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The Kingdom has come under attack...hell to the Ratz The Kingdom has exiled a wily,old fox and four of its own kind...and not too soon, as a Rat army lead by Beelzebub takes over. Can this rag-tag army of misfits take back their kingdom, or is it too late?

Fantasy / Thriller
Terry A. Parker
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

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cherylster9: I like that the story includes problems for the main character, it isn't all just happy and good times. Sometimes the dialogue doesn't seem natural though.

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Lynn Payne: I’m glad this series is flowing so well. I’m loving the individual stories. On to book six.

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Tonya Lynn Dickens: To make this seem longer you make it to where the reader has to scroll one full page to go to the next its annoying and stupid to do . your book is how you write it no need to make it seem as what its not so what if you have short chapters as long as they are good chapters. Keep up the good work ...

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