The Sapphire beast

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Chapter 3

England, London

I jumped at the tone of my phone ringing next to my head on the nightstand. Reluctantly I reached for it, "Yes, Scarlett?" I asked her as I turned to see what time it was. "Did you get up, Pers? Of coarse you didn't, come on, I'll be there soon". "Then come whenever you want, you know where the spare key is." I said with a dose of irritation in my voice.

I can already see that it will be a long day, longer than yesterday. I sighed and reluctantly got out of bed to take a shower before Scarlett arrives. At least it will be one less thing that she will bother me about. After showering, I was thinking about how to tame my hair, because lately it wasn't staying or looking how I wanted it to look. It must be because of the humidity, it usually happens at this time of year. As I looked at myself in the mirror and thought about what to do with my hair, I noticed that my reflection was somehow different. I look very tired and sad somehow to myself. I don't know if it has something to do with recant events. But I will not allow myself to feel bad, I should be happy and smiling today, because this is a solemn occasion that does not take place every day.

I heard someone close the door of my apartment, it must be Scarlett. "Persephone, I'm here",she said shouting a little more than she should."I know, I hear you perfectly well. I'm upstairs in my room." "Great, you took a bath before I arrived. Then we can start with preparations, we'll start with makeup first","Slowly, there will be none of that until I drink my coffee first. I understand perfectly well that you're very excited and everything but calm down woman. It will be all perfect and it will be done until it's time for us to live for the ball tonight. " I told her that with a smile of encouragement "Now tell me do you want coffee too or maybe something to eat?" ,her expression showed that she was in a good mood and relaxed a bit and that's a really good thing right now, "I'll have tea if it's not a problem for you."

"One tea coming right up".

I headed to the kitchen to make tea for her and coffee for myself, and I hear Scarlet in the background jumping around my apartment and saying this is going to be the most beautiful night of our lives and we never know maybe we'll find our prince charming. I just giggled at that but my thoughts wandered again, whether he would be there, alone or with someone under his arm.And I'm still trying not to think about last night’s event. His look, which told me something, but I don't know what.

Scarlett's voice brought me back to reality, "Come on Pers, hurry up, I have to put on your make-up and to do your hair", " Coming". I told her as I made way to my bedroom.

"Don't just make it look like I'm going to circus, something subtle would be fantastic," she looked at me a little shocked for some reason as she sat me down in front of the mirror. "Now I feel offended," she said, putting her hands on her hips like a little child. " You think you're going to look like a clown, don't worry. Last year I was on a best makeup course there is and I learned everything that can be learned". "Okay I trust you, I surrender to your vision then."

It's been forty-five minutes since she started putting on makeup. And I can't say I didn't get a little sleepy. I could not go to the ball and just crawl into my bed because this is taking too damn long "And, done. You can open your eyes and look." I opened my eyes and was completely in shock. She wrapped my hair in a slightly messy bun with tiny braids and she let a couple of strands fall around my face. As for the make-up, she only put a metallic silver shadow on my eyelids, but it didn't look too intrusive at all, and she applied burgundy red lipstick on my lips. She just outdid herself, I looked beautiful. "Hey don't cry, or I'll have to start all over again," she said with a smile as she saw that I was on the verge of shedding a tear. "Thank you Scarlett, I look beautiful thanks to you," I told her as I turned to to hug her" . "You're welcome, my dear, now go and get dressed, because now It's my turn to get ready".

"Before I forget, I called a limo to take us to One Mayfair later." I just nodded and started to put on my dress. The dress is really beautiful, it is not something I would personally choose for myself, but it looks enchanting on me as if it was tailored for me. Since my back is completely bare, I'll have to go without a bra and I will feel a little bit exposed because of that. I chose transparent heels that look like they are made of glass and a similar purse. The heels and purse have tiny sapphires on them and a hint of silver glitter on them. But just as much beautiful this heels are they are also uncomfortable to walk in, which means I'll be going home without them at the end of the evening.

"I'm just going to put on my dress and we can go Pers," shouted Scarlett, who headed to the bathroom. After a few moments, she comes out in a beautiful puffed up sapphire dress. She looks like a diva from some Broadway musical. Her hair is lifted just like mine to show off her shoulders and cleavage a little bit more. The corset was heart-shaped with tiny ruby ​​stones and red sequins, the sleeves were transparent unlike mine. They had tiny rubies just as her corset does. Her shoes were red Louis Vuitton as was her purse.

"We look like a million pounds my dear. Since I'm happy with how we look we can go now." Just then a limousine arrived to take us to the ball.

We got out of my apartment and headed for the limousine. "Are you ready girl?" Scarlett asked me as we got in the limousine. "I am Cinderella, let's go find you a prince charming tonight who can take you in to the night with him", she just giggled at my remark. I know she is hoping to see him tonight, her Russian princ charming. And we set off for an unforgettable evening.

And at that moment, he went through my mind. He certainly won't be alone, but I don't know why the thought of something like that upsets me. I feel like my heart hurts, like it breaks in two by just thinking that.

With each passing minute I became more and more nervous, my palms began to sweat. Scarlett noticed this and took my hand with a sign of encouragement, "Don't worry, everything will be fine dear. No reason to worry at all." I smiled gratefully at her and continued to watch the streets of London as we drove. Scarlett always knew how to cheer me up, as if she knew what was always going on in my head. She has been like that since she was little, she was a carefree child and a social butterfly, unlike me. She always had to pull me by my arm to get out of my apartment to go out with her. But despite everything I'm grateful to her for always being with me and just being there when I need her, I don't know how I could gone by everything that happened to me without her by my side.

"What do you think, Pers?", And jerked my head in her direction. "What did you say, I didn't hear?", "I asked, do you think Valerio will be at the ball tonight?", I knew she liked it, but I didn't know she liked him this much. "Well, since it's in their honor, then he will surely be there," her gaze was full of hope. “I hope he invites me to at least one dance,” her gaze always said it all,I know she's now just imagining what their first dance would look like. I laughed because she was just too cute at this moment, "I'm sure he will, look at you being so beautiful and perfect. You're like a real princess right now, he won't be able to take he's eyes off you tonight." She opened her mouth to answer me but the driver interrupted her ,"Miss we have arrived".We took our purses and headed out of the limousine, "Thank you and we wish you a pleasant evening sir".

When we got out, I saw that my dress was a little crumpled and I crossed my hand over in hopes of straightening it a little. I heard Scarlett sigh, I turned to see what was going on and when I saw that her gaze was fixed on something in front of her. I turned my head in the direction she was looking to see what it was all about. In front of us was One Mayfair, and it looked beautiful with all of the decorations. In front of us was a spacious red carpet that stretched to the very entrance. Around the trail were beautiful lanterns with candles in them and around them was a bush of red-black roses with with golden butterflies as decoration.

You can hear the music coming from inside. "Pers hurried and put your mask so we could go inside," I took the mask out of my purse. The mask looked as if it were made of silver without any sequins or stones. But that's why Scarlett's mask was full of sequins, pebbles and even feathers. I knew something was missing, she always had to be extra in everything. One way or another.

”Are you ready, can we go Pers?” I nodded and we headed for the entrance. As we stepped inside I was taken aback by the sight. The space was decorated with candles that looked like they were floating, a variety of flowers and vines hanging from the ceiling. In front two porters stood dressed in classic black suits with black masks. They opened the door for us and we entered the hall. Almost everyone arrived, and they all looked equally ravishing. The girls wore various dresses, in various shapes, colors and various styles.Some dresses had lace or were simply made of lace, they also had bows, feathers and even artificial flowers. But I understand why the girls put so much effort into this evening, they look like some princesses from Disney movies. You can also see some modest dresses, unlike some that were not modest at all and where you can see even a bare leg if the dress has a high slit. On the other hand, men match their suits with the designs of their companions' dresses. And because of that you can see artificial flowers, feathers and even lace on some men.

As I walked further into the hall with Scarlett under my arm and admiring the beautiful decor around me.We also laughed at some of Scarlett's remarks about artificial flowers on dresses. And I agree with her, it looked ridiculous. Along the way, we met a few of our friends, we stopped to greet them and exchange a few words. And we agreed to grab a drink some time soon. At that moment, I felt him before I saw him.

That was the moment everything stopped around me, no one moved, nothing could be heard. But the scene I saw was not the one I had longed for. And my heart broke in half.

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