you’re stronger and prettier then why not have you go?”

Cassidie had had enough. Raising her fist, she moved forward to punch Amber down, but Alex stopped her.

“No.” the purple wolf hissed.

“What?” Cassidie shouted, making everyone stop at this sudden display of emotion. “She sold you out to the guy who tried to kill both of us and you’re going to just let her walk away?”

“It’s because she loves me.” Amber teased. “Unlike you Pure Soul. Now back off my girlfriend before I get my girls to take you down.”

Cassidie turned to the swamp girl and roared at her, making her and the rest of the court shake in fear.

“I don’t love you.” Alex snarled at the muck-covered girl, holding Cassidie back with the help of Cat and Kate. “You could be dirt in an alley for all I care.”

“Well at least I keep better company.” Amber’s voice had gone cold and everyone apart from Alex and Cassidie shivered. “I mean, seriously, these monsters are losers. Who wants a Spanish geek covered in bandages, an athlete with a bad leg, a double-crossing dog and a shape-changer? Not to mention two bloodsuckers that no one can tell apart and a dog that thinks it’s a cat. How much more lame can you get? I mean-ouch!”

Alex shook her fist out to make sure it didn’t sting too badly. “Don’t insult my friends!” she hissed. “Especially not the werepire that just worked to save your ungrateful tail!”

She was going to punch the bleeding Amber again, but a paw on her shoulder stopped her. Cassidie moved forward and aimed a careful punch at the swamp monster, making her fly across the room and slam into the wall. No one moved for a moment until Cassidie clapped her hands to get rid of nonexistent dust.

“At least we aren’t so dirty no one knows our skin or hair color.” She scoffed, sitting back down and motioning for everyone else to do the same.

“Hey Cassi,” Mike said. “D’you mind changing us back now? This fur is making me itchy and I think I’m attracting fleas.”

Cassidie gave a dry chuckle and waved her hands. “Ochtu bligthor notem.”

There was a flash and they all went to their original forms: the fur disappearing from Michael, Caitlin and Stefan as Gabriella’s fur shortened and her bandages came back. Cassidie’s fur shortened as well and her ears shortened, as did her muzzle. Mike’s leg came back as dead as ever and the process was complete.

Alex sat next to Cassidie and asked timidly, “How did you know she sold me out?”

“I thought she was cheating on you at first. Then she told me how you two broke up once Vincent captured you and I almost strangled her because of it.”

“Yeah,” Mike chuckled. “Cassidie was all like, ‘No one sells out Alex and gets away with it’. It was totally wicked and kind of scary.”

Alex smiled at Cassidie and Cassidie gave her a shadow of a lopsided grin in return.

The friends talked about what they were going to do for the remainder of the summer until one very important question arose: “Hey, can you cats teach me about what really goes on in Midnight Haven Academy?”

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