Rejecting The Alpha

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Damarion Herrera (2)

-Time will not slow down when something unpleasant lies ahead-

The car ride back to our pack is taking longer than usual due to an accident that happened between a truck driver and a lady in a red Chevy Camaro 2SS. Just by looking, I can tell it is a fatal one, as lots of blood was involved. The Chevy Camaro front side was completely crushed by the heavy load truck. In times like these, I thank whoever is out there for my animal part. Our healing ability is ten times faster than that of a human’s.

“God, please, have mercy on the poor soul. I hope that the lady survives this death-dealing wound,” Alisa prays just like the Good Samaritan she is.

“Thank god I’m a werewolf,” Joe mutters, earning a slap at the back of his head from his mate. “What?”

“Don’t say such thing leisurely. Even as a wolf, you can meet your maker or end up like the lady. If you don’t have anything relevant to say, I suggest you keep that mouth of yours shut,” his mate reprimands.

Joe looks at me and back at Alisa before speaking again. “I’m sorry.”

“You better be.”

I shake my head before gazing back outside. We are thirty minutes away from the pack and all I can reminisce about is how Alpha Cage completely dominated my body this morning, hence why I was limping on my way to the camp’s dining room. This man destroyed my cavern in a way that left me breathless. I can still feel him inside me, and I’m certain that it will stay this way for a day or two. The thought of him brings back the aftermath.

“Did you have to be so rough? This is my first time and my backside is killing me,” I groan while propping myself up into a sitting position.

The bastard kisses my forehead while amusement fill his bright blue eyes. “I can’t say I’m sorry since I’m not. That was me leaving a memory. Plus, now you know how I felt and still do after last night."

A memory was left indeed. I smile to myself.

I have never allow someone to top me before. I’m always the one in charge of pummelling in the bedroom, but just one look at Cage’s puppy dog face was enough to crumble my resolve. The alpha male knows how to rouse my desire and also how to make me bend to his will. His power of persuasion is a notch higher than anyone’s I have met before. I pity whoever will be his mate. They have gotten their work cut out for them.

“Dama, what’s up with you?” Joe’s serious tone snaps me out of my stupor.

I turn in his direction with a confuse frown on my forehead. “What do you mean?”

“You’ve been spacing out more than talking these days. We’re worried about you,” the concern in his voice warms my heart.

I give Joe a small smile, letting him know that I appreciate him looking out for me. “I’m good, Jo. Just thinking about stuff.”

He nods in response. “Well, I’m here if you ever need someone to confide in.

Being distracted by trivial things, I fail to notice the car has stop. Averting my gaze, I see the tall Iron Gate that stands between us and the pack. From here, I can feel the buzz of the pack link since we are in the centre of Liberty Wolf’s Territory. I bet you, the moment they open the gate, a bunch of wolves will be there to welcome us. Their kind hearts knows no bound.

This is one of the things I admire about my pack. They go out of their way to make you feel at ease and loved. Liberty Wolf Pack is one of the few packs which gives their wolves as much freedom as an individual will get in the human world while the rest follow old traditions. Our members are allowed to travel anywhere they want, attend either the werewolf or human school, and work outside of the pack with the exception of them not shifting in the presence of a human.

The gate opens and the first person I see is my little sister, Kianna. The last day we saw each other she was ten years old and balling her eyes out while hugging me tightly. I watch as Kianna’s doe eyes widen as a big smile mare her face. She has grown significantly taller and resembles a seventeen year old instead of fifteen. Her long and wild brunette curls was tamed into a neat ponytail in the middle of her head.

My mother, Quinn Herrera, stands next to my father, Valentino Herrera, the current alpha of my pack while dancing back and forth on her feet. A clear sign of her trying to contain herself from running to the car and dragging me out of it. My mother is what one would call a dotting parent. She loves to pamper us and I know she will do so today. It’s inevitable.

“Ready to face the noise?” Alisa asks.

I sigh before opening my side of the door. “Let’s go.”

We all step out and make way to the eager wolves whose smiles are brighter than the sun. Kianna run towards me and engulfs my being into a bear hug. I have missed her so much and my wolf’s reaction mirrors my own since he can feel my little sister’s wolf reaching out to him. Just like we are siblings, the same goes for them. I’m positive they are communicating silently via their bond.

“I’m glad you’re back home. I could use some help to get mom off my back,” Kianna sighs out.
I pull her away, but still at arm’s length and look at her intently. “And why would you need my help?”

“Because of my human boyfriend.”

“Your wha-”

“Oh, my baby is back. Val, our baby is back home,” my mother exclaims while pulling me into another bone-crushing embrace.

“Quinn, stop babying the boy and give him some space to breathe,” my father’s guttural tone causes my mother to hold me tighter in defiance.

“Shut up, Val. I haven’t seen my boy for five years, so don’t you dare tell me what I can and cannot do. My sweet boy has grown into such a fine man and I’m beaming with pride. Oh, baby, look at you all strong and handsome. I bet you have broken some hearts at the camp,” Mom brags, earning a groan from my dad.

I chuckle amusingly. This woman will never change. “Mom, you’re suffocating me.”

“Oopssie. I’m just happy to finally have you home. I could use your help with Kianna. She has been giving a headache lately. Now that you’re here, you can talk some sense into her. Goddess knows I’ve tried and failed.”

“We’ll see about that later, Mom.”

“Okay. Honey, why are you limping? Did something happened to you at the camp? Did you get into a fight?” My mother rambles, drawing my father’s attention to us.

“Nothing like that happened, Mother. I slipped in the shower this morning.”

My mother’s mouth forms an “oh” just as dad stands beside her.

My father shakes my hand and clasps my shoulder. “Welcome home, Son. I hope you enjoyed your time at the camp, given that you took your training seriously.”

“I did, Dad. Thank you.”

“You should go by the pack’s hospital and have Dr Rena take a look at your foot after lunch,” Father orders before looking behind me.

“Joe, Alisa, how are you doing?” Dad addresses them.

Both of them bow down in respect before answering the question.

“I’m good.”

“I’m famished.”

And of course the latter is Joe’s response. My dad belches out a throaty laugh, effecting the others to do the same. The only person outside of our family who my father treats as his own son is the one, and only future beta. Joe is the first friend I made when I started elementary school. He was one stubborn wolf who would not take no for an answer. Since then, we have stuck together till date.

“Really, dude?” I mumble to which Joe sticks out his tongue childishly.

Kids. I mentally say before greeting my pack members.


I turn to see Jayda, Joe’s twin, running in his direction full speed along with their parents and little brother, who instead of following into Jayda’s footsteps, choose to walk casually behind her. I cannot get a clear view of Elian’s visage since it is facing downwards, but for some reason I cannot take my eyes off of him. My wolf comes forth and an excited howl reverberates inside my head.


Normally, our animal part does not communicate with the human part, but I have heard about cases where they utter a lone word whenever they find their other halves. And to hear him say it causes my stomach to twist in various knots. My heart palpitates with renewed energy, and my palms becomes clammy with the sudden turn of event. Me, finding my fated love on the first day of my return.

Elian is few miles away from me, and all I want to do is close the distance so I can kiss the life out of him. My breath hitches the moment he lifts his head up and looks at me. His intense stare does things to my body. Things which is not appropriate in a time like now. I wait for him to acknowledge me as his other half, but all Elian do is avert his gaze elsewhere. I know I should not jump to conclusion, but his action feels like a non-verbal rejection.

My wolf growls angrily, as if rebuking my negative thoughts. Rejection is rare between mates, and I have not heard a leak about it being done in my era. Sure, some wolves were unfortunate in the past, but it was a long time ago. I should not be worried about such thing happening to me. I’m sure Elian is still processing him being mated to an alpha given that he is an omega.

“-d hear me?” A swift smack behind my head pulls me out of my trance. I find my sister looking at me with a raise brows.

“What?” I query, mimicking her gesture.

“I’ve been talking to you for the past five minutes and your response was you spacing out. What were you thinking about, brother?”

“Uh… nothing,” Kianna narrows her eyes.

“You’re terrible at lying. You always have been. Anyway, why were you staring at Elian?”

Her question startles me, and I find myself coughing up repeatedly in order to breathe properly.

“Oh, my. Is everything okay, Damarion?”
I raise my head to meet Mrs King’s worried expression.

“Yeah, yeah, Mrs King. My sister just asked a stupid question.”

I glare her way, and all she does is hide behind Joe, who is hugging Elian like there’s no tomorrow. My wolf growls at the image. It’s hard for me to watch them even if they are brothers. It’s a known fact that getting in between mates when they meet for the first time could prove dangerous for the one who’s unaware of such situation. Meaning, if it was someone else instead of me, Joe would have been in a predicament right now.

“So, why don’t we take this reunion inside? The she-wolves has worked hard into preparing a lunch buffet to celebrate you guys returning back home,” my father bellows out, and every ears heard him despite all the commotions around them. The pros of being a werewolf. Heighten senses.

We all pile in one after the other and soon everyone was seated inside the pack house’s dining room. Our table comprises the alpha, beta and gamma family while the rest are free to choose any table to sit at. The setting of the round table has given me the opportunity to sit next to my mate. I cheer mentally and think of a way to communicate with Elian during lunch. He cannot avoid me this time.

I cannot help but steal glances from him every now and then. Elian has developed into a sexy guy. Every time he licks his lips, I find it harder to control myself. At one point I thought he was doing it intentionally and I almost call him out on it. All his action affects me differently. This sensation is on a whole other level. Plus, his close proximity is not helping either. I want to touch him, but not sexually. Maybe I can hold his hand for a little while.

It wouldn’t hurt, would it? My wolf howls in response.

I place my right hand over his left one under the table, and his sharp intake of air was heard by my heighten ears. The amount of sparks coming from the simple touch short-circuit my brain and my need for him amplifies further. Elian slightly turn in my direction, but before I can make eye contact, he looks at Jayda, who was sitting on the other side of him. Jayda ruffles up his shoulder-length cherry blonde hair, making him swat away her wandering hand in annoyance.

Elian takes a hairband from his wrist and ties his hair in a loose bun. Now, his lovely neck is on display. My gum itches, and I fight hard to keep my canines from elongating. If this lunch does not end in the next ten minutes, I do not know what will happen to my innocent mate beside me. Elian is a wild temptation and he has no idea what he is doing to me. We need to talk about us being mates and I will make sure it happens. I am so ready to claim him as my own.

Elian is mine to love and cherish.


Lunch was completely torturous, and when my dad announced the end of it, my mate has fled the scene, which brings back the reason as to why I’m in the middle of the forest right now, instead of taking a nap like I usually do in the afternoon. Finding him will be easy since he did nothing to cover up his scent or tracks. I think he knows I’ll come looking for him, thus leaving all the clues for me to follow.

Minutes later, I emerge into a small clearing with a river at the side of it. The running water is the only sound I can hear and the scent of my mate ends here. The problem with a wolf’s snout, is that it is kind of hard to smell something properly near water. You have to be an alpha wolf or a tracker in order to overcome such barriers.

“Up here,” I look up to see Elian sitting on a thick branch from a mango tree while eating one of the said fruits.

I climb up the tree and occupy a seat close to him. “Why won’t you claim me as your mate, Elian?”

“Because I don’t need one. Never have and never will.”

His confession feels like a silver dagger is being plunged into my gut over and over again. My brain is a having a hard time registering whatever has been said. Elian does not want a mate, which means he is going to reject me. Me, an alpha wolf. I guess it does not matter whether a wolf is high-ranking or low. If your mate do not want you, then power or status won’t sway their decision.

“Why don’t you want one? Will you not give me a chance to prove myself worthy of your love, mate?” I plead, hoping to change his already made up mind.

“No. I’m sorry but I, Elian King, rejects you, Damarion Herrera, future alpha of Liberty Wolf Pack, as my mate.”

With that being his final words, Elian jumps down from the tree and transforms into his wolf without sparing me another glance. Tears streams down my face and the only thing I can do is howl in agony, as the full force of rejection hits me to the core. I carelessly jump off the branch and land on the ground with a hard thud. The last thing I remember is being called by my father via the pack link.
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