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Chapter 5


"How are you feeling honey," a brunette woman who looks like she is in her early forties asks me as I try to sit up.

"Umm, I'm okay. Where am I," I ask while raising my hand to my sore arm.

The woman grins at me as another appears from what looks like a restroom carrying a wet washcloth.

"You are in Prince Ethan's bedroom. My name is Louise, and her's is Aria. We work in the Royal mansion," the brunette named Louise replies, and flashes of my night hit me.

"Oh no, where is Bryan," I ask in a voice barely above a whisper.

Louise's eyes darken, and she tilts her head. Aria places the wet rag against my forehead before answering.

"He and the males he was with are in the dungeon. The Prince and his fathers will most likely be speaking with them soon," Aria answers for Louise, and I give her a tiny nod.

"Why do you care? He hurt you...he isn't your mate," Louise asks quietly, and my body goes numb with embarrassment.

My hand squeezes the bruise that I know is coming. The puncture wounds give that all to familiar burn, and the floodgates burst open. Tears pour down my face as I shake my head back and forth.

"I-don't-know," I sob, and the two ladies begin to hug, pat, and coo at me.

I don't know how long I cry, but just before my exhaustion takes over, a soft pop sound fills the room. Louise and Aria jump away from me instantly. My eyes widen as I stare at the brand new face that has appeared next to the door. A blonde woman with eyes that remind me of Ethan's smiles at me softly.

"Hello Miranda, my name is Queen Amelia. I am Ethan's mother," she introduces herself while approaching me cautiously.

I nod and realize my mouth is hanging open. I pop it close and wipe the tears from my face.

"How did weren't just here," I manage to squeak, and she chuckles a little.

"I can teleport. It is a skill I learned about 50yrs ago. I rarely use it, but tonight my nerves are a little shot. I don't have the patience to walk through this place," Queen Amelia explains as if it is just another day.

I have no idea how to respond, so I don't. Louise and Aria have already backed away all the way to the wall. So it is just Queen Amelia standing over my sitting position on her son's bed.

"How are you feeling," she asks, and this time, I shrug.

I honestly don't know how I am. I went from having a typical night at work to meeting the most beautiful man on this planet. Then Bryan and his buddies showed up, which, of course, ended with me in tears. When do I ever not cry when he is around?

"Can I see your arm please," Queen Amelia asks softly, and I freeze before nodding.

I drop the hand that I have been using to hide yet another shameful wound, and her eyebrows knit together.

"Do you have any other marks from Bryan," she asks using the same tone as before, and I nod again.

"Can I see them," she asks while reaching out and brushing a piece of my long hair back.

I gulp but nod yet again. For some reason, after months of shame and embarrassment, I feel comfortable sharing my pain. When Ethan stopped Bryan's usually rant, something snapped inside of me. I never wanted Bryan to touch me again...all my mind could see was Ethan. He was a dark-haired avenging angel. I still cared about Bryan's wellbeing, but it is like I no longer cared about pleasing him.

I stand to my feet slowly while keeping my eyes on the floor. I lift my shirt over my head, and the three women gasp as my bruised skin is revealed. I keep my head down as they look me over, too ashamed to meet their eyes. I know what they see. Another weak human girl who thought that dating a werewolf would be so romantic.

I always admired how male wolves treated their mates. So sweet, loving, and protective. I witnessed quite a few friends mate and marry a wolf mate. But that's not the relationship I got when I became Bryan's girlfriend.

When I fell for Bryan's charm, I met his dark side. His mean, callous side that he likes to blame on his wolf. But I know it's him that hurts me. It's always his warm brown eyes staring at me as he makes me bleed or cry.

I always do something wrong. I can never make him happy no matter how much I try. I am constantly compared to his real mate. Constantly told how ugly I am compared to her. How weak I am compared to much he hates having to be with a chosen. A weak human chosen..

"Miranda, look at me, honey," Amelia softly whispers, and I shake my head.

She puts a finger underneath my chin and tips my head up. I close my eyes to avoid seeing the pity and judgment in her eyes.

"Miranda, before I heal you, I need your permission. Louise, Aria, and I are witnesses enough to document your abuse. There is no need to feel the physical pain anymore," Amelia says gently, and my eyes snap open to search hers.

She gives me a sad smile, but it doesn't help my confusion.

"What do you mean heal me," I ask, and she straightens her stance before answering.

"I don't know how much you know about werewolves. But I am Queen Amelia Stone, future Moon Goddess. Leader and mother to all werewolves. I have many abilities and gifts—one of them being the ability to heal. I can heal your body with a touch of my hand," Amelia answers, and my jaw falls open yet again.

Louise laughs at me from across the room, and I blush before nodding.

"You can heal me," I whisper, and Amelia nods before beginning to glow like the moon.

She places a hand on my shoulder and closes her eyes. A wave of calm flows over my body, and I sigh as she removes her hand. As soon as she pulls away the calm evaporates, and the breeze from the AC chills my exposed skin. I quickly pick up my shirt and tug it back over my head. The room is silent, and all I want to do is hide.

"Miranda, were you aware of how severe some of your injuries were," Amelia asks calmly, and I shake my head.

She sighs in frustration and rubs her forehead.

"It doesn't matter now... you are there anything you need," Amelia asks as she drops her hand and replaces her frustrated expression with an upbeat one.

"I would like to go home," I reply, and Amelia's eyes widen.

"Umm...I understand. If you could just stay until morning, that would be very helpful. The male that hurt you plus his friends will have to stand trial. Werewolf traditions are a little different than humans, and their punishment will be severe. You don't have to witness it, but we do need your side of the story," Amelia rushes out while looking worried.

I think it over and glance towards the dark sky outside the window.

"Okay," I finally mumble, and Amelia relaxes instantly.

"I will need to call my sister. She is my roommate, and she will be worried about me when I don't show up," I say, and Amelia immediately pulls her cell out.

She hands me the sleek phone that makes mine look ancient. I dial Lorraine's number, and I wait. Since she is at work, I know, I will get her voicemail instead of her, which I am okay with. I don't want to have to explain all of this right now. And I don't want Lorraine's suspicions confirmed about Bryan. I don't need the lecture from my younger sister.

"This is Raine; leave a message after the beep."

"Hey, it's me. I am staying at a friend's tonight so don't worry. See you tomorrow." I say before hanging up and handing Amelia her phone.

"We can send someone to retrieve your things from your work," Amelia says, and I give her a brief glance.

"Please do," I say, and she gives me a nod before looking over at Louise.

Louise also nods and then leaves the room.

"So Miranda, tell me about yourself. I am excited to meet my son's mate finally," Amelia says as she takes a seat next to me on the bed.

"What do you wanna know," I ask as my mind tries to wrap around being someone's mate.

"Is Lorraine your only sibling," she asks, and I nod.

"Yes, she is younger than me by a few years, but we are best friends," I reply, and Amelia's eyes fill with sadness.

Confusion over her reaction forces me not to say anything else. Obviously, I said something wrong, and the last person I want to upset is a queen.

"Siblings are special. How about parents? What are they like," Amelia asks, and I blush a little at the sincerity in her voice?

"They are pretty awesome. As soon as we were out of the house, they sold and moved to the beach. They are older, and retirement was calling their name. I miss them, but we visit each other often," I answer honestly, and again, sadness takes over her features.

"Are you okay," I ask after a moment.

She blinks her eyes rapidly to fight the moisture building in her eyes before answering me.

"Oh yes, just thinking about things," Amelia says, and I don't respond.

I have no idea what things she is thinking about, and I don't want to push my luck. While I used to trust wolves back in school, now I am a little more cautious. Wolf anger is no joke. Only older wolves are truly trustworthy.

"Miranda, what do you know about werewolves," Amelia asks, and I bite my lip.

"Not a lot. I went to school with quite a few, but I didn't learn much about werewolf history. I do know the kings are hundreds of years old, though, and that they are the first-ever werewolves. I never heard anything about you or your children," I admit in a rush.

She opens her mouth to say something, but the bedroom door opens to reveal three huge men, all with blood on their clothes. Each one of them looks angry and the waves of power coming off of them makes me panic. My back hunches, and I instinctively tuck my knees up to my chest. I recognize the slightly leaner male to be Ethan, but my body doesn't find comfort in his presence. Not when he looks like a butcher.

"Love, we need to talk," one of the larger males snaps as he marches towards Amelia with eyes filled with heat.

I squeal and grab Amelia's shoulders. I try to force her behind me while awkwardly positioning myself into a standing position. My torso is twisted and my hands are on her shoulders.

"Stay back," I yell, and the three men freeze.

"Stay back, or I will scream," I say as I try to catch my breath. Amelia pulls away from my embrace, and my hands snatch at the empty air.

She grabs my desperate hands and shhs me.

"Calm down, Honey. These are my mates...they wish me no harm," she vows with sincere eyes, and I stare at her.

When I stay silent, she tries again.

"I'm sorry they scared you, but they would never hurt me or you. My mate Jackson just wants to talk about something important. He wasn't thinking about scaring you when he came in," Amelia explains, and my shoulders relax to the point of shagging.

Great, now I look like a scared crazy person.

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