Rejecting The Alpha

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Elian King (2)

-Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt-

“Sup, King?” Hailee greets, her fiery red eyes on me as I enter her apartment.

I really like it here. It is warm and cosy. The walls are painted in a dark red colour, matching the red glass chandelier along with tiny wall lamps across the hallway, which gives the place a luminous red glow when . A wooden shelf full of books, herbs, potions stands in the left corner of the living room and black furniture occupies the middle with a medium-sized flat screen adorning the wall.

The kitchen is separated from the dining area by a wall with a window-like opening in the middle on one side and the other an arc entrance while the two bedrooms are connected to the only bathroom in the apartment. The fragrance of Lemon Grass filling the air, reminds me of my late grandmother. The woman loved lemons.

I sigh heavily, as I put my things on the floor and sit next to her on the couch. “A lot.”

“I’m all ears,” the little witch mutters.

“Where do I start? Believe it or not, I’m mated to an alpha wolf. And to make it more interesting, he’s the future alpha of my pack.”

“He?” Hailee points out.

I chuckle, sensing what is coming next. “Yes, Hail, a he.

“Oh, you’ve gotten yourself an alpha di-” I shove a cookie from the plate on the coffee table into her mouth, muffling the rest of her words. “Mmhmmm…sto-mmhm suckimhmmm...tiny dicks.”

“Seriously, Hail. That’s the only thing in your mind right now? Don’t you understand the situation I'm in?”

She shrugs nonchalantly. “Nope, I don’t. You’re mated to your future alpha. What’s the problem with that?”

“Urgh. An alpha and omega? It’s unheard of. Plus, the pack may never accept me as one of their leaders. They already think of me as an inferior being. Some of them treat me like a doormat while the rest just ignore me. If I accept my mate, the will further insult me and I can’t take any more of those. I know what and who I am and I don’t need more reminders every day.”

“And?” Hailee probes, knowing me too well.

“I don’t want to submit to an alpha. They are dominant, possessive, and short-tempered. I don’t want to lose my freedom. I have heard of some unfortunate wolves being restricted to do certain things all because of their alpha mates. They’re too controlling,” I finish with a low growl.

And don’t forget my pursuit of a relationship outside a bond. I say mentally, receiving a frustrated growl from my wolf.

Since meeting his mate, my thoughts on other men irritates him, given the fact that he had no problem with them beforehand. I understand he wants his mate to be the only one taking care of him physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is part of his instincts. His other half is the only one for him. There cannot be any other, except in the case of them dying or something.

“Hmm… I see. So, basically all I’m hearing is you not wanting to be the submissive mate because not only of all you’ve listed, but most importantly, because you’re at the bottom of the rank. You feel that if you give him your submission then you won’t have anything else to hold on to. All these will prove what you’ve been told all your life.”

“Urh…” I drawl, clearly lost. What is she on about?

Hailee smiles. “Want the truth? All I hear is excuses after excuses, Elian. You can’t keep running away just because some wolves have drilled inside your head that you’re unimportant. You shouldn’t let others’ negative words affect you. Not even one bit. Yes, you’re an omega, but you’re not that weak. Maybe physically, hence why I keep telling to work out even if you tire or bruise easily. With time, I’m sure your body will overcome these obstacles.

You’re a wolf for goodness sake. No matter the rank, you’re supposed to be able to keep fit. Your heightened senses and inhumane abilities are enough to back you up. Use the tools available to you in order to prove them wrong. You should stop down-talking yourself because all it portrays is that you haven’t come to terms with the fact that you’re an omega.”

I stare at Hailee, as if truly seeing her for the first time. Her honesty is shocking to me, considering how she always gives me half-assed answer or advice. I guess today is not one of those days. Seems to me like she is tired of all my whining and self-loathing. I mean, am I really in denial? No, I know what I am, but the real question here is, if I accept the answer. I think this is what Hailee’s trying to make me see.

Averting her intense gaze, I close my eyes and recollect the things I have been through for the past five years. All the sarcastic remarks, belittle words, punching and kicking, the pitiful, disgusting or ‘why don’t you die’ looks. I have endured all these and I’m still doing so. From the first time a warrior told me to quit training to the day I got my first beating, and another telling me to just kill myself and do the pack a favour, I begun to have the same mind-set also - I’m weak and a burden to my people.

Now, my best friend is saying otherwise. Should I listen to her? Hailee is a witch and she does not know what it means to be a werewolf. A low ranking one at that. She is not aware of how the werewolf society works really. In my world, if you are lower than normal wolves, then you are close to being nothing. I’m fortunate to be have been born into a beta family. Some omegas do not get the privilege I have. They do not get to go outside of their packs at all, and are sometimes killed at the age of five and up. Some leaders are cruel.

I exhale a long breath through my mouth and face Hailee once again. “So, I should go back and accept Damarion? Is that what you mean?”

“Not now, idiot. You obviously have a lot of resolve to deal with and by staying away from him, will help you do so. Plus, I’m pretty glad to have another being in the apartment apart from those two,” she gestures behind us, and right on cue, two identical black cats with the exception of their eyes enter the sitting area and crawl on her lap. Each one occupying one side. Her twin familiars, Kho and Khi.

The two growl lowly, earning an amused laugh from their owner. “I still love you two.”

I smile at them, thinking of how cute they look. Kho and Khi did not like me at all the first time we all met. I remember every detail of that night. I was walking on the side of the road, ten miles away from Blacktan Grove after receiving a whipping of five lashes on the back for wrongly ordering a pizza for one of the guys in the upper class in school. I could not go home, so I decided to go into the human town until the wounds healed up.

My plan was to rent a motel room and stay there, but obviously it did not happen because I fainted and the next time I woke up, I was in a strange place What scared me the most that night was on each side of my head resided a black cat. And I, being confused and just returned to reality, transformed into my wolf. If it was not for Hailee coming into the room just after my change, I’m honestly not sure what would have happened. So, that’s why it has taken them a long time to warm up to me.

“Hailee, have you cooked yet?” I ask, making my way to her kitchen.

“Yeah. I made pasta and meat balls ealier. I live on fast food as usual.”

I smirk while plating myself some. “I don’t mind it as long as I have some salad at the side. You know how I love my vegetables.”

“Sure do,” Hailee laughs before retrieving a bowl of neatly packed lettuce salad for me in the refrigerator.

“Ah, you’re the best, Hail. I can kiss you right now.”

“Don’t you dare kiss me, King!”

Our cheerful laughter bounce against the kitchen walls, as we make small talks and eat our food. For the first time today, I can sit freely without having my head fill with tension. I can breathe without worrying about panic attacks. I can lounge without looking over my shoulders. This feeling is what I crave every day in my life. The feeling of finally being freed from the shackles of the pack.

“This room is yours for as long as you’re here,” I peer inside the dimly lit room and admire how plain it is, compared to the rest of the apartment.

The walls are white. A queen-sized bed with dark blue cotton bed sheets and pillow cases was pushed against the wall. Two nightstands were placed on each side of the bed along with a full body mirror next to the closed sliding windows. A small closet stands at the left side corner of the room next to a wooden door, which I assume leads to the bathroom and facing the closet is a mini shelf full of romance novels. Hopeless romantics in the house.

“Thanks, babe. It’s lovely.”

“No problem. See you in the morning. I’m going out for a while and will be back later in the night,” Hailee informs, making me look her way with curious brows.

She winks at me and close the door.

This girl is something else. I think before unpacking my bag. Mom said she will bring more of my belongings in the upcoming week. I just got here, but, I can’t wait to see her.

I go into the bathroom and take a shower to relieve the stress in my body. I can feel my muscles loosen up as hot water cascade all over me. I heave out a satisfied sigh from the pleasure of being at ease while massaging the scalp of my head. Just what I needed. I wash my hair thrice, ensuring the removal of all the hair products I have used to tame the curls.

After showering, I change into some pyjamas and settle into bed. The events of today has drain me good. Thank god we are in semester break. I can sleep longer than usual. I need it. God knows there is only so much one can take and I’m at my limit. Anymore will put me into a coma, okay not really, but I’m too out of shape to keep up with all of these. Guess I need to exercise again, regularly. I will take it slow.

Bzzzzzzzzz…bzzzzzzzzz…. The vibration of my phone under the pillow startles me, eliciting a loud squeak from me.

Damn it. Whoever disturbed my sleep better not do it again.

Ignoring the device, I close my eyes and sink further into the darkness. I’m too tired to open my mouth much less talk. Tomorrow will have to do.

“Morning,” I yawn, sitting down on one of the stools behind the kitchen counter. My eyes are still heavy, as I did not get much sleep.

“You look like someone who’s on crack,” Hailee grins.

I yawn again, earning a full laugh from her. “I feel like a druggie.”

It is nearly eleven o’clock and yet, it seems like I just went to sleep this morning. Fatigue is the one word worth describing my state. Lots of fatigue. It’s as if a fight has taken place during the night between me and someone or something else. My body protests against every single movement and the killer headache is not helping my already depleted self either. Pain is all I feel and I wonder if it is connected with the rejection. I have done the deed without knowing more about it. Stupid baboon.

“Have you started the English Project yet?” Hailee inquires.

I shake my head ‘no’ while munching on some cheese and crackers.

“Then we can do it together. I’m having trouble coming up with a short horror story, which is very ironic since I’m a witch and horrors are supposed to be my kind of thing, but in reality I’m a romanticist. I don’t have a clue on how to merge the two as one.”

A mischievous smile forms on my lips. “And yet, you’re still a virgin. I thought you would have been deflowered by Reyes a month ago with all the flirting and stuff happening between you two. He seems like he’s here to stay, Hail. Why don’t you give him a real chance?”

“For him to leave me right after he’s gotten what he wants. No way.”

“Who’s the pessimist one now?” I tease to which Hailee sticks out her tongue like a five year old.

“Truth is, I’m not sure how to make this work. A relationship between a witch and human. The situation is a lot different from yours. Wolves has mates. They are destined to be together, so they and humans often work more than my case. What if after I tell Reyes, he breaks up with me? What will I do? How do I know he won’t say a word about what I am? You see, there’s too much factors.”

I nod, completely seeing her point of view. “But, what if he accepts you? There’s no guarantee what’ll happen. You will only know when you cross the bridge, Hail.”

“I’ll consider your advice.”

“Good. I’ll consider yours.”

The little witch’s eyes narrow playfully. “You little shit.”

I laugh gleefully, seeing that I was expecting something like this.

We have been watching The Vampire Diaries Marathon for an hour and a half straight, all while ogling Ian Somerhalder and his bad boy attitude. The guy was made for Damon Salvatore’s role. No mistake about it. Everything is on point and the way he looks when he says ‘Hello, brother.’ Damn! He’s so sexy and all I want to do is jump into the TV and have all of him. Ian is drool worthy.

“Who wouldn’t want a piece of that?” Hailee comments, as I nod my head in agreement.

“I would greedily take all of him, not one piece left behind.”

“I support you, King. Damn, look at those V-lines. He got it bad…It’s getting hot in here, real quick,” I laugh at Hailee fanning herself. She can be so dramatic sometimes.

“I bet you wa-” Bzzzzzzzzz… bzzzzzzzzz I look down on my phone to see Amber’s ID on the screen, video calling me.

“Hail, it’s Amber.”

“Answer it, King.”

I slide the green button across the screen and soon enough Amber’s face along with Luis and Asa appear in our view.

“Sup, suckers?” Luis exclaims, earning himself a clack at the back of the head from Asa. These two are fraternal twins and look very different from one another. With one look, one will never know unless they are told.

Luis groans, rubbing the area. “Asa…”

“That’s not how you greet people, idiot,” Asa lectures. “So, what’s up, b!tches?”

“And that’s how you do? Oh, fudge off,” Luis playfully snaps at her.

Both Hailee and I laugh at the duo’s bickering. Same old, same old.

“Hey, guys, have you done the project yet?” Amber interjects, effectively shutting us up.

“Nah,” our answer come out simultaneously.

Amber giggles. “Then we should meet up and make it a group thingy. What do you say?”
Just as I’m about to answer, another call chimes in, but this time it is my brother’s ID on the screen. I almost drop the device from not expecting his call this early. Mom was supposed to cover for me for some times, but I guess it did not go the way she thought it would. Knowing my brother, he probably saw past her lame excuses. My mother can’t lie to save her own skin. That is a genuine fact.

“Guys, I have to take this. It’s my brother and I have been expecting the call,” Hailee looks at me, and gives me an encouraging smile.

“No problem. Call us afterwards?” Amber suggests.

“Of course.”

I cut the call and answer the other one, thinking it is my brother, but was proved wrong when an angry growl fills my ear. “Where the hell are you, mate?

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