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Chapter 3


Kratos eases our body back into human form, and I stretch before getting dressed in the clothes we keep stored at the bunker.

After tying the laces to my old tennis shoes, I take off at a jog. My body is still wired with anxiety even though I am starving, so a little jog to find food should help. It isn't often I leave pack grounds. In fact, I don't believe I have entered this town's city limits in over eleven years.

Kratos- I want meat! Not fake meat.

Ethan- when do you ever want fake meat

Kratos- you know what I mean.

I chuckle at him as I pass a smiling couple. The sun is just setting, and they seem to be heading home from a date of sorts.

"Jace, can we go to happy hour please," the female's voice whines as I jog farther down the street.

I shake my head as my brain begins to think about how humans haven't really changed. Sure their cars have gotten faster and sleeker. Their technology has progressed like a wildfire, but they never seem to grow mentally. They lack care for wildlife, and they focus much of their energy on entertainment.

Finally, wafts of sizzling meat hit my nose, and I head in the direction of the mouthwatering smell. Kratos happily paces in our mind, and I pick up my speed. We haven't eaten since breakfast, and with a metabolism of a lycan, that isn't good. Our body needs at least 4,000 calories a day.

When the small restaurant comes into view, I smile. It is a little cafe that reminds me of the old days. They should have the meat Kratos desires and not the fake stuff produced by the chain restaurants that humans love.

Kratos- Yes! Double meat burger with bacon!

I laugh loudly before sprinting the last half mile. I get all the way to the entrance before a different smell slaps me in the face—a hot and fresh, feminine fragrance that makes me drool more than the food. Kratos freezes in my mind as I pull the glass door open and look around.

I sniff the air deeply to pinpoint the beautiful smell, and when I do, my eyes flash open with a growl. My mate is near a rogue. I head to the back corner with stiff shoulders. I need to see her; whoever she is, she might need me. Rogues are primarily lone wolves just living their lives nowadays, but I have to be sure.

"Will that be all, Paul," an angelic voice asks, and I freeze my position.

I can see "Paul," and he is a rogue werewolf, but he is clearly not a threat. The 60-80-year-old wolf is clean and looking at my mate with a kind smile.

"Perfect as usual, Miranda, Thank you," Paul says, and my heartbeat increases at the sound of her perfect name.

My mate turns, and my knees go soft instantly. She is beautiful...beautiful, human, and perfect. She has long brown hair and blue eyes to die for. She is tall, tall for a human, 5' 10" at least. Her body is every teenage boy's wet dream. Breasts that will fill my large hands, a trim waist that has just the right amount of softness, and a butt that looks as if she lives in the gym.

"Hi, I'm sorry I didn't hear the bell. You can sit wherever you like," Miranda says as she gives me a professional smile.

"Umm, right yeah...Food..... Hi, I'm Ethan," I say before my brain catches up.

My eyes widen as I realize the words that just came out of my mouth. I facepalm my forehead, and my mate laughs beautifully. I immediately drop my hand so I can see her. My breath catches in my throat, and my dick tents the stupid gym shorts I chose to wear. I instantly panic and drop my hands over my eager manhood.

"Been drinking tonight, I see. A little early for the drunk crowd, but don't worry; I am used to it. Sit anywhere you like, Ethan," my mate says with a slight chuckle.

She walks past me, and my eyes follow her like a lost puppy. After a few stunned moments, I decide to sit near the front door because it provides me with the best view of her. I try not to stare as I sit, but it is physically impossible.

The bell dings over the door, but I don't even look to see who just entered my space. She has all my attention and then some. She barely smiles at the newcomers before she heads in my direction with a glass of water and a menu.

"Here we are, Ethan. This should help sober you up," Miranda says as she places the water down, followed by a straw and the menu.

"I'm not drunk. I just had a brain fart after seeing you. You are breathtaking," I admit without hesitation.

Her cheeks blush beautifully, and her blue eyes search my own.

"Thank you...I appreciate the compliment," she replies after a few seconds, and I smile.

Happiness fills me at the thought of making her feel beautiful. She deserves to feel beautiful every day of her life.

"You are very welcome," I say before smiling again at her blushing face.

She clears her throat and glances over her shoulder at the second waitress that I hadn't even noticed until now.

"I will give you a few minutes to look over the menu," she says softly before walking away hurriedly.

I sniff the air deeply as she walks away. Her sweet scent of fresh peaches makes me want to mark her here and now....but the smell of the new wolves has me actually looking towards the newcomers. Their eyes are already on me, and the looks they are giving me makes me want to growl.

Three male rogues who are young and hot-headed. They are unaware of who I am since I have my scent blocked, but I can tell they aren't happy with me talking to Miranda. The biggest male is eyeing me over intently, and Kratos wants to know why.

The other waitress approaches the table of males again, and they only briefly acknowledge her before saying something that makes my blood freeze over.

"Tell my girlfriend to come here, please I haven't seen her all day," the male that was eyeing me the most orders.

Kratos growls, and the hair on the back of my neck raises. I don't like the look in his eye or the tone in his voice as he refers to my mate, but he has a claim on her that I do not.

The other waitress disappears, and Miranda comes back out not thirty seconds later, looking nervous. Her eyes dart to me briefly before she places all her attention on the male I am planning to kill tonight...

"Hey babe, you asked for me," Miranda says, and my ears focus on the tremble in her voice.

He glances at me before gesturing for her to sit down. I keep my eyes on my mate. These males are unaware that I can hear everything they are saying. They think I am just another human male, but they are wrong.

"Why is it I just heard you saying thank you to another man for complimenting you? You know how possessive I am, you like making my wolf angry," the large male growls out next to Miranda's ear.

"He is just being nice, Bryan, and it is my job to keep the customers happy," Miranda whispers, and his eyes flash black.

I hear her whimper.

"Will you fuck the customers to keep them happy too," he snarls, and I am out of my chair in less than a second.

I unveil my scent, and their heads snap in my direction, but it is too late for them.

My hands have shifted, and my canines have descended. I wrap my long clawed fingers around Bryan's throat. His two buddies immediately move to assist him, but one flash of my ice blue eyes makes them immobile with fear.

As I focus my stare on Bryan, I notice his claws gripping Miranda's arm.

"Release my mate right now, pup," I order, and his hand immediately frees her.

Blood trickles from her wounds, and Kratos's roar escapes my lips.

"How dare you use your wolf strength against a female.....a human female—a female who allowed you to be her male. Before I dismember you, I will make you suffer in the worst ways imaginable...As your soon-to-be King, I vow this rogue.....never again will you harm what is MINE," I growl in union with Kratos.

I yank the worthless sack of flesh to his feet, and Miranda begins to cry.

"Please, please don't kill him. I never want to see him again....but please don't kill him, not for me," Miranda sobs, and Kratos's rage dims.

"How many times has he hurt you? How many times has he made you bleed," I whisper as my eyes search her fearful ones?

She swallows before shaking her head.

"I don't have an answer...he gets mad," she whispers after a few moments, and I see red.

Her sobs are the only thing keeping me from breaking his neck.

Ethan- Father, I need five guards at my location now.


Ethan- No, I found my human mate. I am in the human city to the south, at a diner called Glass Kitchen. A rogue has been abusing her!

Jacks- They are on their way.....we will discuss you disappearing later.

The mindlink snaps and my focus falls to the four trembling bodies. The males' eyes are all saucers, and Miranda is still crying.

'Miranda, dear, are you okay," Paul asks as he comes around the corner.

His aged body is tight and ready to pounce. Pride for at least one member of my species fills me.

"Paul, I am Prince Ethan Stone of Riverstone. Miranda is my mate, and this male wolf she calls hers has been abusing her. I am bringing him to justice. Miranda is safe," I explain to ease his mind.

Paul's eyes become wide before he bows his head to me.

"My apologies, my Prince. Please proceed. Miranda is a sweet girl. My hearing isn't what it used to be, or I would have stopped him," Paul admits shamefully before raising his head.

"No apologies necessary, Paul. Thank you for checking on her. If you would watch the door, I have guards coming to arrest them. No wolf, male or female, will abuse a human," I growl, and Paul immediately snaps into action.

He moves to the door, and my eyes lock onto Miranda's. Her tears have slowed, and her sobs are gone, but she looks just as frightened as she was when she begged for Bryan's life.

"My people have laws, Miranda. He will be put on trial, and my pack will decide his fate... I'm going to be perfectly honest with you.....he will most likely die," I say as softly as possible to my mate.

Her eyes widen to an impossible size before they roll back, and her body goes slack—her coworker screams and runs to her side. Kratos and I remain calm, however. We can hear her steady heartbeat. She is okay. She has just fainted from all the fright and emotion. My mate's mental state can't be great, considering she has had a werewolf abusing her.

Fifteen minutes pass before multiple sets of headlights beam through the front of the small diner. I growl as my pack members enter the restaurant. Paul points towards me, and they immediately approach.

"These two will be held with this sack of crap. Tomorrow we will have a trial. Until then, all three will be placed in the dungeon," I order, and my guards nod before removing the three males from the booth forcefully.

I grin maliciously as I see the red handprint around Bryan's neck.

"I will see you soon," I growl lowly, and his face pales.

"Leave one of the cars," I order before they are out the door.

I turn towards my passed-out mate, and a frown consumes my face. This is not how our meeting was supposed to go, but I am so happy I was here tonight. I am glad I was here to end her abuse.

"I will have to take Miranda with me. She has to testify at Bryan's trial," I lie to my mate's upset co-worker.

"Okay," she whispers, and I scoop Miranda into my arms.

Mate sparks explode through our touching skin, and I tuck her against me tightly. Kratos practically purrs with satisfaction, and something inside of my heart snaps together. This is what it feels like to be whole.

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