Goddess of the moon bk4 “Demon goddess”

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Half goddess half demon. Being the first born female from the blood line of both Luna, the goddess of the moon and Hades god of death, Rey Reed is the princess of light and of darkness. She alone holds the power to bring balance to a world of werewolves and vampires. If she can control it.

Fantasy / Romance
Shelly Gray
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Chapter 1: Princess

What does a half demon, half goddess do when she has an overbearing, overprotective big brother dictating her life? Most would probably bask in the limelight of royalty. I wasn’t most. No, I was running away! Actually I was just going to grandmother's house a few cities away. My older brother, Cadence, was proving to be the biggest most powerful alpha second to my father, Max Reed. I was still struggling to find my inner wolf. At 21 years old I had never shifted, not into a wolf, nor a vampire as some had feared what my demon blood would turn me in to. My brother saw it as a weakness and treated me like a mere mortal girl. Constantly intervening in my choice of mates. Well, none of them were actually mate choices, just curious potential flings given my hormones were all out of whack. I was an adult and like any adult I have needs.

Being born into the largest most dominant pack of all the world, it had been expected that I would have found my inner wolf and possibly a mate by the time I was 18. Something inside me always felt off balance, and my overprotective brother seemed like he was never going to let me find a mate. He would only allow me to be with a wolf, worthy by his standards, that he could trust to care for me. The only one he ever deemed worthy, yet would never allow, was his best friend, second in command and my biggest pain in the ass, Drake Duncan. Drake being a descendant and named after the third wolf Drake Duncan was an ideal candidate, and by definition a godly specimen with his clean cut longer at the top straight black hair, sun-kissed skin though we rarely see the sun. His golden flaked always serious eyes. His beyond rippled 8 pack abs and overly curvy muscles that define his adonis like body.

Drake: See something you like princess?

His voice breaks my obvious ogling him as I remain perched on the bench under the oak tree near the enchanted lake with sketch book in hand. I had a crush on Drake since he came into my brother's pack 8 years ago, but he has never looked at me as anything other than his best friend's annoying little sister. It could be that my brother threatened to ban him from the pack if he ever tried anything with me, not that he would have considering how he treats me, and the countless lovers I have seen at his side over the years, while he and Cadence keep me from having any. It doesn’t stop me from admiring his nakedness as he rises out of the water, stalking me like a predator with mischief in his eyes. The way his long thick, vein pulsing, hard cock stood full attention had my nipples painfully hard. Wait, his what? My eyes shift to his. Something had changed in the way he was looking down on me. In a blink of an eye his glistening tip was hovering near my face as he stood above me.

Drake: You want my cock princess?

I gasped at the sheer size of it, but nod while biting my lower lip. He sways his hips so the tip runs against my bottom lip and my tongue darts out to taste him. My lips part as he slowly advances himself further.

Drake: You want me to fuck that virgin pussy of yours after I finish fucking this pretty little mortal mouth?

Before I can nod, I am suddenly thrown backward slamming into the tree. Drake morphs into a red-eyed, grey skinned demon with a sinister laugh. He grips my throat with one hand dragging my back up against the tree till our eyes are level. Bright red and yellow flames flicker in his now blackened eyes. Screams of a thousand lost souls echo as darkness begins to engulf my lifeless body deprived of oxygen.

Drake: Wake up princess.

Drake's voice cuts through again, only this time when I open my eyes I am in the front passenger seat of Drake's black F250 truck parked in the driveway of my grandparents' old cabin in Snake River.

Drake: You've got a little drool!

He points at the side of my face and I flinch at the movement. The taken aback questioning look he gives is enough for me to realize it was all just a dream and makes me feel bad for a second. I suck in a deep breath wiping my face on the sleeve of my hoodie and reach for the door handle when his large hand grips my arm. I whip my head around and he quickly retreats throwing his hands up.

Drake: What’s gotten into you? One second you’re moaning my name, the next you’re throwing me death glares.

I ignore his ignorance and throw open the door a little too hard causing it to bend back a little. I just as easily unbend it with the wave of my hand as I close it. Drake gets out towering over me with a menacing look as his eyes shift between the door of his truck and me. I shake my head and step around him heading up the steps to the cabin that once belonged to my great-grandmother Celia.

Drake: You forgetting something princess?

I look back as Drake flings my bag at me from the back of the truck. I catch the bag causing his smirk to disappear as if shocked that I was able to catch it. My grandmother Willow thought it would be good for me to stay at their cabin while she and my grandfather Liam are up north visiting my great-uncle Conor, the alpha of the Cordova pack. It was my only means to escape my brother for a bit, but of course he insisted Drake tag along for my protection even though my uncle Thomas and his wife Gwendolyn live nearby along with my cousin Alexander. My great-uncle Luke and great-aunt Liv are just on the other side of town.

I make my way through the house waving my hand to close the door in Drake's face, before heading up to the loft which used to be my grandmother's art studio, but has now become mine as well as my spare room. Tossing the bag aside I fall to the bed and close my eyes. Immediately the images of Drake come in full steam causing me to squeeze my thighs together as the wetness pulls to my center. I am too soon jolted from the bed as the door slams shut. Drake mumbles some profanities as his heavy feet stomp to the back guest room which happens to be right below me. I hear the squeak of the bed as he sinks down to it and lets out a huff. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know it’s dark out. The moon is a sliver away from being full as it cascades through the window causing my heart to thump loudly against my chest.

There’s a faint whisper coming from outside. When I look out the window I see something dark flash by. With great curiosity I sneak out the front door to investigate. I hear and feel the whisper again as if carried through the breeze like a kiss on my cheek. Catching sight of the dark flash just past the trees, I follow. The temperature suddenly drops and I can see my own breath though I am not bothered by the cold.

Voice: Hello princess.

A soft spoken voice with a bit of an English accent has me turning on my heels in search of where it’s coming from. There is no one there. Suddenly the hair on my arms and the back of neck rises as a tingling chill passes through my spine.

Voice: I’ve been waiting for you.

The voice whispers in my ear. His breath hot on my neck. I whip around quickly, but still I remain alone. I take a deep steady breath waving my hands around into a ball creating a light. The ball hovers in the palm of my hand as I hold it up. For a split second I catch an image near a tree a few feet in front of me. Pale blue eyes piercing mine. Skin as pale as the moon. Black hair trimmed perfectly to the side. He stands but an inch or two below Drakes 6’4” sporting a well fitted grey suit. He blinks slowly as he widens his smile baring sharp fangs. Drawn to him like a sailor to a siren's call, I barely feel my feet move beneath me. His hand reaches up to my cheek as his lips find mine. The light in my hand flickers as I close my eyes allowing myself to drown in his warm embrace as his hands wrap around my lower back. The snapping of a stick has my lids flying open and turning in that direction. The handsome vampire is gone as I am now facing the grimacing face of a pissed off Drake. My light goes out leaving only his tall silhouette by the glow of the moon.

Drake: What the fuck are you doing out here?

I scoff and storm past him back into the house with embarrassment. Either I was just sleepwalking and dreamed the whole thing, or I had just been compelled by a vampire. I touch my fingers to my lips. It felt real and somehow familiar. The second his lips touched mine I felt it, like that first spark that ignites a flame. Something I had only ever felt once before on my 16th birthday when Drake kissed me. It was the first and last time. He says he hadn’t meant to, that it was because he was drunk. With butterflies fluttering through me like a school girl that’s just been kissed for the first time, my inner light glows as I bounce up the stairs. Real or not, I was on cloud nine. I plug in my grandmother's old IPod and turn up the volume to her Imagine Dragons' play list. “Cool out” pops up as the first song causing me to laugh at the memory. It was the same freaking song that was playing in the background at my 16th birthday just after Drake!

Another slammed door and I hear Drake kicking something in the room below. Followed by a loud growl. There was no mistaking the heat coming off of Drake as he came out like an alpha male protecting his female. But I was not his female. He’s never shown interest, nor would my brother allow it. Sometimes it seems he’ll never allow any man to be in my life. It’s why I don’t plan on returning home. That, and the fact I have yet to turn wolf, making me feel I don’t belong in my brother's pack. I close my eyes absorbing the next song allowing it to flow through me and into the brush across the canvas.

Drake's perspective:

If only she knew how hard I was on the drive here when she fell asleep and started moaning my name. It took everything I had not to reach over and fingerfuck her as she dreamed about me. But, the fearful look she shot me as if my hand was burning into her arm had me pissed at myself that she dreamed of me hurting her. The result of my purposely pretending to push her away has caused her to resent me. Seeing my door fly backward bending the hinges had me more shocked than pissed. I’ve always known she inherited her mother’s inner light of the white witch and she has always been stronger than any mere mortal, but this. She was becoming stronger, and just like that with a wave of her hand the door was reset like nothing had happened. The front door in my face was unexpected and of course I smacked nose first into it. Sometimes I wonder if she’ll ever forgive me for all these years of torment.

Here I was hard again after catching her out in the woods alone in her tight fitted black jeans and fitted black tank top with the moon's glow hugging her every curve. My cock was thumping against my jeans eager to be touched by her delicate fingers, kissed by her sweet pouty lips. Ever since her 16th birthday when I kissed her, I knew we were meant to be. I felt it; that first spark that ignites one's eternal flame. I know she felt it, too. But, fucking Cadence kicked my ass that night after seeing me kiss her. He was more pissed that I had done it without his permission. As punishment he not only kicked my ass, which I only allowed because he is my best friend and the alpha of our pack, but to make things worse he swore I would be banned, an outcast, a lone wolf, if I ever tried anything with her again without his permission.

The older we get and the more grown and beautiful she becomes the harder it is for me to deny it. I’ve tried desperately to find it with others, yet none could ever compare to her. How could they? Rey Reed was the first female child to be born of both Luna's and Hades' blood; named after the goddess Freya. It’s no wonder her beauty and sex appeal is beyond any I’ve known. Though it pains my heart wondering if it’s too late. After all these years of denying her and treating her like an annoying kid sister, running off every guy she’s ever took interest in, she has grown to despise me and I cannot blame her for it. I didn’t do it because Cadence demanded it. I chased them off because she belongs to me. I was never afraid of being a lone wolf. I was afraid of being separated from her. My only way to be near her and protect her was to pretend, but I’m done pretending. I don’t wish to fight Cadence, but I will if I have to, and any other man or beast that tries to get between us.
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