The Sapphire beast

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Chapter 2

England, London

The next morning I woke up earlier than usual, I rolled over all night and turned in my sleep. I can't get those eyes out of my head no matter how hard I try.

I saw that there was nothing to lying in bed anymore, so I got up slowly from the bed to get ready for the day ahead. After showering and doing my hair, I looked for what I could wear and decided on a dress because it wasn't so cold outside yet.

Scarlet doesn't have the first two lectures today, and I told her last night that she doesn't need to get up early to drive me to campus. After half an hour of persuasion her, she had given up and went to sleep.

It's nice weather outside, maybe it's because I love autumn, but I just can't help but admire these beautiful and diverse colors of leaves. But I still feel some discomfort, as if someone is watching me from the shadows again. I turned around, but like yesterday, I didn't find anyone there, I didn't know if it was just my brain playing with me or a lack of sleep.

As I was approaching the college, I noticed from afar that two black cars were parked in front of the main entrance.From the first car came out ashen-haired man, according to Scarlett's description, it must be Valerio. But soon after Valeria, he, my mysterious gentleman, got out of the car.

They set out to enter the building but he, mysterious Mr. M. paused and seemed to be looking for something or someone . And not long after that he turned in my direction and his gaze fell on me. I think at that moment my heart stopped and I forgot to breathe as if I didn't need oxygen to live. I didn't know how to react, maybe my vision was playing with me just like my mind was, maybe he wasn't looking at me but something or someone behind me. He headed his gaze in my direction but I panicked and started to step back. Before he could take two steps Valerio stopped him and I was shocked by his movements I didn't notice the older woman behind me whom I accidentally pushed. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that on purpose", she smiled at me" It's okay dear, just look were your going next time" .

When I turned my head to see if he was still there. But he wasn't.He must have gone inside while I apologized to the lady I accidentally pushed.

I was a little sad because he just disappeared, but at that point I didn't have too much room to think about it because my phone rang. Which means Scarlett woke up and wants to make sure I got to college safely. Sometimes she acts like she's my mom, but I know she doesn't have a bad intention.

Scarlett :

"All my lectures have been canceled today."


"Why, did something happen?"


"It was said that some workers were in our classroom, so there is no need we for coming today."


"Ah, well, okay. I'm sure everything will be settled by tomorrow."


"They said they would, now we're just waiting to see if it really will be over by tomorrow."

After I finished talking to Scarlett, I noticed that I was a little late for the lecture, so I hurried so that Professor Blackwood would not shout at me.As usual, the professor was giving a lecture on something and he was so preoccupied with the lecture that he didn't notice me as I slipped into the classroom . I sat down in my place and just like yesterday, I couldn't even concentrate on the lecture. Damn you mysterious man, I want him out of my head, because he is completely disturbing my thoughts.

"Persephone child, are you listening to me at all?", I jumped at his voice, which indicated that he was standing next to me now. I really have to stop thinking about Mr. M. while I am in my lectures. "Sorry Professor Blackwood, I've been thinking for a while about something. It won't happen again"," Okay, but since you didn't listen I'll have to repeat what I said five minutes ago. As I said, many of you have seen that we have guests from Russia . And in order to welcome them, we are holding a ball tomorrow night, which is of course obligatory for all students as well as the entire staff of this college. Because as some of you know, they are great benefactors of this college and we would like to express our gratitude to them this way, because without them this college would not be what it is today. That's why I'm releasing your earlie from the lecture so that you may go shopping and what ever you young people have to do, in order for you to get ready for tomorrow night. And before I forget the ball will be held tomorrow at eight in the evening in One Mayfair and it will be a ball with masks. Go now, you are free. "

I can't believe this is mandatory, I was hoping I could avoid it so I wouldn't see him, but that's just my luck apparently. As I was packing, I heard my phone rang. "Yes Scarlet?", "I'm out front, waiting for you. Let's go get the perfect dress and shoes for tomorrow."

" Okay I dont want to know how you know that already. I will be out in five minutes".

I didn't even leave the building and Scarlett was already shouting at me to pick up my speed and hurry. I didn't even get to sit in the car properly, let alone close the door, and she was already on her way. "Are you crazy, you could have killed me?", "Come on, what's the matter with you, don't dramatize too much. We don't have time, we have to find the perfect dress for you and me."

And at this point, I realized that this was going to be a very long day.

We reached the mall and I think we've been to fifteen stores since we arrived. I'm not well, I'm hungry and my legs hurt. For Scarlett this is nothing but for me this is like a marathon literally said.

"I found her, my perfect dress, look at it." She just jumped out of a corner with a puffy ruby ​​red dress. The dress has transparent sleeves with diamonds on them, it can be seen that it also has an expression on the chest. Totally in her style. "Scarlett, the dress is perfect for you. I think it fits your personality perfectly." "Thank you, that means a lot to me. I hope I look nice," she said with a slightly sad expression, "Of course you'll look perfect, everyone will turn there head's when you pass by and won't be able to take their eyes off you." She just hugged me and bounced in search of my dress if I understood her well.

After forty-five minutes, she returns with the most beautiful dress I have ever seen in my life. The cut of the dress was beautiful, it was not puffy but went with the shape of the body, beautiful sapphire color and with an open bare back and long sleeves. I liked it the most because it didn't have any sequins or diamonds, it was just simple. "I knew you'd like it, I can tell from your facial expression," I have to admit she outdid herself this time, "I like it, how can I not like it, it's perfect for God's sake. Thank you."

We toured a few more shops, and found shoes and masks for the ball. After that, Scarlett drove me to the apartment. "Don't forget, I'm coming to your apartment tomorrow to get ready. And go to bed earlier tonight because you have to be rested for tomorrow. It will be a very busy day for us." "Don't worry I'm going straight to sleep now, you tired me out today. I just don't even have the strength to climb these stairs."

As I entered the apartment I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten my book in the classroom yesterday when I was leaving in a hurry. I can't believe I didn't remember to buy another copy before ,while I was at the mall. I looked at my watch and saw that I had another half hour until the nearest bookstore closes. I left my bags of clothes and shoes by the front door of my apartment and headed to the bookstore.

The evening was a little colder than usual, but that must be because of the wind that suddenly started blowing. The streets were still full of life, people were walking and from the pubs could be heard the music and laughter of people who stopped for a drink after a long day at work.

I got to the bookstore and saw I had another ten minutes before closing, so I hurried inside. When I entered, I was overwhelmed by the smell of books, which are on the large shelves around me. This was not a newer bookstore, but an old one that has been operating for decades. And only here could you find books by older authors. I don't know why, but the smell of books always brought me back to my childhood and evoked beautiful memories in me.

I quickly found my new copy of “Love and Freindsihp” by Jane Austen and headed to the cash register to pay. When I went out I saw that it was raining heavily, but that was nothing unusual for London.

I was still standing under the canopy, putting the book in my bag so it wouldn't get wet from the rain. I didn't have an umbrella with me, it looks like I'll get wet until I get to my apartment, but luckily it's not far.

On the way to my apartment, the rain was falling more and more, but it was as if something was telling me at that moment to stop and look away. I turned my gaze to a black car parked at a traffic light waiting for the light to change to proceed and drive to it's destination. But it wasn't a car, it was a question of who was sitting in it.

That was him, my mysterious gentleman. Our gazes met. His gaze was full of pain and sadness somehow as he looked at me through the car window. And I stood looking like a statue, just staring at him, I couldn’t move at all, as if my legs wouldn’t let me. Every time I see him my heart beats as if to greet my lover from a past life. Who I forgot but my heart didn't. His next step surprised me, namely he started to open the car door to get out, but the traffic light changed and the car started moving. And he still didn't take his eyes off me as he was driving away.

I stayed like that for a few more minutes in this rain until I came to my senses and ran back to my apartment.

With the last atom of my strength, I dragged myself to my apartment. When I entered I decided that I would forget about this event and go to take a bath so that I would not get sick.

After a long bath, I put on my pajamas and went to bed. And that recent event far from my thoughts.

As tired as I was, I couldn't help but fall asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

And suddenly in my dreams his crystal gray eyes appeared. The eyes of my mysterious Mr. M.I can avoid him in reality but in my dreams he always greeted me. Like an old lover greets his beloved after a long time of being apart from one another.

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