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Chapter 7

Gabriella began by saying, “Here’s how my parents told it.” Cassidie and Michael leaned in as their best fiend began telling the story.

Long ago, there walked monsters of all kinds. They were all equal and there were no forms of government or authority. There were alphas and leaders of course, but it was still an equality thing for everyone. The werewolf cubs frolicked with the vampire fledglings and the mummies used their bandages to keep the zombies together. The sea monsters splashed in the water and the Pegasus and griffins soared through the skies. Unlike the puffball scientists’ theory of humans evolving from monkeys, monsters actually have a spell cast upon them to make them look human.

Here’s how it happened.

There were multiple different monster species and they all got along fangtasticly. They were all content with the equality and for a long time, everything was killer. But, one group of monsters wasn’t satisfied with the equality. Meeting every day, this group plotted ways to destroy the peace and establish themselves as the form of authority. They wanted to mark their leader, a vicious werewolf-mummy-zombie-vampire that craved power, as the leader over all monsters. Planning and strategizing, the monsters came up with a way to overthrow the peace. Finally, the day came and the band of monsters attacked.

Sinking their teeth, claws and spiked tails into everything in sight that wasn’t a child, the group soon had every monster on the planet frightened and quivering. Making their leader the ruler of everything, all monsters soon found out that he was a horrible tyrant that made children wait on him and adults do all the hard labor. He ruled for years and everyone was a perky puffball during his reign. If a rebellion was ever formed, they were hunted down and ripped apart. It was a very terrible time if you get my drift.

But then a newer, more powerful rebellion formed and they were fiercer than the tyrant’s army. Every time a sector came to beat them down, it was mauled and then the soldiers were questioned for information. Once they had what they wanted, the rebels gave the soldiers a quick death and continued trying to free the monsters from the ruler’s power.

At last, it was time to set the rebellion into true action and the rebels marched toward the palace singing their fight song. As they marched, other monsters joined them and soon, the rebellion’s forces were four times larger than it had been before. The tyrant saw them coming from the roof of the palace and smiled in contempt, telling his army to annihilate them. But he forgot to put one thing into the equation: his army was much smaller than the rebellion.

The army surged forward toward the rebellion and the rebels charged to meet the soldiers head-on. For the next several hours, the battlefield was ultimate chaos. Everywhere you turned, bodies of soldiers were falling under frantic monsters desperate for freedom. Finally, the leader of the rebellion, a purebred werewolf-vampire fem-monster, stepped up and challenged the ruler to a one-on-one duel. The tyrant laughed at her boldness and accepted. The two began circling each other; where the ruler was measuring his opponent’s strengths, the rebel measured his weaknesses.

The ruler charged and the leader of the rebels grabbed him by the tail before he could hit her. Swinging him around, she punched him repeatedly. But, the ruler threw a cheap shot and sank his claws into her stomach, making her drop him and stagger back a few steps. He clawed at her nose and ripped one of her ears before kicking her in her wounded stomach. The leader sank to her knees in pain and the ruler stood over her, laughing maniacally.

He began walking away, believing he had defeated her, but the leader wouldn’t be beaten so easily. With her magic, the leader healed most of her wounds, leaving a long jagged scar on her stomach. She growled at the ruler and he turned back around with a smirk on his snout. Jumping up like a mad scientist lightning flash, the leader slashed at the ruler’s face and clawed him to shreds before pushing his body off the roof of the palace.

Using her magic, the leader set all of the monsters free again. Everyone cheered victoriously and all of the monsters kneeled to her, making her their new ruler. During her reign, the new ruler put all of the spells she used against evil in a book to keep them safe for her heirs and she experimented with metal and wood, discovering multiple weapons that could be used in place of claws and teeth.

The leader of the rebels remained ruler for many years, but she only had one child, a girl, and it’s a mystery what type of monster she gave birth to.” Here, Gabriella shot Cassidie a furtive wink, before continuing. “So she cast a spell on everyone and made them, what the puffball scientists call human. Then she enchanted her child and hid her spellbook. Her daughter could only have one child (also female) and when the time came, her heir would find the book millennia later. Those unfaithful to the ruler’s favorite color would forever remain weak and human, but those faithful to her color, even if not to her, would transform back into their monster forms once the book was found.

But she laid down some requirements for the chosen keeper of her book. The person that her book chooses will have been orphaned at a young age by uncaring parents and she would have to work hard during her life to understand the hardships she has to go through once she found the book. She would need loyal, trustworthy friends at her side so they could help her decide the world’s fate. She must be pure of heart, still have her blood innocence and-.”

Both Mike and Gabriella glanced at Cassidie and burst into raucous laughter. Cassidie stared at them blankly and asked, “What?”

“And- and-.” Both teens grinned at Cassidie and said together, “Be completely untouched!”

They burst into another bout of laughter as Cassidie ducked her head in utter embarrassment. “Oh.” she huffed.

“I can’t believe it!” Michael roared.

“That means you’ve never even kissed a boy!” Gabriella sniggered, wiping at her eyes.

“Have you?” Cassidie challenged, which shut them both up because Mike was straight and everyone knew Gabriella was a lesbian. “Didn’t think so.” Cassidie leaned back with a slightly smug smile tugging at her lips. “Keep going Gabbs.”

Gabriella nodded and went on. “The only problem is, though they don’t know it at first, all monsters know who someone’s mate is going to be even before those two mates find eachother. But no one knows who your mate is.” Gabriella leaned forward and whispered, “Though I have an idea who it could be.” She giggled, leaning back and continuing. “But until we find your mate, the legacy can’t continue. I mean you could fall in love, but you wouldn’t be connected the way you needed to be.”

Cassidie nodded and turned to Mike. “Did you hear about the same?”

“Yeah, but my parents spiced it up a bit. They added details, like how harsh the punishments were and the goriness of the final battle. They also gave me names and stuff like that, almost like our history books in school.”

“What were they?” Cassidie asked.


“What were the names and the places and the details?”

“Well, the main names are the rebellion which was Rising Rule, the tyrannical ruler Kunjac, and the rebellion leader-.”

“Kadmina.” Cassidie breathed. Mike and Gabriella stared at her and Cassidie murmured, “I heard it in a dream.” Her fiends quirked an eyebrow so Cassidie tried to offer a brief explanation.

“And the fight song was playing in the background; I didn’t know the language, but I still understood the words. ‘We will fight till the end, if you can’t comprehend: if you ever come back we’ll make your world turn black…’” Cassidie trailed off as the dream from four nights ago came back to her. Now, the dream was starting to make sense and a large number of Cassidie’s questions had been answered, only to be replaced with new ones. “So, wait-?”

Just then, an enticing aroma filled her nostrils. It was mangos and cherries and coco butter and wildflowers and a hint of jasmine. It was nearly intoxicating. Cassidie repressed a soft moan as her body was instantly drawn to the smell and she followed her nose to the source. Leaning against the cash register of Los Vampiros and speaking to a customer, was a stunning vampire-werewolf hybrid. The hybrid was covered mainly in purple fur with red paws, a blue-tipped tail and black stomach and chest fur. Cassidie stared at the hybrid for a moment before realizing that it was her major crush and long-time best fiend, Alex Mendez.

Cassidie checked her platinum edition, Batz© watch and found that Alex’s Saturday shift was about to end. As if on cue, a black and gray wolf arrived and shot a flirty smile at Alex. Alex laughed in reply and gave the darker wolf a wink, making Cassidie’s eyes narrow in jealousy. Shaking it off, Cassidie watched Alex walk over. Gabriella noticed Cassidie’s gaze and shot the human girl a wink, moving over to sit beside Mike so Alex could sit next to Cassidie.

“Gabby!” Cassidie stated softly.

“Ah-ah. You’re the one keeping secrets, so you’re going to endure the torture.”

“Sometimes I wish I hadn’t told you about my crush-.”

“But you did, so now you have to deal with it.” The bandaged werewolf chuckled.

Cassidie turned back to watch Alex walk toward them. She noted the purple fur with the black chest and stomach and red paws as well as the feline tail ending in a blue tip. Cassidie’s gaze rose further and she took in Alex’s purple-rimmed, red eyes and soft, sweet smile. As Alex walked up, Cassidie saw a slim, curvaceous body and confident gait.

“Hey ghouls and germ, what’s black?” Cassidie gave Alex a small head nod, noting the underlying purr in the purple-furred girl’s voice. Alex took the seat next to Cassidie and turned to the pale girl.

“Hey Cassi,” she said in her soft, melodious voice.

“Hey Alex,” Cassidie replied softly, almost shyly.

“Killer day, Mistress?” The smirk on Alex’s face clearly stated that she didn’t think too much of using the title.

“Very wicked, Peasant.” Cassidie replied, using no intonation, but giving Alex a flash of a small smile.

Alex grinned at her happily. “I’m glad. So how does being the ruler of the world feel?”

“It hasn’t completely hit me yet. I mean, this sort of thing only happens in movies and books. So it’s taking some getting used to.”

“Subject change?” Alex asked.

"Would be chiller.” Cassidie replied monotonously.

“Are you going to sing tonight at the Bat?” Alex inquired excitedly.

Cassidie ducked her head thoughtfully, remembering her other job as the lead singer for her band, Cassidie Powers and the Carnage Angels, every other night at the Bat Club. The Bat Club was the horriblest, gruesomest, most morbid club in all of Midnight Haven that allowed only underage people.

The Carnage Angels was made up of Michael as the rapper and pianist, The Stewart Twins—Caitlin and Stefan—as the bass player and the drummer respectively, and their friend Jacob Wolfe as the lead guitarist and backup vocals.

The band always kept an extra guitar just in case they ever needed two guitarists or if Jake was sick. An unknown fact was that Cassidie played a little guitar in her free time when not doing her homework, but she didn’t want anyone to know that just yet. Cassidie wasn’t sure if she wanted to perform tonight, but looking into Alex’s large brown eyes, she couldn’t say no.

“Yeah,” Cassidie replied dully. “We’ll perform that song, Always Extraordinary, you know, by that hard-core Goth chick, Anita Longhorn.”

Alex’s eyes lit up and Cassidie felt a slight warm sensation in her chest and stomach at knowing she caused it. “Killer!” Alex exclaimed. “I’ll be there watching.”

She shot a bright smile at Gabriella, which the bandaged wolf returned, and at Mike which he also returned with a flirtatious wink, causing Cassidie to feel the jealousy return ten-fold. Grumbling something about going to shop, Cassidie hurriedly withdrew from the table before she did something harmful to Mike’s bum leg. Stepping into Bloody Mary’s, Cassidie began perusing through the shelves as her thoughts wandered to Alex.

“All monsters have mates already set,” she whispered, “It would be the wickedest thing in the world if Alex was set to be mine.” the young Goth sighed. “But with my luck, it’s extremely probable she’s not.”

As Cassidie picked out an outfit to take to the dressing room, her thoughts turned into daydreams about her best fiend.

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