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A fairy's whisper

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It was hard to understand... There are many things we call myths and legends that defy logic.. Love is one of those, though we dabble in it everyday.. But what about fairy's, can they exist?

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Cause and effect

You ever wonder why some people turn out so optimistic. It’s because at a young age, they heard the talk of a fairy. Believe it or not, it’s true. Now, most people don’t believe in them anymore, in fact, that’s why a fictional story is called a fairytale. But I once listened to such a seemingly fictional story, spoken to me and it was actually spread out over many days. It was almost a ‘week long trek’ of a woman, telling me of such a belief of such creatures is actually possible. It started out as a weird connection with this, and yes, attractive woman, and me trying to deny such a tale as the truth. In this trek, along the way, it just added up in the strangest of ways.. To the point I realized all the small ‘physical’ things I noticed along the path of this strange woman’s tale were things I couldn’t ignore, and her story.. I began to believe, that maybe.. fairy’s do exist.

See, I’m a writer. Making this more unblievable, I'm also a fiction writer. No, I'm not well known, in fact I’m unknown.. Though I’d placed out a few books by ‘self-publication’.. Which, takes influence, hard leg work and the one thing I didn’t have enough money. Ergo, why I’d drinking 75cent drafts in a dive bar.

I got maybe $50 bucks to last me over the next week, unless I drum up a few customers. But here, now, I was just wondering how to write a manuscript that a traditional publisher ‘might’ pick up. I’d had so many ‘rejection notices’, two in yesterday’s mail alone. And if you only realized how much ‘printing’ and mailing 5 pound of paper costs.. Times 5, and you’d understand why I was drowning my sorrows in a cheap beer. A month's rent already lost on this.. and just I'm struggling to make ends meet.

Opening scene.. I was mentally boggled, just sitting at one of my favorite dives near my rented small one bedroom house. The bar was famous for it’s pool table, karaoke and ‘mostly’ a thin crowd during the day. But but this day it was quaint and unusually quite, giving me time to think. Most used it as a great place to unwind, after a hard days work. I was sipping a draft trying to figure out my next step to becoming known as a famous writer..

So, small chats with the bar keep named Lisa, I tried not to evolve her curiosity into my mood, and I’m now on my second mug of suds, sipping on my brew as a fairly pretty girl happened to walk in.

Now, I’m not a door watcher, actually, I’d never seen her come in. After ordering a cheap draft herself, I took notice that she had actually sat down next to me. In a glance I didn’t recognize her, but I wasn’t scoping out girls as of this point in my life. I was actually wanting to be alone, having a rough day at my door knocking for yard work and thinking of why my manuscript had never raised an eyebrow, I was in my own world.

Having been in here quite a few times before and knowing about when the rowdy crowd would start filling up the place, I just wanted to ‘think out’ my next move. She just smiled at me, and I seemed to have caught her eye. And me, not wanting any interaction here, I openly stated (actually just to get a reaction from her, hoping she stay to herself with my trite words.),

“Little over dressed for this bar.. Sure you got the right place?”

She looked at me, as the bartender approached me with a rather weird look of her own. Like I said, the work day hadn’t panned out well, and I wasn’t in the best of moods, but here. I got ‘two’ women acting weird towards me. Just great. I figured she’d blow me off and turn away or at the least move a few stool’s over., Either one would have been fine, but Nooo,

“Oh, we got temper today..” Lisa the barkeep sassed me, but still curious as to why this woman had sat down next to me. “I think he’s had his shots.. but, not so sure about his manner’s training.” Lisa smiled, then asked her what she wanted to drink. I just tried to say neutral, eyeing my own drink.

“Those are usually the best kind,” This woman said, and smiled back at Lisa as the two seemed to eye the other’s intent, then both had shifted there gaze to me.

I just wanted to be alone. Without a word, took my beer and went and sat at a table across the room. I wasn’t even paying attention as this woman had followed me, now standing next to me as I sat down at the table. She had her own beer in hand..?

“Okay. So, what’s the story here?” I asked, realizing she had singled me out. At first I thought she wanted an apology from me, which, would have been fine. But, she smiled, even seeing that I wasn’t in the greatest mood and stated,

“... You want a story? I’ll tell you what, I get to drink free as long as your interested in ‘my story’.. Deal?” She said as she continued to smile at me. I tried to ignore her. I looked past her to Lisa, who had a most interesting look on her face. It took me a second of this eye to eye contact, that something was going on here. but throwing causion to the wind by my foul mood, turning back looking up at her, I smirked stating,

“Sure. Why not,” I said, figuring she’d maybe fleece me for a drink or two. $3, 4 bucks, what the hell, “...As long as I don’t have to talk..” I concluded.

“That’s the ‘second rule’..”

“Second rule?” I again looked up. She was pretty easy to look at.

“That you don’t talk while I’m telling the story.. EVER.” She smiled, still standing there.

“Okay, no problem with this so far.. But, I get to break it off the second I’m no longer interested in it, okay? And you go about your way..” I eyed her.

“But., if you do interrupt, or we do get interrupted while I'm telling it.. I get a dollar.” She spoke back.

“Hum, a dollar.” I eyed her. “So, what’s this story about? I should know at least that much before I agree to anything,” I stated, not liking where this might go.

“Fair enough. ..Do you believe in fairies?” She quickly stated.

I almost laughed out loud. Yet, she did have my interest peaked with this question of an answer.

“What? Like Peter Pan’s Tinker Bell?” I asked smiling seeing this as an almost delightful way to take my mind off the day’s work,

“Yeah. Tinker Bell, fairies...” She stated, eyeing me while taking her first sip of her drink as she stood there.

“Okay, this should be worth a beer or two, sure, have a seat..” I actually said as she smiled kindly at me and pulled out a seat across from me and got comfortable in it.

“And to be square on this, the second rule.. Every time you interrupt me or we get interrupted, I get a dollar. So, is it a deal?” She smiled as if she already had a plan in that head of hers.

“You want a dollar, if I interrupt, Really?” I asked, smelling a con here. (I’d just spent almost $2 and that left me $48..)

“...and this rule applies for ‘the whole story’, or, like we agreed, as long as you are interested.. So, is it a deal?” She added, again, her smile was one of pure charm.

“Um. You mean.. I got to stay quiet while your telling me this story?” I questioned, though that wouldn’t be hard with a face like hers.

“Yes, the whole story.. Whenever I’m telling it, ..deal?” She quietly said, taking another sip, again almost hiding behind the mug.

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