Saving Kai

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β€œExactly what do you want me to do with Kai?” I said aloud, realizing how unclear I was. β€œThere’s a lot of grey area in that question, Kynlee Faith,” he said, coughing into his fist. β€œJust know that whatever you are in this world, I’m making you a hero in the fictional one.” β€œBut, how exactly am I supposed to save those two?” β€œIf you don’t know,” he started with a smile. β€œFinding out will be an adventure.” β€œAre you sure this is going to make a good story?” β€œCertainly. You start with Kai since that’s easier. There is only one way of saving him...” β€œYes?” β€œMake him fall in love with you.” β€œExcuse me?” I almost choked on my saliva. β€œYes, dear. You’re already obsessed with him. In fact, I think you might be in love with him. Just make him feel the same way.” β€œErr…isn’t that a bit cruel?” β€œNonsense. You’d be taking him out of his misery. Love can change people and if Kai backs down perhaps so will Locklyn.” 24 year-old Kynlee Ryker is the only one who can help her grandfather write his last book. However, despite being the granddaughter of a bestselling author, Kynlee has no idea how to write a story. While battling osteosarcoma herself, Kynlee puts her own life on hold and agrees to comfort her grandfather during his last days. Luca Brazen, diagnosed with lung cancer, has only a few days to live yet a whole book to finish writing. He decides to reveal a huge secret to her...

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Author's Note

Saving Kai is a very loose Little Mermaid retelling and has been inspired by many movies such as The Neverending Story, The Chronicles of Narnia, Goosebumps, The Wizard of Oz and Alice In Wonderland.

I know all those storylines combined together sounds confusing and absurd but they just inspired me.

And I know how much some people love books with dual point-of-view, and so do I. Saving Kai is told from the perspectives of Kynlee Faith Ryker and Kai Bonavich.

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for picking my book!

For my siblings. Sure, we fight, but at least we don’t wage war against each other...

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