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The Lycan Prince's Forever//// SAMPLE

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Chapter 2


"Thank you, Louise," I say as our main omega lays out my tux and leaves.

I feel terrible about what I am about to do, but I can't force myself to dance and be merry. I will make an appearance at my birthday/mating ball, but that's it. I will be slipping out as soon as the announcements are over with.

I need to focus my mind and get ready for being crowned. My mate will appear when it is time. I'm honestly in no hurry. Would finding her be amazing? Yes..., but I don't have high hopes of that happening. I doubt I will find my mate so early in my eternal life. If I were the Goddess, I wouldn't allow anyone to meet their mate before they were ready.

"Knock, knock....," Father Jason says as he opens my door and enters with my other parents.

"My baby boy," Mom says as she enters the room and walks directly to me.

She wraps me into a tight embrace as both my fathers get comfy.

"Mom, I can't get ready if you don't release me," I say after at least a minute of squeezing.

"I know...I just...I need to get my fill of Ethan hugs," Mom whispers, and my chest tightens.

She moves back and places her left hand against my cheek.

"Visiting between realms won't be easy," Mom whispers before dropping her hand.

I give her a weak smile, but I know I'm not fooling anyone. I might be a tall, muscular man now, but I am as sensitive as ever. My friends have always joked over the decades that my sexy gruff exterior pulls the ladies in, and my big heart makes them fall in love.

"So what is it going to be like? When you leave, I mean," I ask as I pick up my tailored jacket.

I push my arms through the sleeves while keeping my eyes locked on my parents.

"We won't be able to intervene with things like we do now. My powers will become limited when in this realm. Basically, I pair mates and try to plan from that realm...Your Fathers will be stuck in my realm permanently. The only times we will see you will be when I can call you to us. Only on rare occasions can I venture back here. The Goddess is growing very weak...We will be leaving in precisely 48 hrs," Mom says while glancing at my Father Jackson.

"We are here because this is the last Birthday we will be with you," Father Jason says, and my heart squeezes in my chest.

"So basically, I am losing all three of you at once," I say weakly as I look between my last three loved ones sadly.

My parents stiffen before each of them nods.

"Yes, but we are the last family members you should ever have to say goodbye to," Father Jason says as he approaches me with his arms wide.

I open mine, and the hug we share would break a human male's bones. I tuck my face into my father's neck, and his arms squeeze me tightly.

"I love you, son. From the moment you took your first breath. As much as I will miss you...I expect never to see Kratos in your mother's realm. You dying is not allowed," Father says before releasing me.

I give him a weepy grin and wipe my eyes before nodding.

Mom and Father Jason move towards my door, but my father Jackson doesn't move. They glance towards him briefly before leaving, and I know that now is the last time we can talk.

I don't move, and he doesn't lookup. The tension in the room builds as each second ticks by, and I want to yell. I want to punch things. Why is it so hard for him to show love towards me? I have witnessed this man show his love a thousand times, but it has never been directed at me.

"Father," I finally say, and he raises his head.

His eyes are bloodshot and hard as they meet mine. Almost as if he is fighting back tears or...rage.

"Ethan, do you hate me," he asks in a voice, so foreign Kratos freezes in my mind.

"No, I love you," I reply as I clench my fists at my sides.

Fear laces through me as I watch his face. His features don't change, and he seems unaffected by my words. Ice plunges through my veins as I prepare myself for my Father's rejection.

"Why, I was a horrible Father to you...How can you love me," he asks, and my forehead creases.

"You are my father... Do you love me....even though I am immortal like you," I ask, and his eyes widen?

"Of course. I love you," he snaps before sighing. He shakes his head and stands up. He gives me his back for a moment before turning around to face me.

"I know I was awful at showing you....and the other day at lunch, I was irritable. I had heard you ask Jason why I treat you like I do, and instead of going back into the room to explain for myself, I hid my feeling like the coward I am and lashed out at you while we ate together............. Ethan, I always watched you from afar. I always thought of you as this pure bright young male who didn't deserve to be tainted by me. You take after your mother and Jason when it comes to your heart...and you take after me when it comes to your stubbornness. When Sasha died..you were the only one who felt her loss like I did. Jason and Amelia, even Sasha's children, were more prepared than us. I know I have been selfish and weak. I have closed myself off and distanced myself from you.. And I'm sorry. I just never had to worry about you. You have a Lycan in you. You are big, strong, and move like we do.....you also stopped aging. You never turned grey and wrinkled. Your youth makes you look invincible, son. I love you, and I would love you even if you were a three-headed dragon. I will miss you every day that we live in separate realms. I will miss the flash of annoyance in your eyes and your easy grin... You are my child as much as your sister was. And I'm sorry I waited this long to talk to you," Father Jackson says with sincerity ringing in every word.

My spine straightens, and I open my arms. Father only makes me wait a second before he walks forward and meets me chest to chest. Our hug is hard, and long as we both work through our emotions.

"I hope I make you proud, Father. I will try to be the best King I can be," I whisper, and he grunts.

"Be the best mate and Father you can be. Show me up. Be better than me. Love your son better than I loved you. Hug him every day. Tell him he is great every day...That will make me proud, son," Father finally replies before our arms drop to our sides and he steps back from me.

I nod, and he places a hand on my shoulder.

"I have loved you every day of your entire life, Ethan. And I will continue to love you for as long as I live. You are what is best in all of us. You have patience and dedication. You are a brilliant strategist and an honorable man. I am beyond proud of you," he declares proudly, and my eyes fill with tears.

He gives me a grin and pats my shoulder before leaving my room. I sigh and let the tears flow. I never thought my heart could break and heal at the same time...

I run my hand through my hair as another female smiles and blatantly pushes her chest up. Every year it is the same, and every year I want to run. Frisky women make me uncomfortable...they always have.

In high school, when Mindy Hayes ran her hand through my hair and pressed her chest against mine, I had bolted. My dick had gotten hard, and I stroked myself dry a few hours later, but the shock of being touched like that had made me uncomfortable.

Growing up being told you would live forever, and only one woman would ever be able to stay with you puts a damper on romance, let me tell you.

Mom- you look nervous, son...ask her to dance.

Ethan- no thanks, mom. Her mother literally looked at me the same way 23 yrs ago.

Mom- well, that's awkward.

Ethan- yup.

I move towards the buffet table as soon as the blonde takes the hint. Only half the packs have arrived, so I can't escape just yet, but I am getting antsy. I want to run. I want to let Kratos out so we can think over our future. I don't want to be here being eye fucked by three generations of women.

Border Guard- Yellowstone has arrived, your majesties.

Jacks- Allow them in, please.

I look over at my Father to find him staring at me with curiosity in his deep brown eyes.

Jacks- you seem less excited than ever, son.

Ethan- I honestly am.

Jacks- she might be from Yellowstone..

Ethan- Kratos, and I don't believe so.

He nods, and we break eye contact. I sigh as I pick up the a small decorative plate that my mother must have picked out.

"Prince Ethan, how are you," a shrill voice asks from behind me.

I place a fake smile on my face before turning to greet whichever she-wolf is rudely interrupting me getting food.

"I'm fine, thank you," I answer while studying the familiar face.

She smiles and steps closer to my hands that are holding my empty plate.

"Happy Birthday; how old are you this year," she asks, and my annoyance spikes.

"91, but I might not reach 92 if I don't eat soon," I respond before turning back to the food.

She produces the fakest laugh imaginable, and my canines grind together. Kratos growls, and heat spreads over my skin. Goddess, save me.

"Well, why don't I join you. We can eat and talk," the nameless female states as she grabs a plate and begins to place finger foods on it.

The thought of conversing with her makes my hunger evaporate, and I begin to think over a new plan of escape.

"If you will excuse me, nature calls," I grumble before setting my plate down and heading for the restroom.

When I hit the hallway, I mask my scent like mom taught me. I check over my shoulder to make sure I'm not being followed, and I bolt towards the window. Heights don't really concern werewolves, and the fact that the ballroom is only on the second floor is even better.

Kratos- fresh air here we come

Kratos growls his excitement, and I smirk before throwing the window open. I glance down to make sure no guards are close, and then I jump. The balls of my feet catch most of my weight as I silently land next to our mansion.

Ethan- Freedom

I strip quickly and give over to Kratos. He shifts and wastes no time in dropping down on all fours. The trees zoom past us as we weave through the untamed areas of Riverstone. We head towards a quiet place that we feel the most comfortable......the female pup bunker my fathers used during the war.

We love it there. It is peaceful and secure.....old but maintained due to it's history.

Kratos- The party will last for hours. I am hungry.

I laugh at the bloodlust clear in Kratos's thoughts.

Ethan- no hunting. The guards are on their toes tonight with all the packs being here. We will get some clothes from the bunker and go into town.

Kratos- fine. But you owe me some hunting time.

Ethan- And you will get it, my friend.

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