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Rejecting The Alpha

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After five long years of being away from his home on training at the Werewolf Camp, Damarion Herrera, the future alpha of Liberty Wolf Pack returns with his beta and gamma to assume his rightful position into the pack. One thing Damarion didn’t expect to meet upon his arrival is his mate, and to make it more interesting, Damarion’s mate is a male wolf. An omega to be precise, and his name is Elian King. Elian King comes from a beta family along with a pair of twin siblings. Even though he was spoiled by his parents and big sister, deep down Elian has always feel like a lone wolf. And since he is an omega, some of the members in his pack mistreated him whenever he was alone. The only place where he can be fully at ease, is in the human town miles away from Blacktan Grove - Eureka Springs. So, what will happen when the omega meets his alpha wolf mate? What will Damarion do when his mate rejects him without hesitation? Will they mend the shattered bond or will they leave it as it is? Read on to find out. ©️ All Rights Reserved

Fantasy / Romance
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Damarion Herrera (1)

-Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending-

"Finally," Alisa, my gamma, sighs contentedly, "we get to go home and leave the extensive training behind. Damn! It was about time. One more day in here will land me into cardiac arrest."

Joe, my beta, snorts. "Talk about exaggeration."

"Oh, shut your a-hole, King. Don't act like you aren't dying to get out of here. You're the one who complained the most after each session, whether it was in the morning, afternoon or evening. So, why don't you bug off and leave me be," Alisa shot back while packing up the last of her things.

We are currently lounging in her room like we always do after an intense training since it is the only place where you can relax without being disturbed by hormonal or hyperactive wolves. Tonight will be our last night at the camp, as tomorrow every wolves are returning to their respective packs.

This camp is the home of all my firsts. First party, smoke, drink, hook up, you name it. I have experienced mostly everything here, and to say it was fun would be an understatement. I have taken both female and male wolves just to find out my sexual orientation, and my experiment was a success. I will surely miss this place along with all the wolves I have met during the five years.

"If I do that, you'll come looking for me because you can't stand being apart from me," Joe smirks, knowing what he said earns him a few points. These two are mated to each other, but have been friends since they could walk. So, arguing like an old married couple is an everyday thing.

Alisa growls in defeat while Joe's teeth are on display. I swear to the gods and goddesses, that if they were not each other's mate, one of them would have ended up with a broken bone or bleeding nose by now. It is just how far they usually took their ranting before. One of them would not be satisfied if the other was not grunting in pain.

Violent creatures indeed.

"Hey, Dama, pull your head out of whatever dreamland it has gone into," Joe's playful tone catches my attention. "We should be having fun since this is our last day. I'll go get some booze from the guys, and Alisa will bring out the snacks. I know she has some hidden somewhere."

"Well, they're all mine and I don't see why I should share them with the likes of you," she retorts quickly.

Joe stands up, and saunters in Alisa's direction while the latter continues to keep him from reaching her by stepping backwards. I watch as Joe makes a run for it, causing Alisa to leap over me and land successfully on the other side of the room. If I do not put a stop to their playful banter right now, we will never get to do anything else for the rest of the night.

"Alright, alright. I've had enough of you two. Joe, go run your errands and Alisa share those snacks. You'll have plenty more tomorrow when we get home," I command them before going to the bathroom.

"I, I, Alpha." They both respond simultaneously.

My wolf mentally growls in approval even though he was aware of how jokey these two are. The only time they are serious is when they have pack duties or anything they deem important enough to earn their full attention. Apart from that, they are light-hearted and great companions, if you ask me. So, even when they annoy me to no ends, I'll still keep them near.

Leaving the bathroom, I see that I am the only person in the room. I wonder where these idiots have gone to now. Turn your back for a minute and just like that, they vanish. Sometimes I want to be the one stomping down on them both, instead of them doing it to each other. I bet you a hundred bucks, they are doing the dirty somewhere out there. Insatiable creatures.

Once again, I think about what it will be like when I find my own destined partner. How will she or he look like? Although, I prefer female wolves more, I cannot be bias when it comes to my mate. If I'm given a female, I will love her just as much as I will love a male. Beggars cannot be choosers. The fates knows who you need.

"We're back," the lost wolves announce, bringing me back to reality.

I observe them both before opening my mouth. "And where the hell were you two?"

Joe's signature smirk confirms my previous thought and I hold up my right hand to stop his comment which I know will include something close to what they were doing. I do not need to know the exact details. All I want is to have a full blast before going back to Liberty Wolf Pack in the morning.

"Okay. Let's get this mini party started," Alisa cheers while I pour some vodka into the red cups for us.

"Yeeeeeaahhh..." We scream just as the music begins to play in the background.

Soon enough, Alisa's room was packed with other alphas, betas, and gammas. All of whom we have acquainted ourselves with during our stay here. This mini gathering has turn from mild to wild in mere minutes, and we did not waste a second of it. Amongst all these bodies, I lose both Alisa and Joe, again.

"Hey, Dama. Want to get out of here?" That sultry voice cannot be mistaken for anyone else.

I turn to look at the blonde she-wolf I lost my virginity to. "Hey, doll. Sorry, tonight I just want to party without entangling my limbs with another's."

"You sure?" She is one persistent wolf.


Lyla gazes at me a moment longer before going on her merry way. I really mean what I have said. This moment is all about me and me alone. It may be my last night of freedom for a while since the moment I get back home, preparation for my inauguration as the soon-to-be alpha of my pack will begin immediately. Therefore, keeping me busy day and night.

Someone bump into me, and before I can see who it is, my lips was assaulted feverishly. Whoever is kissing me should have done it a long time ago because even if I just rejected Lyla, I cannot find the will to push the individual away. It is that good and my junior feels the same way since it has awaken from the sensation coursing through me.

"I thought I should give you a chance," the deep baritone voice ringing in my ear belongs to none other than Alpha Xander Cage. The one male wolf I could not sway to get into my bed because he is 'straight'. Almost five years later, he decides to give this a try.

I chuckle humourlessly. "Five years later, Cage?"

"Almost," he interjects while eyeing me like I am a piece of juicy meat he wants to devour without seasonings.

"Does it make a difference?"

"Not really," the jerk smiles, as if he knows something I don't.

"What's with all the smiles?" I growl, frustrated with his behaviour.

Xander laughs, causing me to raise a questioning brow. "I'm smiling because I know you'll give me what I want, Damarion."

"And why would I do that? Plus, who said that I'm still interested in you?"

"This," his fingers brushes my lower region and I groan from the contact, "is enough proof for me. Now, what will you do?"

I look at his smug expression and mutter a series of curses due to the fact that he is right. Xander is a new game, and I want to play him until I'm satisfied with the score. A while ago I turn down an offer just to accept another. What the hell is up with that? Earlier, I promised myself I would not get involve with anyone and now I'm seconds away from breaking it.

Damn you, Xander.

"Your room?" I question while heading towards the exit.

Xander walks in step with me while gulping down his drink. "Your choice."

"What made you change your mind? I mean it's been a very long time since I asked you to sleep with me, Cage."

Xander shrugs nonchalantly, keeping his gaze straightforward. "You look extra yummy today."

I laugh, knowing too well that he is full of shit. "As if."

"It's the truth. Whether you believe me or not, is up to you."

I ponder his words, and rack my brain in order to rule out what could possibly have made me look more appealing to the eyes all day. Is it my clothes? My hairstyle? The tattoos? Could it be my charms? Nope. I'm a pro when it comes to flirting. Have I gain more muscle or something? Which is it?

"Don't work your brain too much, Damarion. You have always been a sexy hunk. I was just playing hard to get when you came on to me that day. Honestly speaking, I wasn't expecting anyone to notice me and when you asked me to be your bed warmer, I rejected you immediately because I thought you were toying with me."

I halt my steps and face the alpha male. "And why would you think that?"

Again, Xander shrugs while avoiding my gaze. "If I get into why I'm insecure, we'll never get to the best part of the night."

"I wasn't toying with you, Cage. If you must know, I was still a virgin back then. For some reason, I wanted you to be the first person I have sex with. Anyway, all this is in the past and it has nothing to do with the present or future. So, let's act as if we just met and decided to hook up."

"Whatever you say, Alpha," and for the second time, my wolf stirs upon hearing someone address me by my future title. He is one prideful wolf.

Upon arriving at my dorm, I open the door and invite Xander in before following in his footsteps.

"So, you chose your room... Well, I'm looking forward to having a good time with you. Don't be a let-down, Alpha Herrera," Xander purrs while his lustful gaze sweeps over my clothed figure.

I smirk and lock the door. "Huh. We'll see about who's going to give up first. After all, the night is still young, Alpha Cage."

I wake up to wet kisses all over my face and lips. "Good morning, Alpha Herrera."

"Morning, Cage. What time is it?" I yawn, rubbing the crust out of my eyes.

"Still early. Another one?"

I stare him down for a minute, debating my answer. Xander flashes me one of his dashing smiles, and once again, I allow myself to be corrupted by him. His electric blue eyes seems to suck me in whenever I peer into them. Xander looks like someone who's been thoroughly fuck for hours without break. And how true the statement is. I'm sure I mirror his features.

"Why not?" I drawl, giving him a smile of my own.

"What's wrong with your legs, Dama? Did you fall or something?" I choke on nothingness as Alisa regards me with a concerning gaze.

"Yeah, I fell down in the shower this morning."

Joe snorts knowingly. "Oh, really?"

I glare at him and all the fucker do, is laugh his ass out. "What's so funny, babe?"

The look in my eyes must have sent a clear message to Joe, as he sobers up and replies with "nothing" before tending to his breakfast. Alisa did not know about me being a bisexual. Sure, she may have heard about my sexual escapades, but only about the she-wolves I have slept with. The males, well, let us just say that we don't want any other wolves to find out.

It was part of discovering ourselves and some, like me, ventured further while the rest stuck with their preferred orientation.

"Well, you better be more careful when stepping onto those slippery tiles. Don't want you to break some bones now, do we?" Alisa advises.

"No, ma'am."

"Good. Now eat up. We have only 30 minutes and that applies to you too, King."

This is one of the things I like about my gamma. Alisa can be so motherly sometimes. I really appreciate how she puts everybody's needs before her own. Yes, she may complain from time to time, but she will always deliver. Especially if she has given you her words. I can't remember a time when Alisa has break a promise. It's non-existent.

"So, on a scale from 0 to 10, how excited are you guys to finally go home?" Alisa queries.

Joe puts both his hands up. "I'm looking forward to seeing my family, especially my little brother, Elian. He must be a senior in high school now. Can't wait to spoil the life out of him."

"And you, Dama?" My gamma probes further.

I show them one hand and they look at me as if I have grown another head.

"Why is that?" This time it was Joe. His perplex orbs did not go unnoticed.

I shrug in response. It is not about me not wanting to go home. It is the fact that I'm not sure if I can lead one of the largest packs in the werewolf society. We have about two hundred matured wolves, and the rate for the pups are still rising with the amount of she-wolves being impregnated more than six times a month. Wolves are horny creatures.

I may have alpha blood running through my veins, but that does not mean I'm indestructible. I have fears of my own to deal with, dreams to accomplish, and my fated love to find. Being put in such a high position will either help me achieve these goals or bring me deeper into the black hole.

"Time to live the premises, young wolves. Your respective transports has arrived. Good luck to you all in your future endeavours. Good day," one of the chaperones informs us.

"Kudos, Werewolf Camp. It was nice spending time in you. Hope we never meet again," Alisa states loudly, effecting some of us to look her way. She is a strange wolf.

Garnering my belongings, I follow the other wolves to the entrance of the dining room. I was sandwiched by Alpha Thierry, Jaxon, Kiara, Rudolph, and Binna along with their companions in the parking lot. We exchange goodbyes and wishes all while having a much needed group hug. They are the friends I have made and will cherish for as long as I'm alive. I hope we'll meet again in the near future.

The road to a new dawn has begun and I long to know what will happen next. What is in store for me this year? I pray to all the gods and goddesses that I'll be able to step into the role like my people needs me to, in order to bring them further than they are at right now. And the most important thing is meeting my mate, so he or she can help me achieve this target.

"Are you ready, Alpha?" Joe and Alisa asks, interrupting my thoughts.

I heave out a long breath. "Yeah. Let's do this, Beta, Gamma."

"Take the lead and we'll follow."
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